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Amazoness Chain Master Duelpass

Posted by duelpassonline on February 2, 2006

Attribute: Earth
[ Warrior / Effect ]
1500 – Attack
1300 – Defence
When this monster is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to the Graveyard, by paying 1500 Life Points, look at your opponent’s hand and select 1 Monster Card from it. Add the selected card to your hand, and you can use it in this Duel. (When the card is sent to the Graveyard, it is sent to the Graveyard of the owner.)

This is a Duel Pass used with the Yu-Gi-Oh Online game. When you buy this pass you will receive an e-mail with a code to enter online, giving you the rare online card Amazoness Chain Master and 30 duel pass points required to duel. No physical card will be sent only the online code by e-mail. It’s time to DUEL!

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100 Responses to “Amazoness Chain Master Duelpass”

  1. christopher said

    i want this card

  2. david said

    i need some duel pass codes caz i can’t just keep dueling hoping to get the card i want . so thats why i need some duelpass codes so could u give me some

  3. asher said


  4. yogizilla said

    Hey folks, I suggest you take a gander on our flagship web site:


    There, you can find more details about DP as well as the cards you seek! The duel passes are *NOT* free but, for the price you're paying, it's close enough. Really, if your concern is getting more bang for your buck, this is the way to go (don't forget the old adage "you get what you pay for"). You can buy the cards here in multiple quantities, allowing you to have more to barter or enhance your deck with.

    For around $5, you can get 30 Duel Points and a card that you've been seeking. This is great considering that the Duel Passes have cards that are in retired booster packs or formerly available ONLY as prizes for special events.

    Check us out on our DPO web site and, if you have any more questions, ask away! 8)

  5. Matt said

    does any1 know where can i get a duelpass? the official website does not sell it anymore to americans!!!!!

  6. asylum said

    bueno quiero poder jugar

  7. Miguel said

    Thats a veryy good deal u got goin on!!

  8. Miguel said

    i want that deal so let me know waz goin on!!!

  9. baffas said

    plz I very need duel pass code becouse I dont have much money o buy it and I cant buy it in my country plz someone help me give duel pass becouse I just want t play yu gi oh online

  10. how do i duel.

  11. Jonathan said

    i want some dual pass points

  12. yogizilla said

    We realize that DP sellers are rare these days so here’s how you can get some points ASAP. Here we go in English and Spanish… If you need duel points, our new site is as follows:


    Si necesitas puntos/cartas para Yu-Gi-Oh Online, puedes conseguirlos en nuestra nueva pagina:


    To provide additional security and speedier service, I HIGHLY recommend using Moneybookers over PayPal. We do not accept credit cards directly on our web site due to the increased transaction costs which, eventually, get passed down to our customers. This allows us to stay more price-competitive.

    One advantage of using our service is that we’re a trusted supplier doing business internationally and, as such, we take extra steps to keep transactions as secure as possible (of course, no security anywhere is 100%). Another key advantage is that with our product, unlike with retail packages, you know what cards you are buying which allows you to get just what you want for yourself or as bartering chips. We try to be more flexible in how you can purchase our cards and, as such, we’ve established some strategic supply channels.

    Currently, we are one of the few people offering PHASE 5 cards in America so visit us today if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list. Due to the huge demand, the expected wait is around 7-10 business days (upon receipt and validation of payment, of course), though it is often much quicker than that. An exciting thing about this product is that we offer bulk options and actually ship the card to you so, if you run a novelty shop or just want to share with your friends, it’s a nice option to go with; otherwise, we just e-mail the codes and sometimes the scanned images.

    Hope that helps, folks!

  13. SplitInfinity said

    so can you buy duelpasses directly from this site?

    also does anyone know when http://www.duelpass-online.com will be back up?


  14. yogizilla said

    Yes SplitInf, you can buy duelpasses directly from yugioh-duelpass.net and, since that is our main hub now, duelpass-online.com will no longer provide a storefront per se. Hope that helps, bud! 8)

  15. darkmouse said

    yeh hey i wanted 2 buy some duel points but i tryed 2 buy some n it said i couldn’t. because i put ma country as england right so it said dat i needed 2 b in america 2 b able 2 buy some how do i get some duel points with pounds not dollers some 1 help me thx! chao….

  16. Andy said

    I had an order made on http://www.duelpass-online.com before they went down for “maintenance”. They said that all orders and refills will be made but now i heard they change the domain and/or owner and ever since than i CAN’T enter my account and i haven’t been notify of nothing. WHAT CAN I DO?? PLZ REPLY ME TO my e-mail plz

  17. Javier said

    i would like to know how can i buy some duelpass codes. I’m form Argentina and I can buy them here. If anyone can help me please contact me through this forum.

  18. Javier said

    How can I buy duel pass codes without credit card. I’m from argentina. can anyone help me??

  19. yogizilla said

    We currently do business internationally. Be sure that you are using our new web site, http://www.yugioh-duelpass.net, and that you are using our preferred processors. Moneybookers is definitely recommended for currency exchange; otherwise, international money orders from trusted issuers such as Western Union, American Express, and major banks are good too. Naturally, mailing payment will take longer since payment has to clear and all…

    Andy, regarding your issue: have you e-mailed sales@yugioh-duelpass.net and reference your order number? How about sales@duelpass-online.com? If you haven’t please do so. That may be why there has been no resolution. Mission-critical issues should not be handled through this open medium. To our knowledge, ALL backorders from DPO have been fulfilled.

    In other news, if you wish to pay without a credit card, there are many options. Again, money order is a great option. Many folks offer a pre-paid charge card which works almost exactly like a credit card. That’s a good option for folks that are anti-CC or just have bad credit (believe me, I’ve been there myself before).

    Hope that all helps, folks! =o)

  20. robert said

    can some pls email me at robertblank_85@hotmail.com a duelpass code?.please i just wanna play yugioh online .i dun care what phase it is i just wanna play.

  21. ACE said

    yeah. dis duelpass thing seems interesting n jst singned up for da online game. it would help if u can send me dis duelpass code.

  22. Jose said

    hey i want a duelpass code too…if u can please send one to jeof1319@hotmail.com

  23. Yogizilla said

    I have a quick recommendation for anyone looking to get Duel Points. If you are too young to have a credit card or just have bad credit, a good option is to sign up for a pre-paid charge card. Many companies offer such things and you can often get them at the local convenience store or payment center.

    Go mow someone’s lawn, take dogs out for walks, clean cars, design web pages, or find some other legitimate way to make some green then you can fill up your card and buy some duelpasses. I am a freelancer and independent consultant so, believe me, I have to find creative ways to make money. Being a business owner is also much more expensive (and less profitable) than people may think so, believe me, I find my ways to make sure I get my gaming fix regularly.

    Again, BEWARE of scammers promising free duelpasses and Yu-Gi-Oh! Online cheats. Not only do these things not exist but hey can get you permanently banned from Konami’s servers, so it’s really not worth it any way you may chop it up. Hope this information helps! DUEL ON! =oD

  24. luke said

    i need to get trainned to bet my freinds so can u plz give me a good trainning seshion

  25. Yogizilla said

    Luke, we’d love to help you train. Check out our Duel School section for some tips. We’ll be expanding our Card Showcase section with time as well so check back often.

    I notice that many of you are very curious about the Amazon series of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards so I have to ask: who out there has an Amazon deck or perhaps a Warrior deck with Amazon’s in it? I’d love to receive messages about your favorite cards, combos, and duel strategies. Our best-written messages will be featured here on our blog so, if you’d like to share your expertise with the Yu-Gi-Oh! world, e-mail me at yogizilla@yugioh-duelpass.net so we can get the ball rolling on that!

    Luke, definitely visit our site often and send me any topics you would like to see discussed further on here. For example, what do you find are the strategies that are most effective against your own strategies? What are the most popular cards, decks, and combos you have seen out there in your encounters? Don’t be shy, folks – I love e-mail! I may not be able to get back to everyone quickly but that doesn’t mean that I am not reading them. Keep ’em coming! =oD

  26. yugioh lord said

    i just wanna play yugioh online plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz email me at john_and_marc@yahoo.com

  27. robert said

    pls i really nead a duelpass can u let me use 1?if u do i will give u my counterstrike acc.

  28. Yogizilla said

    Thanks for the offer, Robert, but I long ago got over my CS phase. I have an idea: give up an expensive lunch one day and buy yourself a couple of duelpasses! =oD

  29. robert said

    hey can i get a duelpass code?pls. i just wanna play 30 duels that all.i dont have a credit card so i cant get any since i live in america california…pls ,ty very much

  30. robert said

    my email is robertblank_85@hotmail.com

  31. Yogizilla said

    Sure thing Robert! We sent you an e-mail with the codes. The codes are invisible and the message is undetectable, so you may want to dig deep within your spam folder. =oX

    Seriously, folks, as much as I’d like to give everyone some freebies there is a shortage of duelpasses right now and it wouldn’t be fair to those that actually pay and are waiting in line. Be realistic now: we are running a business, not a charity. You don’t need a credit card; heck, I no longer own one myself because I feel they encourage unnecessary spending. There are many alternatives for online payments but I suppose some people just want a free ride. ;o)

    Please do not e-mail us if your only request is for free duelpasses. We will quickly delete the message and move on. Thanks! =o]

  32. LEGEND said

    HI sorry bout this I swear I really want a duelpass please let me be ur last person I need this im only 12 and I cant do anything my MUM and DAD wont buy one 4 me please give me a duelpas just this one last time 4 me.

  33. Driton said

    Hey can somebody give me a duelpass key because i can not duel…. givet to my e-mail Driton_alg@hotmail.com

  34. Julian said

    does anyone have a duel pass code for free.. I don`t have money.. please I want to play it… mail me at julianbsc@hotmail.com.

  35. Georoby said

    I want a duel pass code for free too,so can anyone help me,maybe i can do something for you too.

  36. Scott said

    It is so bad you can’t just duel for free. You would expect when you run out of duel points,the website would have some sympathy but it dosen’t.
    It rubs it in your fu*king face. It would be good if you could get AT LEAST 4 duels a day. That idea will make them money but they get plenty of it. I just think the whole idea of duel points is just a sh*t load of Fu*k.

  37. Yogizilla said

    Well, I think many of the folks out there do not understand the economy of gaming. You have to be in the industry to appreciate it. In this case, Konami is mostly just a label, a seal of quality that we recognize. There are actually different people involved in both the traditional TCG and the online games. This splits up profits many different ways. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is not that profitable, especailly for resellers like myself. It’s mostly a matter of keeping things runnning.

    Those that are superbly cheap and unreasonable find other ways.. Such as webcam dueling. To each their own. 8)

  38. Doordenker said


    i just began playing yu-gi-oh online yesterday and got a message today about duelcards, the idiot that made those things should be fired and they should make it free to play with in game ads on the wall, that way they will make more money then now.

    i mean look at fly for fun, it is free to play and it is fun and secure, they only make money with a cash shop selling premium items (another idea for ur game) that way everybody gets happy, the developers make tons of money and we get to play for free, the creator of the game has 5 games running now with the same ideas behind it and they are really popular.

    plz make yu-gi-oh online the same way and dump the duelpass idea cuz it sucks.

    GreetZZ Doordenker

  39. Yogizilla said


    Thanks for sharing your insight on this ongoing discussion on pay-to-play games. As I mentioned many a time, there is an economy to gaming that I do not think people understand, especially when you are dealing with an international franchise. Ads do not pay out consistent residuals so it is hard to create a revenue model where ads are the chief source of income.

    To me, all the hot air being blown about regarding pay-to-play games is a moot poin. I mean, if people are willing to pay $15 or more for a game like WoW each month, regardless of how much they play the game, then paying for credits you can use at your leisure should not be a problem. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is hardly the only game that uses a card recharge system. May online games use keys to unlock features and extend play time and millions upon millions of people have no problem with it. When games go free, it becomes harder to add new features, maintain systems, and drive additional value through the offering. Plus, let’s not forget you are talking about $5-15 for credits that can last you months, depending on how much you play, versus paying two or there times that and having a limited time to use your credits. I think it is very much fair.

    I’d like to clear up a major misconceptions: the developers DO NOT make “tons of money” with an ad-only model. It’s very rare that they do. Trust me, I am one of those developers that offered free content. It covered operational costs, for the most part. In a similar manner, gamers that buy mostly used games hurt the industry as well and force the hands of developers and publishers alike. There are many intricacies that most people do not understand. Coming from both sides of the fence, I can see where free content is great and who doesn’t love free stuff? But it’s not always a win-win situation, as some folks make it out to be. In fact, only one out of every ten thousand web sites or so can claim to turn a profit from just running ads, no matter how good their sponsors and publishing strategies may be. Many can barely even cover their operational costs with ads.

    In any case, I know that Konami reps visit our site sometimes. We’ll see if they make things more flexible but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This system “sucks” only to those that want everything to be free. One of my only gripes with the YGOO system was that, when they made the migration to the new version, everyone who had an expired account lost their DP. I think that, once you pay for something, it should be yours forever until the resources are exhausted, of course. Other than that, I love the system.

    Thanks again for the feedback, Doordenker! =oD

  40. lone said

    hey, i need duel pass because they just dont sell it to my country (Portugal)

    wath can i do?

  41. robert 3 said

    Yogizilla is a cheap sob who only wants people to pay 4 duelpasses so he can keep the $ 4 himself and line his pockets with it, duelpasses should be free and the site should find some other way to make $$$ to keep itself up and running

  42. Marciano said

    can someone pls pls give me a duelpass code pls i want it so much

    if someone is that nice mail me at marcianomorpey@hotmail.com

  43. Yogizilla said

    Robert 3 is right. We resellers are filthy rich off of duelpasses. The 5 cents we make a month now covers web hosting, development costs, supplies, and all that stuff. Yup. He’s right. I’m buying myself a stick of chewing gum now too. w00t!

    LOL… Get real Robert. You obviously didn’t read the part where I said that I would like Konami to make a free duel lobby again so that the REAL cheap bastards (i.e. you) can be able to play. I’d love to give away free duelpasses but me and my team have mouths to feed. That’s what happens when you grow up. 8)

    Marciano, no one gives away free duelpasses but, as I mentioned elsewhere, there are Yahoo, Google, MySpace, and other interest groups that offer free dueling via webcam and such. Good luck with your search! 8)

  44. MyLeft said

    im with Yogi…NOT, i get the point that u have mouths to feed(if u have ever got laid and had kids,wich i bet u havent since ur life is a video game)but cmon who wants to waste MONEY REAL MONEY ON SOME CHEAP virtual video game,now i dont play the game my son does, and he works hard at my construction buizness to earn money, he mostly digs holes etc… , THEN he goes and wastes it on a VIDEO GAME, i mean cmon its mostly kids that play this GIVE THEM A BREAK MAKING THEM PAY MONEY!

  45. Yogizilla said

    Very good points, MyLeft. I’d just like to point out that the current Yu-Gi-Oh! Online community is split up into many demographical groups and everyone I have dueled lately (the few times I get to play video games), have been in the 20 to 40-something age group. Like I have said already: for those that are too young or without means to pay-to-play, there are free games such as the http://www.SetoKaiba.com and the many Yahoo! groups. I do not advertise these sites since many of them are questionable and are purely “at your own risk” sites. If you really feel so passionate about it you may consider contacting Konami instead of flaming me when I have been nothing but accomodating and honest here. 8)

    Believe me, I worked my behind off as a young kid to get the few pleasures I had in life. I think it’s a great thing that your son is learning the value of a dollar and whatever way he wishes to invest his hard-earned money should be his concern. I can’t give him or any kid a break because I am losing money with this operation as it is.

    The lesson here: get your story straight before you try to attack someone personally. I mean no harm to kids or people that feel that online games should be free. The reality is that people need to make a living. Currently, I have online games that I am developing. When I release my next games, a revenue model will be necessary. The money has to come from somewhere. Konami decided to go with a traditional pay-to-play. They simple did what Ultima Online, Hostile Space, RuneSpace, World of Warcraft, and many games decided to do.

    I will reiterate that we are here to serve our customers. Turning a profit would be the ideal but is hardly the situation so you are wasting your time attacking me and my team when we are, for all intents and purposes, working on spec. All you folks looking for a free ride, just Google “free online yugioh dueling” and I’m sure you’ll find many results. Sorry for the misunderstanding but I am neither the Salvation Army nor Donald Trump. (o=

  46. joseph said

    i need to know where i can buy duelpass with my credit card because i dont use paypal and have it sent via email plz

  47. diabloaries said

    i need a duel pass like crazy they are hard to come by i live in iowa thanks

  48. renor said

    i will duelpass points plx rinooor@hotmail.com

  49. havoc said

    Get real ppl, nothing is for free in this world..

    I bet yogizilla is now sitting down in the comfort of his seat, laughing his bloody ass off at yr stupid attempts at asking for free duelpass codes.

    Who in the right state of mind wd generously donate his duelpass code to others, after paying a bomb for it? Oh come on, wake up already. Stop living in delusion. Dont bother checking yr mail everyday, waiting for some idiot to send u the code.. It aint gonna happen.

    Yogizilla is just another lucrative arsehole, waiting to burn one gigantic hole in the pockets of teenagers and adults alike.

  50. Yogizilla said

    Havoc is right on the money guys. My partner and I make tons of money on this operation. For ever duelpass we sell, it’s a whole 2 to 10 cents of net profit. We’re raking in the dough. This week, we’re donating a $1 to our favorite charity – that is half of our net income for the month of August! Let’s not forget that product is steadily supplied so there are no supply-and-demand issues to consider.. BTW, that is sarcasm, for those that missed it. ;o)

    As I say again and again, we’re just making a living like anyone else. We are providing a service to those that have had a hard time finding duelpasses, just like we have encountered ourselves. The profit we stand to make is minimal so I do not understand why we are being attacked. If you do not like the pricing, talk to Konami and ask them to fix the problems with their system.

    In regards to requesting free Yu-Gi-Oh! Online duelpasses I have said, time and again, do not hold your breath. There is a severe shortage of suppliers right now, thanks to the flamers and trolls killing off business. Anyone offering you a free code is probably giving you a used or fake code. We’ve given freebies in the past and people remain ingrateful so what else do you guys want? Name another business anywhere that will hold your hand and show you their competitors, knowing that will hurt their own business? None come to mind, eh? Yes, “get real ppl” and stop making us look like the bad guys. I thought so… If you READ our DuelPassOnline blog, you’ll see that we provided links to FREE dueling sites. Go there and quit your whining because, really, we’re not at nor can we give you all a free ride – we’re the ones doing you all a favor, quite honestly! ;o)

    DUEL ON!!!

  51. hiutopor said


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  52. Tuski said

    If http://www.yugioh-duelpass.net wont sell duelpass anymore can anyone tell me which website sell duelpass and will e-mail the code.I will really appreciate it.

  53. Ammar said

    I want to buy Dual pass piont ,
    but the problem is the offical web sit dos not accept my crdit card from my country (IRAQ)
    so i will be very thankfull if some one tell me where can i buy the dual pass piont and from which website ????
    thanks in advance

  54. Taiyo said

    You can buy duelpass from yugioh-duelpass.net

  55. tardely said

    alquem me passa um duel card por favor…. to começamdo a jogar agora e nao sei como consegui..
    meu email e tardellylra@hotmail.com..

  56. tardelly said


  57. Turoka said

    hmmm i don’t always read forums nor do i reply but i had to after reading this one…
    i can’t believe that people are expecting free dual codes…i have no way of buying duel points at this point but once i have earned enough money i will…
    Maybe it’s because i was brought up not to be spoiled but to blame a n online business for making a life for themselves is ridiculous.. Will the same outraged people march their way to a retailer and demand that they give away yugioh cards for free?

    WAKE UP!

    Yogizilla’s team brought duealing convenience and ability to everyone around the world not to mention the cards ARE very much so cheaper to buy then real cards and just as effective in play.
    Not wanting to take sides in any discussion but some of you people make is so damn hard not to…
    I really do hope that the people in such chaotic doubt will one day understand the way the world works

    untill you have enough money to duel online…duel with a friend at home…
    sorry to those who understand but ignorance is annoying

  58. Yogizilla said

    Thank you for the kind words, Turoka! You should see soem of the messages that I simply must delete due to the vulgarity and ignorance of it all. It’s easy to look at businesses as the bad guys but we’re not all out to get you, the consumers; in fact, many of us are consumers ourselves. Thre are many situations we have to deal with when working with Konami and our many suppliers too.

    I’m actually working on a piece called “The Economy of Gaming” (slowly but surely it comes along) which explains how the unrealistic expectations of some gamers is hurting the industry as a whole. Hey, I love free stuff as much as the next guy but free stuff only happens when their is surplus, lots of supply going around or just lots of money around to allow a company to absorb the costs. We are too small of a business to do such a thing for everyone that asks for it. Let’s be a realistic, folks!

    One of the core issues is that there is a belief that a game that isn’t that good or lacks in production value (a’la aesthetics) is “not worth paying for” or just plain crap. It’s silly but there are those that try to bestow this logic upon me. I have to try really hard not to laugh. Obviously, if they are here to flame me it’s because there is importance in the matter.. meaning they actually like the game! Crazy talk.

    Ignorance is definitely annoying. I am very understanding and try to focus on good customer service. I understand that some people were raised spoiled and never learned common courtesies, so I take the rudeness with a grain of salt, to say the least. 8)

  59. oldosdl said

    I need a duel pass code.Can anybody send me one. Email me at fastkid8@yahoo.com

  60. Kenshinhan said

    Yogizilla, how do you order and prefer to have the duelpass code emailed to an email account (free or not) rather than being shipped through the mail?

  61. binlee said


  62. edward said

    do u want 2 duel??

  63. edward said

    so do u want 2 duel im a expert with 3 god cards

  64. edward said

    lemme kno right now!!!

  65. David said

    plz give me a 30 duel duelpass
    my parents wont let me buy them
    my email is davidshi1997@yahoo.com

  66. adam said


    Yugizilla i know you know many duel pass codes please give me free duel pass codes.

    Made by Adam Cheaib

    And here is my email adam_cheaib@hotmail.com

    Send to me please.

  67. Yogizilla said

    Hi Adam – thanks for the awesome feedback!!

    Sadly, duelpass codes are not reusable. Paying customers receive priority. The supply of codes is too limited to give them away. I hope you all understand.

    Check out our latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and duel-related blogs (especially the 2008 address) and FAQ to get more information to see why we’re so strict about it. It’s business policy.. But we love you guys so don’t get mad!

    David, you may want to play Yu-Gi-Oh! on the Nintendo DS. That’s free to play online. 8)


  68. dark11king said

    can i have yu-gi-oh! free duelpass code?

  69. antti said

    i think duelpass is suck! why the game is free but if you want to play you have to pay that so i think thast suck!! meny more peapol will play this if there not are any duelpass !!!!!

  70. Yogizilla said

    I feel your pain, Antti.. Buuuuuuuutttttttttt…

    How do you suggest Konami maintain the game and keep it from sucking once they make it free? What revenue model to you propose? Servers cost money, art production costs money, technical support costs money, tournaments cost money.. Do you know people that will donate money free so that the rest of us can get a free ride?

    My questions seem ridiculous, eh? Well, so does the expectation that the game will be made free. Again, if you want a free game, play the console Yu-Gi-Oh games or do webcam or e-mail duels. There’s an option for everyone out there.

    The way I see it, if you’re a real fan, you don’t mind paying a few dollars here and there to support the game you love. =o)

  71. Ryan said

    Hey i was wondering i’m only going to ask you and bother you with this 1 question. I Really Want to play Yugioh On-line But i can’t duel i do not have any money and i can not buy any Duel-Passes here in Maryland.

    Will You Please Send Me A Duel Pass Code PLEASE?

  72. Spootbat said

    Can someone send me a duelpass code at slosh49@aim.com

  73. zsw007 said

    I think that what they could do instead is make it a one time payment. I’d rather pay $50 and buy the game and never have to pay again then having to buy duelpass.

  74. RAUL said

    I think that this is a great thing because i wouldn’t be willing to pay 15 bucks for a game every month

  75. Sasukifire said

    please may I please have a duelpass I just need a least one or two points I just want a chance to play my friend or the try the chanpionship. Really please I need a code someone please email me a code. Sasukifire@yahoo.com

  76. as12 said

    please i want duel pass code
    please i want to play
    email me please zig_zag_asim_93@yahoo.com
    please please please

  77. Tyler said

    oi yogizilla, this is tyler,
    from new zealand, i dnt have a credit card and want another nethod to pay for duelpasses, i am willing to pay, cud u please send me a code, i will pay u for it

  78. islam said

    I need a duel pass please i love that game please I really need a duelpass can yuo please email it to me

  79. Robin said

    I need a duelpass to i dont got any money i live in sweden my email is Robin_02_@hotmail.com

  80. Hardman said

    I want a duellpass too. plz send me at orestis_laboratories@yahoo.gr
    Thank you.

  81. Zamorak said

    Hey can anyone send me a duel pass code on my email im only 12 and i love yu gi oh but they dont sell the duelpasses in stores in my country and i really want to play 😦 can anyone please send me a duel pass code i dont care what phase it is cuz i juts want to try to duel please reply to me by email my email is Eggert.cool@live.com i kno my email is funny my friend made it for me but please send me a duelpass code 🙂

  82. Zammy said

    hey can someone give me a duelpass i just want to play for 30 days please someone send me a code eggert.cool@live.com

  83. ryan said

    i dont have credit card but i want duelpass can some1 plz give me a code plz c_dawg3000@hotmail.com

  84. dennis said

    send me some duelpass codes please

  85. Gerry1991 said

    i dont have credit card but i want duelpass can someone please give me a code and send me at geri521@freemail.hu

    • Yogizilla said

      You’re going to get scammed, spammed, or just receive a used DP code. There are other solutions. Read our Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ+ for some good, safe, proven ideas and answers, please. 8)

  86. simon said

    i need some duelpass code can you sent it to me pleas.


    • Yogizilla said

      Don’t you guys understand that DP codes that are posted will be snatched up and used, if they weren’t already? There are better ways. Read our Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ+ for better solutions. 8)

  87. tommy versed said

    look i can relate 2 u guys gitin a dule pass may be hard but i have a way u can get dule pass with out credit card. these ppl isin this game about the hear of the card but is clearls shown the heart of the money i just say \in and sugestin ever holiday give all dulist 1 dule pass and when dulin an opponit and lost we loss the dule point and the person that win gains the dule poin that all i’m sure that u can do that it is not askin 4 much i’m spearin on b1/2 of all the player just like me

    • Yogizilla said

      Well, it’s a moot point. We sold and gave away all DP. Too much headache. Businesses can’t just give something for nothing. We’d go bankrupt and end up homeless. LOL

      Anywho, DPO is now strictly a fan site. We may have prizes to give out in the future but that depends on ad revenues and sponsors. These things don’t just come out of thin air.

      Please read our FAQ and the article on the Economy of Gaming. Believe me, we’ve all been broke or young before, but there’s only so much we can do. If you want change, petition Konami and e-mail them the petition. 8)

  88. Tony said

    I am begging anyone to please please give me a free duelpass i haven’t played this game in over a year and i really want to but i just don’t have any duelpasses email me at tinnie21@hotmail.com

    • Yogizilla said

      You’re just welcoming spammers and hackers, ya know. Please read our FAQ. There are other ways to play for free besides begging for DP. ;o)

  89. ahmed said

    please dp

  90. jack said

    can someone email me a duelpass code please! my email is jackrb98@aol.com

  91. yugi11 said

    i have that pass

  92. JadenYugi said

    Hi, i started to play yugioh online a days ago…ive searched for duelpass but not avaiable on my country(Portugal), i can’t buy with credit card or pay pal. Is there any way i can buy with SMS or paysafecard payment? Thanks 😀

    • Yogizilla said

      I haven’t checked lately but I know Konami has made Portugal one it’s main markets. eBay could be a good place to go. I always recommend pre-paid charge cards since those are available worldwide. If you got the cash, there is a way. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online has free online gaming modes now so Konami has you covered. 8)

  93. omed7 said

    pleaz any1 my mom wont buy me just pleaz it dosnt have to new i wanna duel pleaz im beggin any1 at least a used 1 pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im bored i wanna play i dont even have a credit card pleaz

  94. energy efficient dishwashers…

    […]Amazoness Chain Master Duelpass « Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass ONLINE (An NoF Portal)[…]…

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