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Keeping your security and shopping experience a priority!

Posted by Yogizilla on April 11, 2006

Everyone is scurrying around to stock up on duel points and we have all hands on deck. With Konami temporarily shutting down US credit card processing while they run some maintenance, we have been receiving many more orders. As a result, expediting your order can be tricky right now but we’re trying our best, especially in lieu of a huge unexpected jump in order volume.

During this time, we’ve received many questions about the order process and such. We plan to release a FAQ to address all the major questions but, for now, I’d like to answer out the most popular questions, all of which relate to PayPal in some shape or form…


Q. Why am I unable to use PayPal to place my order?

A. Before we can accept PayPal business from a new or unverified customer, various verifications must return with satisfactory results. Anything questionable in the reports we run can warrant an order cancellation or request for alternate payment. You’ll notice MoneyBookers is our preferred payment processor. The reason for this is that, as merchants, we can offer this option and keep prices competitive for our customers. We also find that MoneyBookers is much more secure for both payees and payers. It is mutually benefit to setup an account with MB rather than use the standard PayPal that one may be accustomed to.

Unfortunately, since PayPal is so popular, there are many exploits that have been well-documented. Most fraud that small businesses deal with often comes from using a pay processor such as PayPal. This is not in any manner a way of saying that PayPal is not a great service but we do feel additional layers of security are necessary to ensure the best and safest shopping experience time and again.

That being said, we try to verify all new (to us) PayPal accounts in 2-3 business days. This turn-around can be sooner (usually is) or later, depending on how busy we get. Let me reiterate that, even if your PayPal account is verified, we must perform our third-party checks to validate all provided data before any goods and services can be exchanged. As such, we reserve the right to reject any business that provides reasonable doubt or uncertainty. Once you create an account and provide us with your credentials, we can enable PayPal as a pay option for you, contingent upon your no negative data being reflected in the reports and tests that we run.

Q. Is there anything I can do to increase the chances of the PayPal option being enabled on my account?

A. Though we strongly urge all our customers to consider other payment options that not only save them money by cutting out hefty transaction costs but ALSO give them a more secure consumer channel, we understand that the covenience of PayPal and consolidating finances can drive the need to use of their service. If it is your intention to use PayPal and no other service, the #1 thing I can recommend is that you use an e-mail address on PayPal that matches the account you use with us and correspond to us with.

Free e-mail accounts are typically flagged by most pay processors by default, simply because anyone can create an account. It’s also possible to hijack accounts or spoof e-mail accounts so we do not leave the e-mail address synch as the end-all check BUT it does weigh heavily into everything that we factor into the PayPal account verification process. Other things we look at include payment history, credit scores, and anything of the sort. I want to personally assure you that we do not invade anyone’s privacy. All the data that we pull up is public territory.

The long story made short here is this: make sure that everything you give us is consistent. If you suspect anything may come up that may cause some concern, feel free to submit an explanation in advance and we’ll consider it. Again, I reiterate that there are no guarantees. If inconsistencies occur, we will work with you as much as possible but priority will go to those that work with us to ease the process. Just because one order is delayed, doesn’t mean the rest should be too. It’s all in the name of fairness. Put yourselves in our shoes or those of another customer.

Q. I cannot afford to have a non-FREE e-mail account. What do I do?

A. Certain FREE e-mail providers screen their members and keep track of important data (vitals) that we coud reference for our verifications. This is rare and we do not have an entire list of them available for our customers (at least not yet). If you have Internet access, chances are your ISP provides you with e-mail accounts for your use. A good example of a more reliable e-mail account would be one on the ComCast network as opposed to something like AOL, which you could create using a trial setup disc.

There are other qualifiers for what makes a “good” e-mail account. Some of them are more subjective while others are more objective and can be detected by the software tools that we put to use. Whatever the case may be, we look for some sort of stability and reliability when qualifying our customers for certaing “fringe benefits”. In the future, we plan to add a suite of value-added services to subscribers which will then make you elgible for discounts, more payment flexibility, exclusive content, and the like. Until then, we will try to accomodate everyone that works with us!

Q. I appreciate the thoroughness of your staff but how does ANY of this benefit me?

A. The simple answer is that loss prevention allows any store to keep their prices low/competitive. Most establishments will raise their price per unit to cover the hidden costs of maintaining a volatile inventory. Surely, this can be shrugged off with a “it’s not my problem” attitude but what most people do not know is that things like piracy and frauds can really help increase economic issues such as inflation; hence why security measures may seem an inconvenience most of the time but they are necessary for there to be fairness to all.
…But I digress! As I formerly mentioned, making other pay methods readily available is our way of making recommendations that we really believe in. Our other payment channels have native checks and failsafes in-place that streamline the process much more, whereas PayPal doesn’t offer much in terms of layered security as it is pretty much click-and-go – VIOLA!

PayPal charges some of the highest premiums for credit card transactions and other services for both buyers and sellers alike. Why not save yourself the money (and the trouble)? More food for thought: by providing this extra security we make sure that those that pay on-time get their products on time instead of having to wait due to some thief that ran off with the cards that were intended to them.

There are many other ways that our preventative measures help us serve you better. We’re not just looking to make a single sale, large or small. We want to build a relationship with our customers. Whether we enjoy a good duel together, share some strategies, give you some referral credits, or provide some special pricing for continued business, we’re looking to build relationships. We feel these dynamics make us stand out, really!

I believe that covers the main questions. I should add more later and, as I said, I’m looking to do a FAQ. If you have any questions you’d like to see more thoroughly addressed, please e-mail me at yogizilla@duelpass-online.com and I’ll be more than happy to consider your addition for our list!! My main goal with this post is to assure you that we have YOUR best interest in mind throughout all the standards we have implemented in our daily operations.

Again, any time you want to know something, please comment on the appropriate blog/topic or shoot us a line. Thanks for stopping by – don’t forget to tell your friends!


2 Responses to “Keeping your security and shopping experience a priority!”

  1. yogizilla said

    ***UPDATE*** Yugioh-duelpass.net is our new home, as many of you have figured out by now. We are currently focusing on Moneybookers and money orders as our primary pay methods though there are other options. We really encourage the foremost option simply because it is a lot more secure and faster overall. PayPal is fine and dandy but, due to the growing amount of fraud, it’s an option that goes through a much more rigorous screening process.

    All and all, we take these extra steps to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe shopping experience. We realize that folks work hard for their money (we know we sure do) and the last thing you want is to have some lazy bum steal your information and benefit from YOUR hard work. By all means, if there is any process you are concerned about, drop us a line via our inquiry form or by contacting sales@yugioh-duelpass.net or support@yugioh-duelpass.net depending on the type of issue that it is in regards to.

    A more expanded FAQ is on the way so STAY TUNED!

  2. libera said

    i’am really impressed!!

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