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What’s New: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Steps It Up

Posted by Yogizilla on November 17, 2006

Recently, Konami really seems to have ramped up their marketing plans for Yu-Gi-Oh. With other Tradeable Card Games coming into the market, like the new World of Warcraft TCG and the popular Naruto TCG, I think the urgency has become more evident for Konami. Breaking away from the strictly “kiddy roots” seems to be the upward trend now as seasoned Magic players and TCG novices alike come into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh Online (YGOO)!

So what has Konami been doing? Well, they’ve been adding some great booster packs in. There seems to the best variety in terms of decks and available packs now, which will hopefully encourage people to create their own recipes and become more risque duelists, employing unorthodox, unexpected methods. The game’s performance has been tweaked, many bugs have been resolved, and it seems that, overall, it is a more stable, thriving gaming environment. Chat is still being refined but it’s getting there.

The REAL big win for Konami is implementing the free duel lobby. This is a great way to allow people with small budgets to keep their skills sharp. Let’s face it: adults and kids alike run into money problems and pay-to-play games are not at the top of the priority list. I think this will encourage more people to give Yu-Gi-Oh! a real shot. They get all the fun of the game without the nuissances that come with playing the physical TCG game. Online, the playing field is pretty level and it really comes down to who employs the best strategy.. or greatest cheese.

Major kudos to Konami for providing the Free YGOO Duel Lobby. Hopefully, they’ll keep it running for a while, if not forever. It’s already been a good three months and the lobby remains functional so that’s a good sign. I’m excited to see what is in store in the final weeks of this year. I have a feeling we’ll come into the new year with something even more cool. Last time I had this gut feeling, the free lobby was implemented so I am trusting my gut. It my hope that Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole grows in popularity. MTG has become too expensive and elitist. On YGOO, I’d say the experience is more often VERY pleasant and the environment is quite warm. Heck, people randomly trade me good cards for free. It’s nice!

Come on. You have no excuse. Try YGOO today. You get free duel points to start so what are you waiting for??


9 Responses to “What’s New: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Steps It Up”

  1. Testyah said


  2. Shiori said

    I’ve got a question, you’re all going about a free practice lobby and a free duel lobby but my prob. is i don’t know where it is. i already downloaded the software could anyone send me specific instructions? i really need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my e-mail is blueangel101093@yahoo.com

  3. Yogizilla said

    As per our latests updates, there is no longer a free duel lobby. This feature may or may not be returned at Konami’s discretion. If you want to try out the game, you get 10 DP with each new account you register, which is good for up to ten single-round duels. Hope that helps!

  4. Test said

    Hi all!


  5. MetalTrace said

    Here’s a good question! How come we can no longer trade on Yu-Gi-Oh Online? I am in the beginner’s lobby and I’m trying to help find out why you can no longer trade in there. Does it require Duel Points to trade now? Or what’s the problem?

  6. Yogizilla said

    Hi “Test”! =oD

    Metal, that *IS* a good question. I haven’t dueled much in the past two or three months (been hooked on the DS game and busy with other projects, honestly) but I would speculate that either you are not leveled up enough to trade with certain individuals.. OR they have temporarily disabled trading to encourage people to play more in the special events and earn cards in that manner.

    From a business stancepoint, trading makes it less attractive for people to buy the duelpasses or play more but I will give Konami the benefit of the doubt on this one, though I know that is what many of you are thinking. I think they simply want to see duelists become more resourceful. Instead of relying on stacked decks, the focus becomes on learning how to employ even the “weakest” cards to your advantage.

    Personally, I got tired of playing people with the same cookie-cutter deck builds that they picked up on some web site or from a pro player. It’s nice seeing some unique and perhaps unorthodox builds. I hope that this move encourages just that! 8)

    Remember: this is a constantly-evolving game so who knows what they have planned. I know that I find the NPC duels quite cool. Very good update there.. I hope they add more neat features in the coming months. BTW, I think the Beginner’s Lobby is restricted so that may be what you are experiencing!

    Hope that helps, bud!! =oD

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    • Yogizilla said

      Ha! It didn’t take long for the bots to start spamming about FREE downloads. Folks, I strongly urge you to buy this one.. They’ll need all the money they can get to fix up the online play. Support the games you love and stop being cheap.. Pirate something like over-priced Adobe products. Just saying. ;o)

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