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Yu-Gi-Oh! Online TCG And MORE – Frequently Asked Questions – Round One

Posted by Yogizilla on November 30, 2006

*** 2011 Update: Still no free Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Passes here. We’re not even in the DP business now. DuelPassOnline is strictly a fan site for video game geeks, Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists, Anime aficionados, and more! It’s easier this way. Now no one will be begging us for DuelPass codes constantly and we can move on to other, more fun discussions – YAY! ***

A few months back we tackled the big questions about PayPal, our security measures, and why we prefer Moneybookers as our pay processor. In this FAQ installment, we’d like to address some of the other common questions so, before you e-mail us, check this out. Chances are that your answer is here and you’ll save valuable time both for yourself and our team! =o]

Q. Can I have a free duel pass?

A. We’ll do better than that: we will share a little-known secret with you. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online now has a FREE practice duel lobby. You won’t get ranked by dueling in there but something is better than nothing. We’d love to give out more freebies and prizes but we are still a very small shop even if we are one of the TOP 10 worldwide suppliers. In the future, we will do some contests so stay tuned for that.

Q. Can I use PayPal?

A. Certainy but keep in mind that your payment will not be accepted if any security flags are set off. This includes the use of IP spoofers, proxise, free e-mail address, fake telephone numbers, and the like. Before the PayPal option becomes available, there is an extensive pre-screening process so, if you want to skip out on the hassle of it all, go with Moneybookers. The MB option is pretty much PP with more security features, better rates, and a much more user-friendly interface. Why not switch? It can be as fast as five minutes!

Q. Want to duel me?

A. We love to duel our customers but we’re busy folks. We are considering implementing a duel challenge and ladder system on yugioh-duelpass.net so that we can schedule such duels easily. For now, you’ll just have to see if you catch us on YGOO. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out what my game handle is but I won’t expose my team members. Ha!

Q. Why is there a delay in duel delivery lately?
A. With the shift to USB duel passes, supplies on cards are scarce. They are still being published and are in circulation but it’s hard to get your hands on them. We are one of the resellers that employs the most trusted supply channels and, even with those connections, we can’t keep up 100% supply continuity. The good news is that we have found some new suppliers and hopefully they can commit to our standards of quality so that we can develop a brilliant business relationship!

Q. Why is there a shortage in card supplies?

A. Well, part of it is what was just mentioned. The hardware duel pass is more convenient in some cases so some suppliers are pushing for that more. We like to give our customers flexibility in the cards they receive and the fact that we e-mail the codes rather than ship them is a big advantage for us. Keep in mind that the USB devices are great but you do not get the cards you get with the core duelpasses. There have also been reports of DOA (dead on arrival) issues so, really, the option is a good one but, as there is with anything, there are pro’s and con’s to assess.

A bigger reason why YGOO DP’s are hard to find is because it is still a cult game of sorts which means that mainstream retailers will not carry it. As the demand grows, the supply shrinks. That’s really at the heart of the issue here but that is a good thing because that means new people for you all to duel and more chances that you will see less cookie-cutter recipes and more wild stuff like a Level 2 ONLY monster deck – imagine that originality! ;o)

Q. Why is my telephone necessary?

A. We require a one-time telephone validation once a customer exceeds a certain amount of order volume (in dollars, not units purchased). Other things may trigger this but, essentially, the reason we do this is simple: it helps us crack down on cases of identity theft, information falsification, and other foul play. Reducing our capital loss helps us keep prices competitive and build our business more so we can offer different services. Sadly, people that try to exploit the system don’t think about the next guy so they ruin it for everyone.


4 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh! Online TCG And MORE – Frequently Asked Questions – Round One”

  1. arvais said

    I m find this duelpass retail web site, and this site is have not https security system. Tis site url http://www.duelpasses.com . I m ask for you, that this site is secure, and are you propose that I m buy from duelpasses.com?

  2. Yugioh fan said

    Where is the Practice Duel Loby?

  3. Yogizilla said

    It is my deepest lament to reveal that there is no longer a free practice Yu-Gi-Oh! Online lobby but this can change at Konami’s discretion. The good news is that now, more than ever before, it is a good time to invest in Duelpasses because of all the added perks. I highly recommend the E-Hero Evolution Duelpass as I use it myself. If you love the new GX series of cards, especially the elemental heroes, this is a REALLY good start.

    To Arvais: Other resellers would not even answer this question but this is fair play in my book so I’ll say this: we encourage customers to explore other duel purchase channels but do so carefully. I was once a customer myself, searching for the best deal. I can say with full confidence that few resellers go to the extents that we do to deliver extra value and quality of service to our customers. Since we are one of the TOP international Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duelpass Resellers, I find that our biggest issue is keeping supply steady to meet the increasing demand. We often end up buying out the stock of other suppliers, actually.

    Personally, I would never do business with a retailer that only uses Paypal as a payment method because it is often a tell-tale sign that they are not getting enough (or any) sales volume. What that means to you as the customer is high risk. HTTPS is not an absolute necessity but serious businesses should certainly employ that along with other layers of security to ensure that the casual hacker or script kiddy cannot exploit the system.

    In short, I would not advise you to use such a supplier. Instead, I’d say try out a more established supplier such as OCDK but, again, the difference with our option is that we are specialized in what we do and, since we also have wholesale pricing, we supply others other store fronts as well. Essentially, we are one of the more direct suppliers these days.

    I hope that sheds some light on the topic. The amount of [reliable] duelpass suppliers out there is very limited (I know because I’ve scoured the Net myself looking for more supply channels for us) so we openly ask customers to go with the option they are most comfortable with. If you find someone that delivers greater value for what we offer, please let us know so we can go to them (please don’t say Konami because then I will have to laugh, politely of course) – maybe we can do business with them too! To this date, I have yet to find a supplier that does what we do. In the end, most people come back to us because of our reliability, good wit, and overall people skills. *puts on his best smile for the cameras*

  4. ALMIR said

    im from bosnia and herzegovina.here no duelpass.please send me one code duelpass.please.thanks

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