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Adventures in Dueling: Yogi Explores the Dark World

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

I figured I would post once again while I am on a roll here.  Today was a nice end-cap to a great Duelist Trial.  I wish I didn’t have all this work to do but at least I am being good and not letting the game totally distract me…  Well, not as much as I usually can.  I enjoyed a good amount of DT action today and, I must say, I prefer DT over Gunslinger though both flavors are very tasty to the duelist palette, metaphorically speaking, of course.

I see that there are still a lot of the same decks out there though some people are running more advanced decks such as insane burn and last turn decks. YGOO2 brought with it a great affinity to the Dark World cards and, I must say, this is a trend that I really think is cool. One of my favorite things about my favorite cards (yes, that is very much redunant) is having flexibility. For our purposes, when I refer to a card’s or deck’s flexibility, I am referring to how adaptable the cards are. Many YGO cards are deceptively simplistic in their description but actually serve deeper purposes than what they may initially let off.

The funny thing about it is that, when you trade with other people, they’ll trade the cards that no one is really talking about for the name-brand cards. Chances are they are going by a recipe they saw on Pogo or some other site, or they are just trying to duplicate what they saw on TV. That is why I snatch up those “garbage cards” and make fun decks out of them. The Dark World cards, though widely-used, are still very under-rated. If you think about it, loading up on the Dark World returner monsters means you can load up your frontlines when in dire straits; it’s a perfect counter to the typical Drop Off, Morphing Jar, and Card Destruction combos you may see. Even the Vampire Lord has to bow down to such persistence!

Dark Room is another card that is often overlooked yet can screw up so many strategies since, in the end, most people try to muscle their way to a victory. With my more refined builds (not the usual test builds I use on the field for shizzles-n-giggles), I’ve been known to burn out tight decks, which is exactly why I don’t agree that there absolutely needs to be a 40 to 50-card deck limit – to each their own, I say! One combo I recommend is what I like to call the Asura Sucker Punch and it’s quite simple: combine Dark Room and Asura Priest, then beat the heck out of all the monsters on the field. With the strong beat-down decks, you’ll need some equips to make that priest effective but, I tell you, Asura gets it done!

Anywho, I am still restructuring the site to be much more content-driven than before. As the different areas take shape, don’t forget to leave your mark and let us know what you’d like to see more of! We want to offer a unique perspective to Yu-Gi-Oh, devoid of any snobbery or self-proclaimed expertise. We’re just regular Joe’s offering what we feel is good advice, hoping it can help make the game more newbie-friendly. In the end, you have to really run with what you like the most, whether it is a themed deck (Darkness FTW), a popular recipe, or a mish-mosh of neat-o cards. Don’t let anyone tell you how to build a deck. Really, sometimes the only way you can learn is by way of trial-by-fire so do not be afraid to get a bunch of losses. Heck, I love losing because it helps me get that much better! I am an expert loser, yo. For realz. [o=

In any case, back on topic: Dark World is fun and I put it up there with the whole Pharaoh/Gravekeeper series (mad heart for the Pharaonic Guardian TCG boosters, yo), as I like to call it. You can catch people with their metaphorical pants down, which is always fun, then make fun of their silly undies. Now I am hankering for some dueling and more deck experimentation before I get back to work. FO FO FO!!

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One Response to “Adventures in Dueling: Yogi Explores the Dark World”

  1. AnimeBuddha said

    Hey man u make a good point about the dark world cards me and a friend of mine made a whoop A** deck out of them plus we found that they went perfectly with Ravial Lord of Phantasoms becasue he requires three fiends to summon the abbility to special sumon numerous fiend monsters is realy handy another good combo with them is full salvo ditch your whole hand and do lp damage does it get any better then that i think not

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