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Frequently Asked Questions – ROUND TWO

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

With Yu-Gi-Oh! Online DUEL EVOLUTION in full motion, I figured it was time to put up some of the new questions we’ve been getting. You’ll find that it is still pretty much business as usual but there are certainly some improvements to Konami’s current strategy which has us all VERY excited! We’re going to tackle some in-game issues and new duelpass considerations here so please read on…

Q. What is better: traditional duelpasses or duelkeys?

A. This question is purely subjective but I will say this: with traditional duelpasses, you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling. We’ve received many reports of DOA (dead on arrival) hardware with the USB duelpass keys. Technically, these are supposed to be easy-to-use but we’ve found people breaking them before the cards and points even complete transferring. On that end, it depends what you are comfortable with and how fast you need DP.

The USB duelpass devices are cheaper, on average, than buying actual cards. The major trade-off aside from the delivery time is the fact that you will get some random cards whereas with the traditional card system you get to pick what you get. Admittedly, there are some nice cards in those random sets, including one of my (Yogizilla) personal favorites: Dark World Lightning (straight from the Elemental Energy card series). There are rumors that future card packs will include more cards from Rise of Destiny, Flaming Eternity, and The Lost Millenium. I don’t know abotu you but that excites me since those are some of my favorite of the more recent YGO expansions.

In any case, the duelpass keys are more affordable if you can get them at a local store or have the time to wait for a delivery; otherwise, go for regular cards. That’s just our recommendation. Feel free to sound off on this because your opinions help us determine what to focus more on.

Q. If I upgrade to Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution (YgOO Version 2), will I lose my cards and Duel Points (DP)?

A. This is one of my favorite things about upgrading to the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online: you keep everything! In fact, YGOO Duel Evolution gives you a lot more community features such as more profile options, customizable avatars/characters, a more complete chat interface, and a fully-functional friends list. Ah, on that last note, you DO lose your friends list in the upgrade but, since it is easier to find people now, you can easily rebuild it so no worries!

Q. Who do I contact if I am having technical issues with YGOO?

A. Many folks have made the mistake of e-mailing us regarding their issues with the online game but your best bet is to go to the official Konami site for YGOO. Though we’ll often help steer our customers in the right direction for simple problems, we must make the disclaimer by stating that we are not in any way affiliated with Konami; that is, beyond being one of their major resellers internationally, especially in the US and Canada. Generally-speaking, e-mail support takes a while so always check for other FAQ’s, announcements, and the like first.

Q. Why can’t I find what I am looking for on the official YGOO site?

A. The chances are that you, like many of us have done in the past, have gone to yugioh-online.com and not yugioh-online.net, which are two very different sites, it turns out. I blame the cyber squatters that are trying to make a dime off of domains that they never had any intention of using but that’s a whole different story. Another big thing to watch out for is choosing the right flag/country in the front page as that can change content completely depending on what you are looking for (especially if you are trying to purchase DP).

Q. Why can’t I purchase DP from Konami’s site?

A. This can be a few things but, typically, it means that you are either in the wrong section of their site or you live in a country where Konami does not sell duelpasses directly. One may ask “why would Konami turn down business like this” and the answer is simple: they want to make YGOO more attractive to resellers as that is what helps make a product more popular. Some call it viral marketing, others just call it smart business. Bless your hearts, Konami decision makers!

Q. Which do you like better: the old YGOO or the new one?

A. My cop-out statement is this: both are good in their own regards. For a more complete answer, read our YGOO2 review. We’ll tackle that question better in that article/post!

Q. How does one send private messages on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution?

A. YGOO2 handles messaging with an effective tab system. Just about everything about chat has been fixed, including the weird random spikes and character lags. Private messages are still cumbersome, however: type “/NAME MESSAGE” where “NAME” is replaced with the destination party’s YGOO handle/screen name. Those that are used to IRC may find this weird but some MMORPG’s use a similar system so it shouldn’t be TOO bad to get used to. Yay for chat tabs!


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