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What’s New: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution – YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Version 2 (Duel Evolution – w00t) is yummy INDEED!!!

At first glance, it seems like the game has been made more “kiddyish” but dueling just a little reveals that the community is more diverse than ever.  With the release of YGOO2 came some much-needed chat interface fixes.  You can now scroll up and type with little or no lag.  These things alone are huge differences for those of you out there that may jaded duelists from the “old-school” YGOO days. Chat is also tabbed, so you can chat with only those that are nearby, in your duel, or in the room/arena. I’m big on communication so nice chat features like this get a super-duper “YAY” from me!! =oD

You’ll notice that the approach to dueling is very distinct now. You run around and actually see people standing about, perhaps chatting or dueling with others. The creation of your online persona is far more complete, thus lending further to the rich community features that YGOO2 has set forth. Not only do you get to create your own avatar/character, but you get to make a little profile for yourself. These little touches make the game feel more people-focused and warm, for lack of better expressions. Back to the unique way that duels are handled, you can make your own duels or auto-duel, like before, but now it’s easier to see who is looking for certain types of duels as character names change colors depending on what mode they are in. Green represents “auto-dueling”, blue means that the person created a room, and orange means that the person created a private/password-protected room. It’s these small changes that go a long way, if you ask me!

A HUGE tip for first-timers on YGOO2: disable the auto-tracking feature. Just click on the wrench during a duel and you’ll be all set. This feature has made me lost a few duels simply because it makes your cursor fly about and select cards that you did not have any intention of clicking on. If you have a fast trigger finger like I do, that gets annoying quickly; especially if you play on multiple handles/aliases. Mini NAY on that because it’s only a small nuance, really.

Avid deck builders will wholeheartedly welcome to addition of several new cards. Fans of the GX card series, especially those that love the elemental cards, will be very happy to see what is available now. Players now get cards as presents, special tournament rewards, and even in complete packs. On that last note, one of the neatest things that has been brought into the online platform for Yu-Gi-Oh! is the addition of STRUCTURE DECKS! This update means that novice and advanced duelists alike can build effective decks faster, which means a lot when you have trunks with well over 600 cards. I was happy to see how the new eHero Duel Passes work. Suffice to say that investing in one of these is VERY rewarding!

In essence, YGOO2 brings back all the things we loved in the original YGOO and much more. Admittedly, I did not like the cartoony, kiddyish approach at first only because I was afraid of running into lots of recipe-using fanboys but competition has been very diverse and people seem to be friendlier than ever. What’s even more beautiful about it all is that there is much more merging of different cultures. I’ve played tons of people from Japan, Sweden, Ireland, Brazil, and all over the world – YAY!

If you are a long-time fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh Anime and/or Manga, you’ll love the way they incorporated the latest GX series into the game. The look and feel of it all basically immerses you in a duel academy of your own. For more jaded or serious gamers, this may seem cheesy but, again, it really creates a strong community feeling. A big complaint has been that there is simply too much “overloading” of the duel areas but I haven’t seen room limits being even close to being maxed out. My guess is that people have not figured out how the sharding works just yet. Speaking of which, sharding seems to be used effectively hear, lessening server load and related performance issues. YAY again!

Now, there are plenty of great things to be said about the game. I do have some gripes. I’d like to see more extensive profile features as it’d really align well with the whole notion of creating your own unique character. A few more options for character modelling would be nice as well. Due to all the reality taken up by the characters during a duel, it’s harder to see the cards as they are layed out on the field. It can get annoying but, with some tweaks to the GUI, it’s not so bad. My biggest gripe right now is that the fonts that are being used are sometimes hard to read and the dirty talk filter is more annoying than ever. Apparently, “good” and “happy” are bad words. LOL… That being said, YGOO2 is both a great upgrade for long-time players and an awesome place to start your [online] dueling career. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution has been set up in such a manner that people can always duel within their abilities and avoid being overpowered by what I like to call cheese decks. That’s a HUGE plus in my book!

Konami, I’ll say it again: bless you all! =o]

7 Responses to “What’s New: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution – YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!”

  1. james said


  2. Yogizilla said

    “Hey.. Hey there, how you doin’?” –Peter Griffin

    Haha… Nice to see more people getting over comment anxiety and posting on here. I see you all looking about. Don’t be shy.. Get comfortable and interact with the rest of us. 8)

  3. antonio said

    yall cry if you dueled me im strong

  4. antonio said

    how is every one here:)

  5. aleale said

    How do u trade?

  6. lucas said


  7. Yogizilla said

    NEWS FLASH: For those that have been a bit out of the loop (like myself), YGOO 3 is here and all I can say is WOW. The addition of more NPC options and an in-game shop are HUGE. This installment creates a feeling of a more complete, immersive environment. Of course, you have the new synchro monsters, monster types, and tactical/support cards to add more depth to the gameplay. I am definitely stoked as this makes Yu-Gi-Oh! a lot more complex than snobbish Magic players may deny. YGOO is as much fun for the big boys as it is for the kids, folks. w3rd. 8)

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