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WARNING: Yu-Gi-Oh! Scams, Myths, and Free Duels

Posted by Yogizilla on March 8, 2007

We recently received several messages at YDP regarding people promising free duelpasses and free duels. Some folks have also asked me where to buy Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duelpasses. The response to Konami’s free duel lobby initiative has been tremendous as well. I have tackled a lot of the issues thereof but, just to revisit the core issues here, I’d like to issue a general scam warning and myth debunker.

First and foremost, Yu-Gi-Oh! Online no longer features a free duel lobby at the current point in time. This was a promotion and was meant to be temporary. We do not know if they have plans to bring it back as a seasonal feature or something available to new or low-level players only but, when we do get confirmation on this, we’ll let you all know. For now, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duelpass system has been made much more accessible and affordable so we hope it encourages more new players!

Some sites have promised free duelpasses or unrealistically-good discounts. I have scoured the Net myself both as a customer (before I became a Yu-Gi-Oh! reseller) and a business owner. I have yet to find huge price drops and steady supplies from a reliable business. All the sites promise freebies have been scams aimed at stealing passwords, installing spyware, or doing other malicious things to the systems of their visitors. Be wary of any promises of free duelpasses and the like – those are all SCAMS!

I received one particular comment recently which I had to delete due to the obscene content in it (we do have some younger folks in the audience, after all). The gentleman, we’ll call him “King Steve”, said that the selling of duelpasses is a scam (LOL). I’ll quote to make things more fun:

this is a dancing baby scam, its a childrens game, not to mention it says FREE on the website. I would copy and paste but convienently your site has disabled that option. NO ONE should be expected to pay hard earned cash for this wonderful chocolate bar

I substituted his foul language with random phrases, for your entertainment. I have to say that this is the first flame I have received since taking on the YDP-DPO project and I was wondering when it was coming – this is indeed a momentous occassion! I was going to send this gentleman a personal message, just because I am big on good PR and customer service, but you can tell that he is close-minded and will only respond with flames.

Instead, I am taking King Steve’s nasty message as an example of what ignorance set ablaze looks like (drugs are bad, mm’kay??). The truth is that I do not have any moderation settings set other than those that prompt me to approve messages that may be spam or have bad language in them. I copy and paste into WordPress blogs all the time. The greater issue here is the justification of paying to play for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online. Pay-to-play is pretty much the standard revenue model for online games; how else can companies maintain the game and keep delivering high-quality service? Servers, administrators, guides, programmers, graphic designers… This all costs money (and not Monopoly money, either).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is *not* free though you do receive free duel [points] upon sign-up and when there are special promotions. Our pricing is essentially determined by the market and what supply channels are available and, believe me, the profit to be made is not that significant as we just barely cover operational costs. Fortunately, we get enough volume to make it all worthwhile. The main reason we are here is because we love the game and we like making the connections we make every day. We’re not here to take advantage of anyone and get rich quick, which is what real scams aim to do.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is not for everyone and, unfortunately, Konami has done to their TCG what Nintendo has done for their console gaming systems: they have sent out the wrong marketing signals. There is a myth that has people thinking that Yu-Gi-Oh! is just for kids. The interesting thing about that notion is that the reality is quite the opposite. On Yu-Gi-Oh! Online, I’ve played against more 20 and 30-something’s than I have teenagers (at least since Konami’s upgrade to “Duel Evolution”). I’ve also personally converted many “grown-up” players to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG way by showing them that it is actually a deep game but, unfortunately, people do not give it a chance because of silly prejudices.

The beauty of this TCG is that anyone can play it but it takes a special something to be able to master the strategy of it all. I’ve found that many kids do not even play with the correct rules so I am not sure of the Konami target of ages 8-15 is really on-point since I don’t see many kids at the age of 8 or even 10 fully grasping the game (at least not without using recipes and structure decks). Of course, it all boils down to the level of intelligence, maturity, and competition that is required in any given scenario; all of these things vary from person to person, regardless of age. People need to keep in mind that suggested ages are just where the focus for marketing efforts lie but it doesn’t mean that a game can’t be fun for people of all ages.

I’ve seen some great relationships (kids playing with their parents, for example) started by this game and, sadly, the gaming snobs and elitists still try to ruin it for everyone else. Everyone has their opinion and are entitled to it but, really, the value in a game is purely subjective and can’t be proven right or wrong (something subjective cannot be objective). Personally, I think Yu-Gi-Oh! Online rocks and World of Warcraft is over-rated but I’d get many people disagreeing with me, which is fine. Opinions are always welcomed, just don’t be nasty about it, folks.

What cracks me up is how this guy makes it sound like playing online games will make you go broke (LOL x2). I hardly think that paying an occassional $5-20 will make anyone’s budget impossible to manage (even if you are unemployed and looking for work – been there, done that, bought a t-shirt). When you consider that the investment can last you two or three months, depending on how often you play the game, it really is worthwhile. Some people spend three times that much in one night to go to the local dive bar and have a few drinks. Others pay as much as $120 a month for a gym membership that they may only take advantage of five times a month. It all comes down to what you like to do to relax and have fun – no one can knock you for your personal preference (though King Steve may try). The beauty of the pricing model on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is that you only pay for the time you actually play. If that is too hard to grasp for people, I would say that they need to move to this magical world where everything is free and money is not needed… Yes, that was dripping with sarcasm and cynicism, just in case you missed that. *wink*

For the rest of us (the sane ones), I hope you found this information useful – GAME ON!


27 Responses to “WARNING: Yu-Gi-Oh! Scams, Myths, and Free Duels”

  1. Jacob said

    Hey its a good thing that yugioh has gone global an all. but sadly, the duelpass did not make it some countries. take my country for instance, Malaysia. where am I suppose to get the duelpasses? Get it online? I’am too young to have a credit card. please help me on this

  2. […] suppliers and, believe me, we appreciate the support; alas, we share our space with a lot of scammers, as we continue to warn our fellow gamers. For these very reasons, we are trying to connect with […]

  3. Brian said

    I am a 48 year old who loves the Yugioh game. My son got me interested. We play each other and go to local tournaments together. Been playing online for about a year now. Just wish they would catch up with the packs online.

  4. Astro Pheonix said

    Yugioh Online Rules ALL games!!!


  5. Astro Pheonix said

    G X

  6. cesar said

    lets duel

  7. Splat said

    Yugioh game is great. Just wanted to add my two cents but it is a great game which is under looked.

  8. LT said

    The game is great and I agree that “the beauty of the pricing model on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is that you only pay for the time you actually play” but this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good for people who play 4-5 duels a day max to relax. For huge fans that could be playing for hours though it’s discouraging.I don’t think that by setting a monthly fee it would be a problem for maintaining the game. It’s way better this way since people would enjoy the game a lot more , plus they won’t have the anxiety they have counting each duel.

    PS: Sorry for the large comment and for any mistakes I did , english isn’t my main language.

  9. shady said

    iam from egypt and i can’t buy duelpass and i can’t have a credit card because i’m too young to have one tell me what to do??

  10. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  11. megaMAN said

    what im i suppose to do to young to have a crdit card and i live in freaking jamaica HELP

    ps: being young is a wonderful piece of chocolate(lolx4)

  12. nEMO said

    plss make online duel game for duelers of yu-gi-oh

  13. renz urong said

    yugioh stinks if i pay to play this game it stinks you know i wish there are private servers for this and i can simply host this server with my self hahahahaa

  14. Kyubi said

    I got the same problem a lot of people have, I’m to young to have a credit card and where I’m from I cant purchase the duelpasses, can u give any advice? 😛 thx for your time

  15. sami said

    Hey Yogizilla,
    your words are simply wonderfull. yu-gi-oh is truly a game for everyone and should really be aimed more at ages 20 and above.
    But is paying for duelpasses really worth it ? How about providing some caculations, of how much a person needs to pay in cash, before he can actually enjoy the real part of the game? (with a more competitive cards than a normal 600 ATK 700 DEF monster )

    By the way, have you ever heard of Magic the gathering ? Yu-gi-oh is basically derived from that very game. The game itself can also be played online, however, you buy virtual cards, and not game passes. This means, that except for events like tournaments, you don’t have to pay for playing. Also IMHO a close examining of MTG against YGO I find that MTG is by far superior to YGO.

    I urge you, YogiZilla, to check out Magic the gathering. IDK if I’m allowed to put links here so just google for “Magic the gathering” (MTG), and “Magic the gathering Online” (MTGO).

    Who knows, maybe you’ll start selling magic cards as well 😉
    ***wishes really hard that Konami will switch soon to the same purchasing system as in MTGO***

    • Yogizilla said

      I find MTG enjoyable but prefer Yu-Gi-Oh! To me, they are both deep strategic games. MTG is hardly the first TCG but it is certainly the most popular. I’m sure other people have created the ideas behind Magic the Gathering but ideas get stolen all the time, sadly. It happens.

      I agree that Konami needs to adjust their subscription model. It’s a sore point with many of the fans out there. Heck, I’ve been attacked as if I am working for “the man” and harboring a vast stash of riches and resources.

      I’m a gamer, just like you guys, but I am also a game developer, webmaster, and entrepreneur. I realize that you need money to make money, especially if you offer something for free. The seed money has to come from somewhere, whether it’s venture capital, life savings, donations, or other sources.

      In any case, thank you so much for a rare articulate and kind comment. I know I’m late to respond but, with all the mess happening on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online, I was focusing on other things besides the Duel Pass Online site. I just didn’t want to be cannon fodder for the dismay many had with the big bad folks at Konami. LOL

  16. Airbuddylake said

    but i like in my town since we have hardly any Cheaters in Yugioh Trading but we just hate the online game since its no fun in Gunslinger i BET PRETTY SOON lately alot of people Will Stop Going to Gunslinger Because The Top 3 Reason

    #1 Cheater Decks
    #2 they get to about 3-6 then Lose they have to restart from back to 1 to get to 6 its really unfair
    Last Reason For #3 NO Fun I should just play with others friends its way better then Online Game Even know that we know for sure that Yugioh Online 2 is Still SCREWED up on some Cards we already know about but KDE Can Never Fix the Problem even we email them with screen pictures tell them the cards are Wrong and they never fix Errosr Bugs or any others bugs they Should just Shut Down Yugioh Online 2

    • Yogizilla said

      I never had problems with cheaters though it makes me wonder how some people always got the cards they needed.. I think there’s more to it than believing in the heart of the cards! Hmmm…

      I definitely think there are a lot of cheap decks out there but a well-rounded deck can beat anyone, so long as they’re not cheating. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online v3.0 and up seem to be going in the right direction. You’re right, though: if they don’t fix the bugs and exploits to make it fun for everyone, they might as well shut down or at least make it free to duel. 8)

      Don’t forget to visit our other pages and articles at https://duelpassonline.wordpress.com as we discuss more pleasant matters such as Anime, Manga, cute girls, and video games.. You know, the stuff that really matters to us video game geek types. =oP

  17. zZzZz... said

    how can i buy f i don’t have a master card or any visa cards…i want to play yugioh online but i can’t…because their is a duall pass that i can’t buy…can u help me to play the YUGIOH online???plzzzz


    hey if i live in jamaica how do i buy a duelpass online by using a bank accont

  19. pelon said

    what sux is thet i am 25 and i been playing seen h.s. and i just found this and i have to pay to play whats the point then, i am trying to teach my i think this would be better then using my cards.

    • Yogizilla said

      Yes, this is an ongoing theme here on DPO, which is why I’m glad we stopped selling Duel Passes long ago and shifted our focus onto other things. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online has made great strides. The game has made it easier to practice and test new deck builds. If you’re trying to introduce people to the game, now may be the best time! I wonder what plans Konami has for the online games going into 2012 and beyond…

  20. Angelus said


    First of all, i would like to say sorry if my spelling is somewhat bad.
    That`s because i`m from Serbia.

    Yu-gi-oh, IS a chileds game, but, You should look some other online games.
    Games like Combat arms, blackshot, Operation 7, Magic the gathering online, Poxnora……
    All those games are online, and payable. You can freely play them for free, and by winning, u get some sort of game points.
    With those, You can by basic stuff, and if You want to get some specials, like black market weapons in combat arms, u pay for THAT!!!
    That is how online games work.
    Magic the gathering online is a online trading card game witch you can pay and register to play, or you can play a free trial. With free trial, you can play as many times you want, but you don`t get any game points, you don`t compete in turnaments, but you can play for free.
    Try some of these games, and u`l understand what i`m talking about.
    I to don`t apruve profanity, but i must say that King Steve is somewhat right.
    And those stories that it hase to be that way ( to HAVE to pay just to play the game ) are nothing more than children`s bed time stories.

    • Yogizilla said

      I agree that Konami needs to adjust their online gaming model for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and they have made vast improvements. You made some good suggestions for alternatives but let’s not forget that free games, especially those Korean-based games, get hacked a lot. Tons of people lose their characters and, since they don’t make as much money to boot, they don’t care as much to help when it happens. As far as they are concerned, being robbed of something you got “for free” is a non-issue.

      I disagree about Yu-Gi-Oh! being only for kids. I enjoy it with my kids and mature duelists alike. Yu-Gi-Oh! is much deeper than most would think if you get past the immature fanboys and cartoon presentation. In fact, I still enjoy it more than MTG in spite of the silly stigma some try to propogate.

      In any case, I totally understand the dismay many have with YGOO but I don’t work for Konami. I don’t even sell Duel Passes anymore, though it made us good money. We used to even give Duel Passes for free for our top fans and supporters.

      Of course, the real issue here is that people want a free lunch. I don’t think it’s fair to be so harsh on the game and/or paying for it when the rest of us do. Like you said, if you want free, there are other places to go. It’s all together a moot point… Meh. -_-

  21. ^.^ said

    “Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is *not* free though you do receive free duel [points] upon sign-up”

    umm…yeah… no you don’t, i signed up last week and got what:

    Nada, nothing no DP.

    • Yogizilla said

      Well, that sucks. That was one of the incentives to trying out the game. Konami better step their game up!

      Oh well, if you want some DP on-the-cheap, check out DuelPasses.com and give the promo discount code “dponline” a whirl. Happy dueling and thanks for stopping by DPO! ^_^

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