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The 25K Campaign: Now You Can Make Yu-Gi-Oh! More Popular

Posted by Yogizilla on March 14, 2007

The other day I decided it had been a while since I ran some extensive web analytics and I must say that I am pleased to see that sites I maintain, contribute to, and support all dominate the top of the search results.  Looking at the numbers and seeing the interest in the game grow right before my eyes (the truth is in the pudding, after all) really inspired me. Aside from making me want to duel more, it makes me want to continue my work as a sort of Yu-Gi-Oh! Online evangelist. Spread the good news of Yu-Gi-Oh, my brothers and sisters – spread it far and wide!

I know this sounds like a journal entry and, for the most part it is, but it is also a call to duty. Your call to duty is this: spread the word about this blog to everyone you know and everyone they know. Our blog does not have ads and is completely pure (the way a blog should be, IMHO). The only profit we stand to make is just making the Yu-Gi-Oh! community that much stronger. Sure, it’ll help if people click through to partner sites but sales conversions over blogs is hardly a viable strategy. I can sincerely say that we are campaigning for the good of Yu-Gi-Oh! here, not mere personal profit; the more traffic we get, the more exposure the game gets.  A major portion of our traffic comes from keyword searches that aren’t even specific to Yu-Gi-Oh! sometimes.  As a result, I am adding more tags here as we speak!

It’s funny but, when we first started this blog, it was meant to be a sales support channel for DPO then, when YDP and DPO merged, it evolved naturally. People started to give us great response about our unique perspective on the game and they liked our friendly approach to things. If you go to sites like TCGplayer.com, they have more of the typical elitist writers. If you aren’t winning well-known tournaments, you can’t even be their friends (good luck getting an e-mail response from them too). We’re trying to keep the snobbery out of the game and making the Yu-Gi-Oh! community more inviting because, to the non-dueling world, we are mostly disgruntled, anti-social nerds yet it is VERY much about the social interaction, the gathering, to us at YDP-DPO and many people we know!

With the recent chain of card bans, I believe Konami has leveled out the playing field. Now is probably one of the best times to get into the game as the over-powered decks have been nerfed, (gimped, if you prefer). People are crying about losing Breaker, Monster Reborn, and other deck staples. Let’s not forget the limitations on cards that were being stacked effectively and making some decks virtually unstoppable. Some duelists are one-trick dogs and are leaving the game for silly reasons. Meanwhile, the new gamers are coming in and loving the game because they are not pre-disposed to any single strategy or recipes. The introduction of the Dark World and Elemental Energy cards alone has made Yu-Gi-Oh! Online a much richer experience, with over 600 cards added to an already-diverse card offering.

Here is my challenge to everyone: The DPOB 25K Campaign. What the heck is that, you ask? It’s the The Duel Pass ONLINE 25K Campaign; that is, our effort to hit 25K clicks by the end of April. How can you help? You can…

– Spread our blog highlights via word of mouth, especially offline.
Tag your favorite pages using StumbleUpon and popular tags (i.e. duelpass, yugioh online, yugioh game).
Link to us from your most-travelled pages using descriptive, full-text links and/or banners (contact me for tips).
Identify sites that have the type of friendly, unique content that we can feature on our own sites.
– Identify us as subject matter experts during related discussions, blogging, and the like.
– Connect us with cool, friendly people that have specific areas of expertise and may be interested in guest blogging.
Bookmark us on sites such as Technorati and De.licio.us – again, related tags and keyword density is huge!
– Get our best articles on the frontpages by using bump-up tools, specifically Digg or Reddit (this works REALLY well alongside active StumbleUpon and De.licio.us tagging).
Point us to your own content so that we may do reviews, syndication, site features, and other cross-promotion.
– Go outside and dance in the streets while singing about how cool our blog is (J/K).
Submit our site for consideration in award and listing sites. I’ll gladly post up badges if they come our way!

With our blog hits being at over 18K right now, 25K is not that far away. We have literally hundreds of hits every day and the number is growing steadily. We have a nice balance of returning visitors and unique visitors as well. I’m working hard to attract people with some topics that are searched for but not really touched upon, in general. Some of my sources include direct e-mail, Yahoo! Answers, and countless Yu-Gi-Oh! forums. In all the hustle-and-bustle, I know I may miss a lot of stuff so don’t be shy and drop me a line.

Keep your eyes peeled for YGO-DPO cross-promotion efforts. I plan to be a guest writer on other sites and have already received some invites/offers (thanks for the vote of confidence, folks). Over the past 9 or 10 years, the name “Yogizilla” has received some notoriety. I remain humble, dueling amongst tight circles of friends, online gamers, and supporting small local tournaments when my schedule allows for it. Everyone pretty much just knows me as “Yogi” and, apparently, I have a little group of fans that follow me around from site to site. Nifty. If I can bring some good sites extra traffic, it’d be my pleasure. Blogging is totally a way of giving back to the community and I hope that, by doing this PR move, I can encourage others to write for my blogs too. It’s a win-win situation!

One of my big partners right now is Yu-Gi-Oh! World. He has been very responsive, approachable, and humble even though his site is a marketing beat for the Yu-Gi-Oh! machine we are trying to drive. This is totally a FCBC (for the community, by the community) effort so we need your hand to make the 25K goal a reality. If you like stats, you can keep up with our success by running stats at Compete.com and Text Link Ads. You’ll notice a direct correlation between the amount of links, keyword popularity + density, effectiveness of headlines, and the overall popularity of the sites. There are many key indicators to look out for so tell me what y’all find. For those of you that maintain your own humble little sites, perhaps you can learn from our successes (and failures). Like I said, we’ve kept content free of hype, bandwagon content, and buzzword-packing for the most part yet readership continues to grow. We must be doing something right so now it’s time to do more of it and, this time, deliberately. It helps that I have my own marketing/design firm that specializes in online marketing, buzz marketing via social media/content, and the ubiquitous SEO/SEM. *wink*

Again, let me reiterate that hitting the 25K milestone in April can only happen with your help. You guys make it happen! If you promote us actively, please e-mail me your testimonials, anecdotes, and the like so that I can feature them on our blog as well. For those that really want to actively help out, consider becoming part of our street team. We have a few guys that unofficially spread the word out about the site and we are very thankful for them. There’s no cash compensation but there are perks here and there. What kind of perks? We’ll figure that out but the immediate goal is to show people that Yu-Gi-Oh! is an awesome game (and just as respectable and strategic as MTG)!!


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