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Duel School: How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh!

Posted by Yogizilla on March 15, 2007

It took a little while longer than I had hoped but I finally completed the Duel School page, which will be a great resource for new (yes, learn how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! on this new page) and casual duelists alike. Heck, this approach to dueling may give even old school Yu-Gi-Oh! players a fresh, new perspective. I personally hope it helps debunk some of the myths of the game while showing people that the game is easy to learn, fun to play, and good for anyone that likes TCG’s or strategic games in general. I always say this: Yu-Gi-Oh! is a game that can be easily learned yet offers enough complexity for even the most advanced gaming strategists.

I enjoyed putting together this information though, I must admit, WordPress was being very naughty. I almost lost all my work somehow and then the formatting was stripped out of everything. I will be polishing up the page a bit and hopefully citing more external resources to help you with your homework. Speaking of homework, I will also be finding ways to tie in the Duel Challenges page to give all of you out there a fresh new way to learn and re-learn the game. I think everyone could stand to learn more by returning to the basics, really!

As part of the launch of this major new section, I am asking folks in the gaming community to guest blog for us, help us collect Yu-Gi-Oh! resources, and share any feedback you may have. Promoting our efforts definitely goes a long way! Perhaps if we all work a little bit here and there, on a consistent basis, we can hit the 25K mark by the end of this month and set a more aggressive goal for next month. At this rate, I think we can very well do it.

All I know is that all this fun stuff has caught my partner-in-crime’s eye so hopefully Ugocean will grace us with his presence. He’s been terribly busy with back-end stuff and some other projects we have going on. We’ve pretty much decided that anything that is PR, customer service, or content-related is my department. He’s enjoying his time with servers, analytics, PHP, and a guy named Jobi. We love you Ugocean!

Thanks to all of you that have sent me e-mail messages and comments here on WordPress, MySpace, and other places. Some of you have requested training so I hope our duel school gives you a good place to start. If you want to set up an online meetup, your best bet is e-mailing me or using our challenges area. Don’t be shy: I love receiving and responding to messages, so long as they are nice and not mere spam! I am looking forward to your response on this initiative and the other goodies we are working on. Good times, good times… =o)

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25 Responses to “Duel School: How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh!”

  1. DynastyX said

    i have looked all over the web to figure out whats rong with my game ive played 26 duels and won 24 i just cant seem to level up for the life of me… is it because i used a duel key and got all them radom cards? i wanna fight in the tournament and stop dueling people with 1000 atk power 4 stars as there strongest monsters. Please help me…

  2. Yogizilla said

    DynastyX, you are not alone in your grief. I can honestly say, avoiding cliches as much as possible, that the cards alone will not make you a good duelist. Quite a few Yu-Gi-Oh! players rely on having the best cards but, if you look at the game that way, you will never learn the skills that really put you ahead of the rest.

    You’re definitely on-point about people using these deceptively-weak monsters to destroy their competition. If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone use Injection Fairy Lily, Spirit Reaper, or Marshmallon alone, I’d be filthy rich. Sounds like you may be realizing that old methods like Trap Hole and Bottomless Trap Hole are not as effective any more.

    My recommendation is this: start packing in the spell and trap cards (focus more on spell cards since trap cards can be easily countered and are less useful when drawn “out of sequence”) that allow you to either immobilize these cards or take control of them. I find that simply destroying the monster is not enough as people will often resurrect them. What better way to fight a cheesy duelist than to use his or her methods against them? The answer is that there is no better way short of trying to over-power them in return, which is risky.

    Don’t worry about your stats so much. The levelling system is pretty dynamic in that there are not preset level requirements but, rather, you are compared against other duelists. Those with more experience under their belt tend to level up faster, in spite of their win-loss ratio. You may also want to note that levels are not updated until the next gaming day starts in Japan, since that is really the central hub of this game.

    Just stay focused, check back with us often, and don’t be afraid to try out new techniques. Duelists that experiment and try unique combos will often have the slight edge needed to beat those that subscribe to the cookie-cutter deck builds. 8)

  3. DynastyX said

    thanks alot for your help if its worth anything i won my first 10 matches with the starter deck it came with and then i got the Duel pass i love the game i was just upset that i couldnt duel some new people in that tournament. as for the leveling thing you were right about the wait a day thing i got to level 3 in fact now, thanks a bunch for your help.

  4. Jay Que said

    i have no1 2 duel and i realy want 2 duel alot more people. please add me 2 MSN so we can text duel! jquinn8_@hotmail.com

  5. Jay Que said

    i can also never find any dueling tournaments near me in ireland and i have never been in a tournament be4! and could u help me find people i can text duel!

  6. falasha said

    i just want to win

  7. falasha said

    please show me how to play

  8. punit said

    i want to play yugioh games

  9. jeffrey said

    add me to text duel cool.asian@hotmail.com no making up strong cards that you don’t really have in your deck.

  10. lijono said

    i love what you say

  11. lijono said

    i want to play yu-gi-oh

  12. ashwin said

    i never played bfore please find me someone in auckland kohia terrace school KTS

  13. Lijono said

    i will play with you

  14. Lijono said

    i will play with you! and good luck playing me.

  15. sawyer said

    I dont want to be bragy but im the BEST in my whole town and now there stoping local tournaments wich means ill have no one to dule! 😦 what do i do?

  16. sawyer said

    if u wish to dule i live in Louisburg Kansas and my email is masteryoyo28@aol.com

  17. tom said

    were can i find online dueling

  18. jade said

    what happens if you do not have eny monster cards?

  19. jerm said

    i love this game

  20. samira said

    I relly want to play

  21. Marley said

    i want to play

  22. jasmine said

    chazz it up and go and win

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