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Toonami’s Anniversary and Anime Fun – Miyazaki Returns!!

Posted by Yogizilla on March 18, 2007

I have a fun little piece on Toonami’s 10-year Anniversary on my personal blog. I know that many of you out there are Anime and Manga fans so you may want to check out the re-airing of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away on Cartoon Network, which is part of the anniversary celebration. Saturday, March 31st, is the day that you want to mark on your calendar if anything Anime appeals to you. Disney saw the mass appeal in this film and even started to sell it through their vast distribution network. It’s definitely worthwhile. The animation is beautiful and the characters really grab you.

StompTokyo.com - Spirited Away Screenshot

I look at a lot of Miyazaki‘s work as a mental adventure. His stories have a sort of fable-like feel to them and are often surrealistic. It reminds me of the many great iterations of classics like Alice in Wonderland or Hansel & Gretel. The viewing experience is very immersive, a joy to the senses. You can almost smell the scents of every story and feel the unique textures of his artificial-yet-pervasive worlds.

Spirited Away - Flying - WHEEEEEEEEEE!

I plan to support the March 31st airing of Spirited Away as it never grows old for me. Each time I watch it, it is as if it is for the first time. Whether you are young or old, it’s got a great story to share at several levels. It’s about friendships, being adventurous, kindness, courage, environmentalism, parenting, and more. If you compare this to Princess Mononoke, the symbolism is a lot more subtle, adding to the classy, artsy nature of this film. It’s a real treat.

I would wholeheartedly recommend families to watch this one together. Hayao Miyazaki is considered to be a strong traditionalist so family values definitely show in his work. Not to get all sappy on you but it’s really that sort of film. It’s a wholesome yet entertaining; amazingly, this story teaches lessons without being cheesy for a single second. At the very least, even the most jaded viewers have to admit that it is a feast for the eyes to consume – ENJOY!


3 Responses to “Toonami’s Anniversary and Anime Fun – Miyazaki Returns!!”

  1. Govvy said

    I have seen Spirited Away a few months ago now and I really enjoyed it. I found it most entertaining. For I love films that tend to be more than one dimensional and this one was one of those films where I felt as if I was being taken on an adventure. Something that hasn’t happened in a hell of a long time. You don’t really get these type of films any more. I just wish there would be more films that take you on adventures like this.

    Sadly the last film I saw was Curse of the Yellow Flower, which I wrote about on my blog and I really didn’t like the final product. But hey, I hope the films that come out later in the year are fun. 🙂

  2. jessica bowyer said

    hey!im frum SA[south africa]so it took awhile 4 spirted away 2 be shown here but when i did see it da first time… i cryed!!i admit though that i got 2 watch it totally by accident,i was skipping through the movie channels when i saw it,i luv anything animated so i started watching and fell in luv!!!!it was soo gutrenching it hert,ive even made my family watch it and not one of them are anime fans so it was a mission,but when i finally got them 2 watch it they had the same reaction!my only question is…is that it? does it just end there cause i would luv 2 see a spirted away 2.luvies frum SAs arch angel

  3. wade henagar said

    spirited away was an absolute masterpiece i beleive the miyazaki adds a bit of realism to it such as in the seen wher gihiro is putting her shoes on most people woulnd thave talken the time to visualize her making sure her shoes were nice and tight. also miyazaki made spirited away seem fake so to say to adults but made it feel real to younger viewers

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