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Assorted Flavors: Our Web Site Move, Paying By Check, and More!

Posted by Yogizilla on April 5, 2007

Hello all! I have a few assorted updates so get ready…

First and foremost, I have to say that I like the crazy programming Cartoon Network has been doing lately. They followed up Miyazaki’s Spirited Away with a marathon of Perfect Hair Forever, one of the most pointless yet strangely entertaining shows EVER! For our older viewers out there, it features lots of adult inuendo to keep even the biggest deviants happy. LOL… Anywho, what’s up with the new Tom on Toonami? I see lots of people out there searching for information about the recent changes. I can’t say I am a fan personally but it’s cool that he has a whole crew now; I mean, life in outer space would be lonely otherwise!

In other news, we are moving our web site to new servers so there may be some interruption and delay in product delivery. Those that ordered anything this week should be more affected than those that placed orders in previous weeks. We’re working around the clock to get things fixed up so be patient, folks! If you can’t reach us via e-mail, I check our blog much more often now so feel free to use this.

Illiteracy spreads throughout America!

So it seems illiteracy is spreading like wildfire, as the above cartoon depicts. We have received a few checks that are not made out to the right people and, as such, we cannot do anything with them. Please read instructions carefully as it’ll save you time in the long run. If you pay by check or money order, please be sure to make it out to:

Yomar Lopez
P.O. Box 994
New York, NY 10018

The reason it is made out to this individual (that’s me, actually) and not the business is because, as we have mentioned in our FAQ and other communications, we are a small business and, as such, must do everything to keep spending down. Even with us handling a major portion (easily 50% internationally) of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online business that Konami does not take on directly, sales revenue is not enough to spend money unnecessarily in things such as incorporating, getting bank accounts with additional fees attached, and doing other things that can result in increased cost passed on to you, our customers. We try to keep things simple so we can invest on our money on stocking up, maintaining our sites, and delivering more value to our loyal customers.

If you send or have sent a check or money order (M/O is definitely preferred since they clear faster than personal checks and present far less problems) to us, be sure to write us an e-mail so we can keep an eye out. If you give us more details such as when you sent it, what kind of check it is, what the amount is, and the order numbers that related to the payment, we can provide faster turn-around and be more proactive. We really advise against personal checks or mailing of payment as a whole because things do get lost in the mail. Apparently, it is also very difficult to write a legible address so a major portion of mailed payments never reach us.

I’d like to keep checks and money orders open as payment options so let’s make our lives easier. Be sure to keep us in the loop and follow these simple instructions. We want to serve you better but it can only happen if you help us help you! Thanks. =o)

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