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Can I Has Cheezburger? Yu-Gi-Oh Championship 2007?? We hit 25K hits!!

Posted by Yogizilla on May 3, 2007

!!  ...   =^o^=

Does the image show my excitement? I would hope so! I figured we were due for a nice little update. First and foremost, we hit and exceeded the 25K hits mark last month on this blog, thanks to you guys. I appreciate all your recent comments and support. We’re still looking for reliable vendors to help us keep steady supply chains going and serve our customers as we always have: in a timely, down-to-earth manner! With the added exposure, we’re beginning to develop new affiliations and partnerships, which is always fun stuff! I think our next milestone will be trying to double that.

If you would like me to guest blog on your site, drop me a line. I am big on the geek underground, cult gaming, indy projects, consumer advocacy, and all sorts of random stuff, as you can see by visiting my work at The Smooth DJ and my personal blog, right here on WordPress. We’ll gladly cross-promote sites that have natural segways with our happy little Yu-Gi-Oh community.

So, who here has played the new Nintendo DS Yu-Gi-Oh game? I got a chance to play and, I tell you, the only reason I have not purchased a copy for myself is because it is quite addicting and I think Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is enough for me right now. The features are definitely worth buying it. The game has 3D graphics, full character/avatar customization, and over 1600 new cards, including your favorite GX Series cards! Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007 is probably the most complete and worthwhile installment for those of you out there that, like me, have purchased every Yu-Gi-Oh game under the sun, including the “stand-alone” PC versions.

If not for any other reason, you should get the new Yu-Gi-Oh! for Nintendo DS for the Wi-Fi play, allowing you to duel anyone in the world for FREE. The dynamics of the DS game versus Yu-Gi-Oh! Online are definitely different so it’s worth it playing both side-by-side, especially if you consider yourself a hardcore duelists and true fan. If you guys get the game, reply to this thread with your friend codes. I will probably get a Nintendo DS Friend Code List page going too for other games so let me know if that interests you guys!

On a completely different note, you guys have to check out ICanHasCheezburger – it is up there with Engrish.com and your typical, poorly-translated Anime. Pretty funny stuff. It’s a pretty underground site, which aligns well with Yu-Gi-Oh because, as much as it has a cult following, it is still not widely-known or at least not experienced first-hand!

Kitty is fascinated!

The site has a random collection of Engrish, oddities, and weird pictures that should, at the very least, make you chuckle. If you are an extreme grammar Nazi, you’ll either go into convulsions or laugh your arse off! This site has a bit of a fetish for cats, it seems, but I can’t deny it: I think cats are pretty darn cool! To think that people believe our feral friends lack in personality. Pffft… These are the same people that make baseless assumptions about Yu-Gi-Oh!, saying it is purely for kids. Such ignorance!

Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh! and fun for the family, I got some nice messages and comments about parents playing the game with their kids. I love hearing about that stuff and it just goes to show you that it’s the kind of game that anyone can get into. As you play it more, you unlock different levels of complexity. Most people blindly play and discover things by way of trial-by-fire, which is fine, but, if you have a strategic mind like me and my cohorts, you may appreciate the depth that this deceptively simple TCG provides.

Honestly, I find that Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, in any flavor, gets a bad wrap. This is a hot button item for me that I always seem to revisit but I just want to say to everyone: just try the game out. There are ways to play it for free. Play a few rounds, allow yourself to get good cards and grasp the core mechanics, if you are not even slightly entertained, that’s fine, but I will stick by this: if you like thinking games, Yu-Gi-Oh! is definitely up there!

Again, thanks to everyone for the awesome comments. Keep them coming! I’m sorry to those that really want to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and can’t seem to get the money for it. I stick by what I say: if there is a will, there is a way! At age of 12, I found ways to pay for my own stuff by doing chores, errands, and part-time jobs. If you love the game, the sacrifice shouldn’t feel like that much of a burden! =oP

Rock on guys and gals!!

Giant bunny returns!


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