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Coming Attractions: Spellcaster Deck, Pokemon Pearl, Yu-Gi-Oh Championship, and YDP-DPO Customer Perks

Posted by Yogizilla on May 12, 2007

If you haven’t been very active on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online you may have missed the release of yet another awesome themed duelpass. The Spellcasters Union Deck seems to be yet another response to the growing demand of the community. The E-Hero Deck was a huge success and I can see this deck being an even bigger success. While the previous duelpass deck provided an experience for the newer duelists and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fans, this deck promises to offer more old-school flavors, fused with some newer cards.

Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl - Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Screenshot

Dark Magician and the girl of similar title.. Now THAT'S kicking it old-school!

If you are a big fan of Yami Yugi’s style of dueling, this new theme deck will definitely be a nice addition to your trunk. Like the previous E-Hero Deck, this duelpass gives you an entire deck (in much the same manner Structure Decks offer duelists vital cores for their recipes) upon first use. Each additional duelpass, if you can get your hands on more than one, gives you additional cards in the series…

First Use:

  • Dark Magician
  • Gemini Elf
  • Apprentice Magician x2
  • Breaker the Magical Warrior
  • Chaos Command Magician
  • Copycat
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Dark Magician of Chaos
  • Element Magician
  • Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
  • Magician of Faith
  • Masked Sorcerer
  • Old Vindictive Magician x2
  • Royal Magical Library
  • Skilled Dark Magician x2
  • Book of Moon
  • Dark Magic Attack
  • Dark Magic Curtain
  • Dedication through Light and Darkness
  • Diffusion Wave-Motion
  • Enchanted Arrow
  • Graceful Charity
  • Mage Power
  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Nobleman of Crossout
  • Premature Burial
  • Serial Spell
  • Spell Reproduction
  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Thousand Knives
  • Call of the Haunted
  • Magic Cylinder
  • Magic Jammer
  • Mirror Force
  • Ready for Intercepting
  • Solemn Judgement
  • Tower of Babel

Sequential Use:

  • Dark Magician
  • D.D. Assailant
  • Dark Eradicator Warlock
  • Excavation of Mage stones
  • Magical Dimension
  • Shrink

Dark Magician of Chaos

For the time being, the Spellcasters Union Deck is on backorder. Not even the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Online site says anything about it so check back with us. Due to the huge demand, there is no waiting list so, if you really want this hot item, leave your deposit (full payment only) and we’ll deliver on a first come first serve basis. I know this sort of thing makes some people apprehensive but we are probably the most reliable online supplier for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online goods – just ask around and you’ll see!

My personal favorites from this set include Element Magician, Copycat, Enchanted Arrow, Book of Moon, Mirror Force, and Kycoo the Destroyer. Magic Cylinder and Magic Jammer, as always, are great staples for most decks/recipes so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. On the flip side, I am not huge on Fusion Monsters but the E-Hero Deck definitely made me feel differently. Ever since the GX series of cards came out and, heck, even the last monsters, the introduction of various new Fusion/Union monsters made me a believer once again. Before such cards were introduced, Fusion Monsters often lacked the damage-dealing and game-saving effects that made the sacrifice worthwhile. Now, there are many cards that make it less taxing to employ a strategy revolving fusion. I still lean more towards spellcasters – warriors and spellcasters are seksy together – but, honestly, I’d get both themed duelpasses.  Perhaps I may be a bit biased but that’s what I recommend – if you purcahse them, you know where to come! *wink*

In other news, those that read our blog often know that I was struggling with the debate of whether or not I should get the new Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship for DS, seeing how I have played about all the YGO games ever made. I have decided that it’s time to spoil myself, especially since it was my birthday recently, so I got the game along with Pokemon Pearl and Brain Boost: Beta Wave. I must say that I am very happy with all my purchases. My joy is so great that I am going to review both the new Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon right here on the DPO blog! Our partners over at Yugioh-World.com are excited as well, seeing how their main guy is a big fan of both games – just like yours truly!! =oD

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - w00t!!!

For those that belly ache about not having money or not being able to pay for online play, this game is the solution for you. I mean, I think it’s weak sauce that some people beg for freebies considering I had a job when I was like ten years old. My father made me work hard for a meager $5 and, if I was lucky, $10. Anywho, Yugioh-Land.com has one of the best assortments of Yu-Gi-Oh! goods on all of the web. I’ve ordered from them and have been very happy.  If you’re looking for a deal, go to them – tell them Yogi sent ya’!

Interestingly enough, Yugioh-Land also seems to be the only place that has a real deal for the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! games on the DS. I was able to get Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 for $19.99 (USD)…


It seems too good to be true, right? Well, there is a “catch” (if you can call it that): you do not get the usual Limited Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards that are usually packed in. To me, this was not a big deal since I do not keep up with my TCG collection much these days. They come out with too many new boosters and it becomes hard, and expensive, to keep up. This means you cannot enter the codes/passwords for these cards to add them to your deck but, believe me, you don’t need them. The Starter Deck you get in the game is actually really good, which is refreshing for a guy like me. I recall many Yu-Gi-Oh! games (on the Game Boy, XBox, and PC mainly) that started you off with really cheesy cards while you battled people that had super-duper strong monsters and spell/trap cards. In this installment, your edge will be strategic as the playing field is a lot more level and fair.

I will review the Nintendo DS games more in-depth this week but, for now, let me say a few things. Pokemon Pearl/Diamond and Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 are probably the most noteworthy installments in their respective series. I know in both franchises we have seen a lot of rehashed content but these games are quite unique. The improvements are far more than just cosmetic changes. Yu-Gi-Oh! WC 2K7, for example, offers many Wi-Fi play options, complete character customization, user/newbie-friendly features, duelist/duel style analysis, and so much more. It really helps bridge the gap between novice and advanced duelists while welcoming new players as well, which is very rare.

Parukia pwnz j00!!!

Pokemon Pearl, on a similar note, was also written off as “just another game in the series” by many reviewers. Even if you put aside the many wireless features, the fact that the UI (User Interface) has been fixed up greatly alone is significant. I read some reviews that made it seem like the graphics were the same yet there is an obvious difference between Pokemon Pearl/Diamond and the predecessors. The graphics are 3D and not that isometric, pseudo-3D stuff either! Aesthetics are often over-rated but, in this game, it’s nice seeing that they kept the core mechanics in tact while adding a lot more depth to this installment and updating the stylistic components. I particularly like the fact that there are a lot more doubles, as opposed to the usual one-on-one duels.

Like I said, I am very happy with my purchases. In fact, I am about to play both games some right now in the comfort of my bed while I have the AC blasting. Yes, I feel like being a fat, lazy bastard. LOL… Seriously, the games are worth it. If you get them, leave your friend codes on here on this article to share with all. We’ll get a Nintendo DS Friend Code List going once we get enough of them here.

For those that keep asking for free duelpasses and customer perks, we will have something coming soon. We’re working on some cross-promotions with other Yu-Gi-Oh! sites so, if all goes well, there will be some discounts and maybe even freebies. In the meantime, I just pointed you guys to a site with some really great deals so, if you are a penny pincher, check it out. Stay tuned for more on my DS sexy time party!

P.S. Due to the large number of spam messages I get, including incessant requests for free duelpasses, I will only reply to messages that have a descriptive subject line. Using “hello”, “hi”, or anything of the sort is not descriptive and may get overlooked. Sorry about this but, if you got hundreds of messages with people asking for freebies or trying to scam you, you’d delete messages very liberally as well. Let me know you are a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, at least, and I will certainly hear you out – I am a fan too! =oD

7 Responses to “Coming Attractions: Spellcaster Deck, Pokemon Pearl, Yu-Gi-Oh Championship, and YDP-DPO Customer Perks”

  1. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  2. Crystal-beats Diamond Gryphon said

    what the Fu…Fudge lol… is this for real? will be this theme deck released? omg i was almost houddini with the spellcaster judgement deck.. but i wanna know if this new spellcaster deck will be released or not.. any information e-mail me please..

  3. Eric said

    hi my name is eric and i was wondern that why dont you guys make yu gi oh for the ds 3d game bc i am a bigers fan of yu gi oh

    • Yogizilla said

      Hi Eric!

      That would be a question best directed at Nintendo and/or Konami. We only support online Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay, but we do not design the games.. Perhaps in the future we can make an unofficial web-based duel system. It’s been in our plans for quite some time but that sort of project takes quite a bit of resources and support.

      Hope that steers you into the right direction, Eric! =o)

      • Eric said

        So will you guys will make it for the ds 3d game for all the systems

      • Yogizilla said

        We have no control over that but I imagine a 3D game should be in the works. Then again, Pokemon Black/White was not released as a 3D game so it makes you wonder. Usually, developers will meet a need if the demand is there.

        Just a heads-up: we are not the developers of any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! games.. We are fans just like you guys and gals. 8)

  4. wedding magician…

    […]Coming Attractions: Spellcaster Deck, Pokemon Pearl, Yu-Gi-Oh Championship, and YDP-DPO Customer Perks « Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Pass ONLINE (An NoF Portal)[…]…

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