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Cleaning Up Shop – Not Interested In Bumburbia – Relevant Comments FTW!

Posted by Yogizilla on April 14, 2011

I’ve noticed a lot of comments that are either copy-and-paste self-promoting junk or full of foul language. Let’s keep things relevant. Post about Anime, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and/or video games. If I didn’t approve your comments, it’s probably cause it seemed spammy or inappropriate.

That said, I appreciate all the cool comments and I’m trying hard to reply to everyone. Just a heads-up: I don’t do Skype or webcam duels. If you want to duel, challenge me via Yu-Gi-Oh! Online (PC) or Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels (XBox 360). I’m always up for a friendly duel if work is not keeping me busy or I’m not distracted by XBox LIVE or the massive Netflix Anime Instant Play Collection.

I’ve said it before but I promise to expand the Card Showcase and do a HUGE Yu-Gi-Oh! Box Buster so be patient. I’m a very busy bear-lizard. Please leave a good comment and maybe you’ll win some Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Pokemon goodies.

Speaking of which, I still got some Pokemon goodies for interested parties. It’s pretty rare stuff so these won’t be freebies. Tweet me if interested. Add Yogizilla and NipplesOfFate, my gaming clan, on Twitter then message me to qualify! Be sure to share DPO with friends and like/link your favorite content on here! 8)

Read on for my blogging anti-spam tips!Is anyone still getting spammed with “what is bumburbia” on their blog? It seems it was a failed attempted at SEO black hat promotion for Bumburbia, a supposed Russian rock group or something, or just an attempt for spammers to get whitelisted. My #1 rule in spam protection: delete messages that are questionable and flag messages as spam if they are clearly self-promoting, unrelated, or just plain repetitive.

By now everyone knows Akismet is a must for spam protection. My partner in crime and fellow N-o-F, JulioFromNY, uses ReCaptcha only on initial posts. I think this is smart because you don’t inconvenience your readers while adding another layer of security.

In general, I’ll approve comments and reply to messages that show genuine interest and relevancy to the subject matter at hand. If it seems pre-canned or generic, it probably is a gateway for more spam. Block it.

On the flip side, I’m all for promoting stuff on other blogs but you have to be natural about it. People will generally click your name and follow your links if you have something really good to say. Some blogs allow specific HTML tags but don’t abuse it. Links should provide value to the content you are responding to and not present a conflict of interest.

As such, if you post a comment dedicated to a specific video game, it may not be wise to promote other video games. If you must do so, be polite about it and try to build rapport first. HINT: readers that subscribe to feeds, create backlinks, and vote for content get VIP treatment.

In short, relevant comments make a blogger’s work truly rewarding. Spam makes us sad. Always match the tone and content of your target page or site before commenting. If your comment rocks, discussions will follow and everyone will be more open to what you want to share. The End.

One Response to “Cleaning Up Shop – Not Interested In Bumburbia – Relevant Comments FTW!”

  1. Ya im RARELY approving comments unless there by you or julio LOL not family friendly i want to get back into TCGing but im looking to get back into MTG mainly cause the shop near me has MTG nights

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