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Bad Apple Videos And More – I’m Turning Japanese (I Really Think So)

Posted by Yogizilla on July 19, 2011

Internet memes and trends disappear as fast as they hit critical mass…  But some linger around, usually due to very avid fanfare or what some may call micro-niche marketing.  Regardless, most of these fads do not catch my attention until the popularity already fizzled out, if at all.  Once in a while, something DOES catch my attention and I get to say I am one of the few in my social circle that knows about it.

Bad Apple is one such Internet meme.

Lost yet?  I suspect so, unless you’re more fluent in Japanese than I am.  When I first stumbled upon this, I asked around to see what all the commotion was about.  Most people on YouTube gave me very generic replies so I figured I’d rely on my good buddy, Google, which took me in soooo many different directions…

Along the way, I learned how to dance.

So, you may still be asking yourself, “WTF?”

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, like most Internet memes, it’s mainly just for fun and arguably pointless, but my research turned up a whole slew of neat fan (and dance) videos.  Here’s another one.  I recommend you watch the guy on the left in the mask and baggy pants.  He’s pretty BEASTLY.

To appreciate the “Bad Apple Movement”, you have to know a bit about Japanese culture.  It turns out that “Bad Apple” is a song made using the vocal synthesizer software called Hatsune Miku, affectionately called Vocaloid.  Wow..  Just how far does this rabbit hole go??  I mean, now I’m uncovering all these cool cosplay images.



”]”]Sexy Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid - Cosplay - By Aira - My Anime GirlsAs you can see, my search for answers turned up some interesting stuff.. Yet I still did not know the origin of Bad Apple, and even the JGeeks on YouTube and other communities seemed pretty clueless. d’oh

JG-Nico-Nico-Douga [Courtesy of JGeeks.com]Finally, I found out that Nico-Nico Douga was not a band.  Nico-Nico Douga quite literally means “Smile Videos” in Japanese.  Thus, it is a web site where videos like the ones I just shared are displayed.  Bad Apple seems to be just one of many songs that has been remixed and reposted by a myriad of eager fans and wannabe stars.

Now you and I can both call ourselves true JGeeks – YA-TA!!!

Still, after all that searching, I wondered what the words to the strangely mesmerizing song were really saying.  Lucky for you, I found the English translation and some other videos to help you kill some time, much like I have for the past two or three months.  Don’t say I did not warn ya… ;o)

What’s the Touhou Project?  Well, you tell me. *wink wink*

YouTube also has plenty of tutorials if you want to get down with the Bad Apple fever…

And, now, to close..  One more sexy cosplay pic, just for you!

”]Sexy Vocaloid Cosplay - Tumblr

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