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Hey Yu-Gi-Oh! DuelPassOnline Fans – Connect With @Yogizilla On StumbleUpon!

Posted by Yogizilla on August 21, 2011

So I’m really excited because, this week, I’ve been promoting the BEGEEBUS out of my article on Social Inbound Marketing on Unbounce.com and it’s gotten a great response!  Everyone has been awesome spreading the word around so it’s time to celebrate – ANIME PARTY TIME!

Hey, don’t fall asleep on me guys!  Christmas in the summer time is cool.  REALLY!

One Piece Christmas Party - What happens when you party too much...

Oops.. The One Piece gang may have partied too much.

Even better, I’ve been meeting tons of cool people and helping others promote their stuff via what I call the Support-A-Thon.  The premise of the Support-A-Thon is to help little-known web sites and online markters get their content in front of people that will find it interesting. No more spam, no more noise, no more pushing hard until someone finally budges.

So, I’m here to invite you to join me, Yogizilla, on StumbleUpon.  I also want to share why StumbleUpon beats Facebook and other social networks

Joining StumbleUpon will be great fun and you can discover little gems on the Internet that may have otherwise been overlooked.  Here are the benefits of StumbleUpon:

  • For Geeks.  I look at a geek as someone that likes rare finds, refuses to conform, and is often a rebel, part of an (unofficial) underground movement perhaps.  We’re unusual folks so we like unusual things and get bored of the mainstream stuff that’s always at the forefront.  Many geeks I know pride themselves at being pioneers of technology or discovering cool things before they become memes, fads, and hot trends.  If any of that sounds like you, StumbleUpon may be for you!
  • For Gamers.  For the hardcore gamers, you can never have enough cool games to play online with your friends.  StumbleUpon can help you find little-known web sites to play free games, MMORPGs, web-based games, parlor-style games, social games…  Well, the list goes on and on.  Best of all, it gives indie developers a chance to share little-known video games with gamer geeks that are really looking!
  • For Marketers.  StumbleUpon provides arguably the most contextual, relevant content by matching stumbles (random web surfing) based upon each Stumblers individual preferences and interests.  No more boring people that could care less about what you consider awesome content but they consider junk.  Get to the right people and drive more engaged, pre-qualified traffic to your best, most remarkable content.
  • For Self-Improvers.  If you have a thirst for knowledge and learning new things every day, you’re probably what most would call a self-improvement buff or life-long learner.  Whatever you call it, StumbleUpon is filled with many pearls of wisdom just a click away.  If you dedicate a little time each day to using StumbleUpon for this purpose, you can learn a whole lot and have fun while doing so!  Even better, you can share what you find with your friends, both new and old.
  • For Creatives.  Sometimes we creatives need a little inspiration to get some good projects started or pull out of a rut.  StumbleUpon has tons of ideas for crafts, writing, blogging, cartooning, and more.  Chances are you can find others looking to do the same thing as you as well as folks that are already doing it.  Then it becomes a great support and learning network in one!
  • For The Bored.  Maybe you’re just bored often.  In such cases,  just set up a bunch of interests and keep clicking the Stumble button.  For everything you Like, StumbleUpon will find more and more related things each time you click.  CAUTION: This can get very addicting if you’re not careful!  LOL

StumbleUpon has been around for years but people are finally paying attention.


Cause it’s friggin’ cool..  Even moreso than Google Image searches, IMHO.  Instead of getting results that people pushed to show up buying paying for ads or perhaps spamming links, you get to find hidden gems throughout the Internet with less of the buy-this-now crap we’re all running away from.

Still, StumbleUpon has a humble 17 million users (and growing) in contrast to Facebook’s 750 million users.  That said, StumbleUpon drives more traffic due to the relevancy of search results, the minimized noise and spam, and the highly-engaged audience…


Mashable still downplays the value of StumbleUpon a bit.  If you seed StumbleUpon via other social networks, you can grow your StumbleUpon network and hits exponentially, thus driving more traffic to your top content, increasing your search rankings, and getting both referral and organic traffic increased.  It can be insanely HUGE for content marketers, curators, and developers alike, as I keep saying.

Just make sure that when you join you don’t spam.  Be courteous and thoughtful.  Share fun stuff and mix up your blog a bit so people won’t feel like you’re being salesy or pushy.

I can’t wait to see you all on StumbleUpon so we can get to know each other better and have some fun!

…And because I don’t want you to leave without having some fun and perhaps pointless stuff to check out.  Here’s a video I picked out just for you!

P.S.  Be sure to PM me on StumbleUpon if you have any stuff you’d like me to share.  I’ll share via StumbleUpon and/or other social networks.  If it’s really cool, I may blog about it and tell my closest friends about it too!

4 Responses to “Hey Yu-Gi-Oh! DuelPassOnline Fans – Connect With @Yogizilla On StumbleUpon!”

  1. KiNgDeeM said

    I can only imagine that’s what the ending of a NoF Pants Party shall look like

    • Eric said

      Is yu-gi-oh game coming soon for 3ds

      • Yogizilla said

        I hear a Yu-Gi-Oh! 3DS game is due soon.. But can’t seem to find any solid details just yet. Either way, I will hold off on the Nintendo 3DS for now. What I really want is a full-blown Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the XBox 360. =o]

      • Yogizilla said

        I did a little more research and here’s my guess: the next Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship will likely be available for 3DS and regular DS. I doubt it will be a 3DS exclusive since 3DS sales have been so disappointing. Even if it is, I would not expect a lavish facelift until maybe the next Yu-Gi-Oh! installment.

        These are all guesses but I think most developers are going to feel out the market first. We can expect the usual Nintendo-style rehashing of classic games but nothing truly ground-breaking until they sell more units. I’m sure once Nintendo releases a significant title, they’ll make a strong push.

        You have to wonder if Microsoft will enter the fray and if the Sony Vita or whatever it’s called will start to sell more. Perhaps a little competition will get Nintendo innovating and pushing for third-party support, both of which areas they’ve fallen short in.

        I feel Nintendo has had too much dominance in the handheld market. They’ve gotten comfortable. If they’re not pushing out quality content, third-party developers can’t be expected to do it. After all, with Nintendo, it’s almost always been about first-party titles and, well, Pokemon.. But they clearly need to step their game up or lose relevance. 8)

        Personally, I’d like to see a Yu-Gi-Oh! game with deep online play. Having a game that plays out like the show would rock. Epic monster battles in a 3D format sure would rock!!

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