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Rage (XBox 360) First Impressions

Posted by Yogizilla on October 4, 2011

RAGE by iD Software logo - even the logo is EPIC!

Get some RAGE!!

When I went to pick up Rage for the XBox 360 about an hour ago, I did not know what to expect. DOOM and DOOM II changed the FPS genre forever so I believe in anything iD does; however, as much as I love Bethesda (of Fallout 3/New Vegas and Oblivion/Skyrim fame), I worried this kick-ass union would result in another Brink WHOOPS!

I was wrong.

Rage is a game that grips you from the very beginning.. And it’s more than just eye candy.

The gruesome characters in RAGE are impressively realistic.. and creepy (even on the consoles)!

As always, iD Software delivers unique characters (and weapons) that often ilicit WOWs and perhaps some cringes too!

I’ll be honest: I saw a few gameplay videos and read some previews here and there but, for the most part, I went in blind. The moment I picked up my pre-ordered copy, I noticed it was heavy. Rage comes with 3 discs. WOW!

Final Fantasy XIII was the last game I played with so many discs. Oh wait.. Mass Effect 2 (can’t forget that one), too.When you load the game up, the recommendation was to install the game to my HDD for optimum performance. 22GB of delicious shooter goodness. I couldn’t wait for that process to finish. I needed some instant gratification.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering about the eye candy.. Yes, the game is stunning, Gears of War 3 and Bulletstorm stunning, if not better! But eye candy is not a big deal for me. I want remarkable gameplay and high replay value.

Well, I’m only about 45 minutes in as I write this Rage Anarchy Edition (XBox 360) review.. But I’m impressed. The characters are engaging and realistic. Their facial expressions and the voice acting sells it. The environment is immersive. 20 minutes in you find yourself exploring and soaking it all in, though you’re given missions right off the bat.

Rage Frenzy - RAGE's built-in TCG minigame!

Rage Frenzy - iD Software's answer to Yu-Gi-Oh TCG? Thanks for this, Kotaku.com!

What excites me as a TCG fan is RAGE’s card-based minigame (Rage Frenzy)they have. I collected three cards so far and it seems they will be used with a starter deck I’ll soon get. I can’t wait!

While I’ve been hooked on Dead Island and Gears 3 beckons, I want to break night just to see where this journey will take me. I LOVE games with easter eggs and minigames, and I know iD will deliver in spades!

So, with the Anarchy Edition you get four items by way of DLC. This includes a limited-edition buggy that I assume will be for multiplayer racing modes. You also get a double barrel shotgun, which takes me back to the glorious DOOM days.

Speaking of DOOM, this feels like an unofficial sequel. You even see a space marine bobblehead on the dashboard of a buggy you ride into camp with in the beginning. OH MAN! That makes the iD fanboy in me swoon.

I already died once.. The game will be challenging to even seasoned vets. Actually, the “death” was scripted and, well, I don’t want to spoil what happens…

HINT: It’s another RAGE minigame!

The only disappointing thing is that I could not jump into Rage multiplayer right away. I saw two modes (racing and objective-driven modes) and the promise of new content “COMING SOON!” I know, I know, there are hardcore gaming purists out there that feel you need to “beat the game” before going into online play. Not me. I like online multiplayer above all.

Alas, I sat in multiplayer game lobby to see if I could play a Quick Match of whatever. No dice. Either this is the typical zero hour server downtime or everyone was immersed in campaign play. I’m also somewhat disappointed the traditional iD Death Match option is lacking. That’d be a hoot in a massive, open-world environment.. Or even in arena-style combat (DOOM III was actually fun online though the tight corridors limited the appeal).

If you’ve played Rage multiplayer, please tell me what you think about it.. And add me, Yogizilla, on XBox LIVE if you’d like to play!

So now I’m wrapping this up, finishing my cig, and stoked to play some more.. I’m close to beating Dead Island but it will have to wait. I want to RAGE!!!

UPDATE:  Well, you know it can’t all be good so I do have another complaint..  The game just came out and you already have to get a DLC to unlock a vast sewer area that runs throughout the never-ending open world.  Not a big fan of this sort of thing.  You early adopters should be rewarded for paying a premium for your game but maybe I am asking for too much..  I may end up buying it anyway, though it goes against my principles..  Yes, the game is THAT good (sorry Nick)!*

*Ha..  I updated this exactly 10 hours later.  Hmmm..  It may be time for more RAGE.


iD Software Logo - The little company that re-defined the FPS genre!

iD Software, we heart you.. Can't wait for DOOM 4 (no corridors, please)!


4 Responses to “Rage (XBox 360) First Impressions”

  1. KiNgDeeM said

    Ugh so many games its hard to choose wish i could get them all

    • Yogizilla said

      Yeah.. It’s rough. I know you’re like me and prefer online play.. Well, RAGE is not it. May have to wait for DOOM 4 there. That said, the game is pretty seksy! ;o)

      • Yogizilla said

        It’s official: RAGE is my favorite game in recent years.

        If not for any other reason, I love Rage Frenzy and finding the best cards is added incentive for exploring the vast, apocalyptic open world. Rage Frenzy plays a bit like Magic The Gathering or Naruto Shippuden CCG/TCG, which really appeals to me. Having trouble finding some of the cards that are hidden in the Wasteland main area so, if you know where they are, let me know!

        I wish you could duel other players online and trade cards. Really, a lot of the minigames would make great online party games. Oh man.. I hope that’s in the cards for future updates (pun intended)!

        Co-op play is quite fun. Wasteland Legends gives you more background on the main characters. The action is also really intense. If only the Bash TV mission were longer. I found a glitch which enabled me to walk through walls.. It seems the original level was much bigger but they only put like half the rooms into play. I guess they will be fully playable in the campaign, which is what I’m up to now, actually!

        So far, there are around four minigames I’ve uncovered including the defibrillator, Frenzy CCG, a dice game (forget the name), and the races (which I guess counts as a minigame). I’m sure there are more but that’s plenty to break up what can be monotonous gameplay for some.

        Some have compared the game to Borderlands and, at first, that’s what I thought of but, really, RAGE is more akin to Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas than anything else. If you’re just now trying it out, stick with it. The game gets better and better.

        With iD Software/Bethesda stating that DOOM 4 will be even better, they’re setting the bar really high! I’m going to look into DLC plans as I have high hopes for them to do more with online play, especially the RAGE Frenzy CCG/TCG. At the very least, I know they’ll be adding more race tracks, vehicles, and Wasteland Legends missions.

        Thus far, I’ve completed about half of the Wasteland Legends missions. They do not feed the main storyline but you get to unlock emblems to use as your online multiplayer avatar/icon. Have yet to race online but that’s not really my thing, though the gameplay there is remniscent of Twisted Metal and Wipe-Out, which is really cool too!

        So, what are your feelings on RAGE?

        Do you love it, hate it, or still waiting on the jury?

        Word on the street is that the story ends kinda weak so I’m guessing it may be a cliffhanger or much like Dead Island, where the climax builds up but the falling action is full of suck, sadly. ID promises to stick it out for a year or more, though reports indicate they already have the RAGE team working on DOOM 4 along with some new creatives on the project. Seems like they’re really stepping things up!

        DOOM 4 is supposed to look even more beautiful and I imagine many of the mechanics we’re seeing now will be on there. They’re going to drop the frame rate to 30FPS, which is fine. That means more processing power will be devoted to pre-fetching graphics, spawning mobs, and producing dynamic environmental effects. Oh boy!

        Well, time to take a break.. Family time and all. Hope you’re enjoying my insight on one of this year’s biggest games! =oD

      • Yogizilla said

        I’ve weened myself off RAGE a bit yet I haven’t beaten it yet. Gears of War 3 has been amazing too. It’s rich with fun multiplayer options and high replay value. The best Gears game yet (I’m sure they will make more).

        I decided to recycle some old games once again.. Now I’m playing Too Human a bit. Here’s a game that was hyped up by Microsoft Studios then disappeared.

        The game is easily a sleeper and one heck of a bargain bin purchase. I picked up a new copy on clearance for around $8 at Sears (yes, they sell video games, not just appliances).

        I will get more in-depth with the game but, for now, suffice to say that it’s a combination of Diablo and Mass Effect with the lore of the Thor universe, sprinkled with remnants of Halo.. At least that’s how the game feels to me.

        Really, it’s a fun game that was hurt by poor control schemes and abyssmal camera angles. Beyond that, the combo system is pretty fluid once you work out the clunky controls.

        I’ve talked about game mechanics over at Y3B and the #NJAB marketing podcast. Too Human is a good example of seksy deep customization.

        The diverse classes, equipment, skills, combos, runes, and charms in the game cater to different gameplay styles. It’s definitely worth a look but be warned: it takes a good three or four hours to grow on ya!

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