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Battlefield 3 Countdown: A BF3 Preview, Modern Warfare 3 Comparison, And Look At New Features

Posted by Yogizilla on October 24, 2011

Tonight Battlefield 3 launches at midnight (well here in Augusta, GA, at least). If you happen to be one of the lucky folks with a midnight launch near you, we should jam. Add Yogizilla on XBox LIVE!

Now, I must say, this is one of the big games I’ve been looking forward to, along with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Silent Hill: Downpour. The Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 new release line-up looks darn good!

Note how I did not mention Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It seems you can’t mention Battlefield these days without bringing Call of Duty into the mix so I’ll join the crowd by saying I can really care less if Battlefield 3 will be a Modern Warfare killer. Quite frankly, Call of Duty has gotten old to me.

Of course, if you’re in a gaming clan like I am, Modern Warfare 3 will be the game to get for competitive purposes, whereas Battlefield 3 looks tons more fun. Time to rant and have some geekgasms as we count down to the Battlefield 3 midnight launch – w00t!Battlefield 3 VS. Modern Warfare 3

If you’re still on the fence and have to choose one, my money is on Battlefield 3. I am very biased but I’ll try to be objective. Here are the key points I’ve considered when figuring out my preferred tactical multiplayer shooter:

Bang For Your Buck
Modern Warfare 3 pretty much forces you to pay around $50 for the yearly elite subscription. Without it, you’ll face more modders/cheaters, self-hosted server hiccups, and a slew of DLC charges (the subscription essentially gets you one free map pack). I understand businesses must be profitable but this is rather lame. Of course, if you pre-ordered the Hardened Edition, the elite subscription comes bundled in.

Battlefield 3 will play the same way for everyone right out of the box. There’s no forced upsells and silly business. For a frugal spender like myself, that should be reason enough to give Battlefield 3 a real try. The Battlefield franchise is also not notorious with back-to-back DLC releases. Call of Duty Black Ops has been absolutely silly.

UPDATE: Plans for tons of DLCs are already buzzing about for Battlefield 3. The good news is that each update will come with significant expansions. Back to Karkand will come with new maps and weapons, from what I hear, so at least this won’t be CoD style where you pay for three or four maps only to have people get bored with them and a new DLC come out soon after. =oX

(Oh, and the first DLC is free for all pre-ordering parties, apparently.. There’s already 9 maps and 5 gameplay modes as-is so this is exciting news. If this were MW3, we’d see the DLC a month from release at a $15 price tag. Lulz)

SIDEBAR: I dislike EA because they’re notorious for shutting down game servers and being greedy.. But folks at DICE seem to keep them in check.

There are still new gameplay features and modes I’m learning about. I was happy with the little I knew and got to experience but Battlefield 3 seems like it will have tons of awesome surprises. Did I mention I am counting down ’til midnight? I can’t wait!

Team Dynamics
Call of Duty has always been more of a lone wolf game whereas Battlefield almost forces you to play as a team. Both gameplay styles have their place but I personally love games that really encourage team tactics. Battlefield 3 is just that sort of game.

I still prefer Battlefield’s class system. It allows everyone the opportunity to play up their style. You can run-and-gun, snipe, support, resupply, recon, or do a little bit of everything.. And you can switch things up as team needs and scenarios change.

The Modern Warfare series has mostly offered to flavors of combat: run-and-gun or camp. I prefer Search And Destroy but the staple Team Deathmatch still revolves around camping to get killstreaks up and spam some over-powered abilities to further widen the gap. Meh.

Beta Taste Test
The Battlefield 3 team was bold by making the beta open to the public. Sure, there were some issues with the choice of map and lack of vehicle fun but the addition of parkour, fresh new interface, and class tweaks are all good in my book.

When I looked at the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer videos, I wasn’t particularly impressed. There are promises of better spawns, more open maps, and less choke points (and camping) but I am not holding my breath. Call of Duty Elite seems to hint that Modern Warfare 3 will cater to the elitists and campers. Not a fan at all.

Hordes & Onslaughts
I fell in love with Onslaught Mode in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and hope to play it more in the future. Battlefield 3 seems poised to keep building upon previous successes and they keeping adding more goodies.

For those that love zombies, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 won’t have ’em but there will be a horde mode. Either way, both games will offer a good fix here.

Battlefield 3: What’s New?

I mentioned that co-op missions will be added to the experience. This should add even more replay value. Multiplayer is what I really care about so I hope they also include onslaught right out of the box. The The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Blog at BF3Blog.com reveals quite a bit but still leaves much to the imagination.

One improvement I immediately noticed is how the campaign mode seems a lot more story-driven now. The addition of QTE makes it more cinematic and thrilling. I don’t know who this handcuffed guy you play as is supposed to be but he seems like he’d give Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell series a real run for his money!

As much as the single-player looks sexy, I think I’ll be jumping straight into multiplayer so I hope game servers go live by midnight or at least 3AM EST.. Just saying. I know my XBox LIVE partner-in-crime KiNgDeeMNoF is with me on this (BTW, Nick Teri for winning a copy of the awesomely imperfect RAGE for XBox 360)!

The Eurogamer.net Battlefield 3 Multiplayer First Impressions article that came out about a week ago really got me amped for Battlefield 3. Dan Whitehead got to play a new map (not that suspect Operation Metro subway map). Lucky bastid. His thoughts on the game are very well-put so be sure to check that out!

BTW, for those that were criticizing us console gamers for going with the XBox 360 version, there will be a Battlefield 3 HD texture pack roughly 1.5GB in size. This pack can be installed on your XBox 360 hard drive to give the game even cleaner graphics. Not bad for a system with tech that’s mostly six years old! Of course, not that I care about eye candy but it doesn’t hurt, either.

Without a doubt, Battlefield 3 won’t be your usual “more of the usual” installment as we see all too often with popular gaming franchises. It’s clear lots of thought was put into this sequel and, really, it is a worthy sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat alike. By combining the best of both worlds, they have a real fan in me.

Fanboy moment aside, I will likely enjoy Modern Warfare 3 simply because my N-o-F clannies will join me.. But I’m far more excited about Battlefield 3 and hope others join me in the geekgasm!!

Oh yeah, those that loved destructible environments in BF:BC2 will love to know that BF3 runs on DICE’s Frostbite engine, which makes things more interactive than ever! OMG.. Will the geekgasms ever end??

Battlefield 3, Here We Come!

So there you have it: some of the many reasons I am stoked to play. I was going to include some screenshots and videos but eff that.. You have to experience it for yourself!

It may be worth mentioning that Battlefield 3 will boast over 20 fully-usable vehicles including fighter jets – thanks for that insight, BF3Blog.com! That sure beats the pants off the AC-130 and Chopper Gunner, as fun as those can be and all.

I’m counting down the hours.. Midnight can’t come fast enough. Good thing there’s still plenty of work to be done before then! ;o)


11 Responses to “Battlefield 3 Countdown: A BF3 Preview, Modern Warfare 3 Comparison, And Look At New Features”

  1. KiNgDeeM said

    I can not w8 I was going to go ay 9pm and get some swag and hope to win some contests but i just do not have the time for that. So im going to leave here around 11 and go pick the game up. Ill see u some time after midnight so we can pwn some faces.

    • Yogizilla said

      I was gonna do the same but these large crowds tend to have lots of annoying lil kids.. I mean, what happened to be times? LOL

      I just wanna play the game. Swag is not worth dealing with the waiting and silly sots. =oX

      • KiNgDeeM said

        See I wanted to bring my son but he has school in the morning and hes missed too many days as it is. What parent drags there kid out at midnight on a school night…

      • Yogizilla said

        That’s the sad part: the parents drop ’em off and let the lil brats run around unattended. Now, I love kids but some of these fools need some capital punishment. LOL.. Kidding.. Mostly. ;o)

        I’m kinda dreading the long line. I may just leave at a quarter to 11 with some extra smokes.. Maybe even blog remotely some more. =o)

      • KiNgDeeM said

        how far is urs from you? mines like 20 mins i was gonna leave at 11 but maybe a quarter to sounds good ill bring the netbook and respond from the car lol im sure i can leech from somewhere lol

      • Yogizilla said

        My GameStop is like 5-10m away. Augusta is a commercial hub. We got tons of restaurants and retail stores.. Even have our own Best Buy, for whatever that’s worth! =oP

        Sounds like a plan. Imma jam on some RAGE a bit before I trade that sucker in. I wonder if they’d notice if I kept the multiplayer disc. J/K

        I’ll actually miss the game but, realistically, juggling 5 games is the max.. And Assassin’s Creed: Revelations drops next month, which I decided to get over Skyrim. 8)

      • KiNgDeeM said

        I guess ill bring my copy of RAGE with me and try to sell it while I’m there. If not to the store then to some one else since you are trading urs in. Maybe i can sell it for 50 bucks to some one since they are selling it for $55. Ya lots of games coming out and not enough money to get them all.

      • Yogizilla said

        Well, if your GameStop is like mine, everyone is too busy playing games and checking out the Go Army booths. Surprisingly not a long line so I decided to make a Wally World run since I’m impatient and all. I am shocked.. The scene was rather quiet but I reckon everyone came early for the swag and decided to come back later to get the game. Haha

  2. I played BF3 for a good five hours thus far and I must say: I am VERY happy with this purchase!

    With Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, and tons of DLCs on the horizon (including Mass Effect 2’s last DLC), it’s gonna be a busy time for gaming but, first, there’s work to be done.

    I wanted to share what my cousin CarlWinslow83 said about MW3.. “After playing MW2 again, I remembered what I hate about Call of Duty.. Fuck Modern Warfare 3!”


    • Yogizilla said

      I just installed the HD textures and 5+ GB of multiplayer data to my XBox 360 HDD so we’ll see how much sexier the game will be. Gonna play a lil bit and get back to some work. Simply GOT to test drive the improved performance!

      My buddy Sean (known to you as Ratattatat, if I spelled that properly). He could not stay up for the midnight launch so he asked what I rate the game.. I’d say a 9.5ish until they fix some multiplayer hiccups. Speaking of which, I wanna try co-op campaign.. Looks like tons of fun!

      Still haven’t played single-player but it shocked me how many people jumped straight into campaign. *shrug* I guess it must be THAT good!

  3. Yogizilla said

    Man, I am really loving Battlefield 3’s online multiplayer but I hope they fix matchmaking and other online hiccups ASAP.. All we need is for the CoD fanboys to have more reason to knock the game. Anywho, make sure we add each other at http://battlelog.battlefield.com – just add Yogizilla! =oD

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