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Box Busters, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments in Augusta/CSRA, and MORE!

Posted by Yogizilla on January 24, 2012

It’s official…

Yu-Gi-Oh! still rocks my socks!

I have been uber busy (and distracted) but the past few months have been so much fun.  I’ve had the opportunity to jam with my kids and Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans of all ages, thanks in part to the Augusta Book Exchange and their Sunday Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments.

Box busters are still in the plans but what I am looking to do is buy a few boxes of current-gen Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and share some of our personal favorites.  We are looking at Order of Chaos, Generation Force, and Hidden Arsenal booster packs, amongst others.  That will be in the more distant future, though.

For a look at some of my more recent Yu-Gi-Oh! faves and “mini busters”, check out these posts:



Yu-Gi-Oh! deck building is still one of my favorite things but it’s tons of fun to try out new recipes too!


If you happen to be in the Augusta, Georgia or CSRA (Central Savannah River Area), I invite you to come check out the Augusta Book Exchange in Martinez, near the Bobby Jones Expressway Wal-Mart (which we like to call Wally World since it’s like a amusement park for some of us locals LOL).

This place reminds me of my favorite geek shop in my hometown of NYC: The Compleat Strategist.  InsiderPages describes TCS as a place where it’s cozy and easily to lose oneself for hours.  I agree and the Augusta Book Exchange is the same experience.

Local Yu-Gi-Oh! Events

Every Sunday at 2PM, the Augusta Book Exchange hosts Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments right here in the CSRA.

If you’re not very competitive or semi-retired like me, it’s worth coming by to trade cards, observe some epic duels, and chat with fellow geeks.  I mentioned earlier how Yu-Gi-Oh! attracts people of all ages.  Well, it seems our area has covered every demographic because people from all walks of life gather to enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh!

As with any competitive gathering, you’ll have your fair share of greedy, sneaky, and cocky people but, I must say, the crowd is much nicer then when I frequented places like The Meeting Grounds or The Compleat Strategist.  Be warnes: the judges can sometimes be idiots..  but that’s to be expected in sanctioned play.  Be sure to come with tough skin and protect your belongings (travel light).  Brings lots of friends, too!

Why I Heart Augusta Book Exchange

Now, I mentioned the dark side but there is more good than bad to expect at the Augusta Book Exchange…

First, they have tons of space and a huge selection of books, comics, cards, board games, and gaming supplies.  They set up at least a good eight picnic-styles for participants, with just enough room for observers to check out the action.

Second, there are some really generous people that will just give stuff away.  This is especially so with folks like myself.  We’ve collected for a long time so often we have plenty of extras or just don’t play or collect actively anymore..  so we’re passing the torch onto the younger generations.

Third, the tournament buy-in is usually $5 and, with that, you get a booster pack of your choice and around four rounds of match play (best of three rounds) dueling.  Make sure you set aside four hours to duel, trade, and check out all the cool stuff they have there.  Paying for the sanctioned duels here is well worth it and won’t break the bank.

Preparing For Yu-Gi-Oh! Competition

Those are my top three reasons for checking out the Yu-Gi-Oh! events at the Augusta Book Exchange but now you may want to know more about how to get more involved with competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! play, right?

What I would offer up right now is that you should expect to duel with several people watching and maybe even backseat driving.  It can be annoying if you do not do well with large crowds and tight quarters.  For this reason, you want to be prepared mentally above all.

Learn your cards well and the timing of effects.  Learn their limits and potential counters.  Get familiar with popular deck builds and strategies.  Every deck has a weakness.  I find that most people plan against beatdown strategies but do not consider core strategies that focus on direct/effect damage (burn decks – Nightmare Wheel, Dark Room of Nightmare, Lava Golem, Dark Door, Princess of Tsurugi, Just Desserts, Magic Cylinder, Ceasefire, etc.), stalling (decks that focus on limiting effects and countering until your cards run out or a finishing msove can be performed), or banishing (removing cards from play – very popular with decks built around Necroface and Burial From A Different Dimension).

To learn about all the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards out there, visit Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Guide.

Try dueling for fun before you do sanctioned play.  This will allow you to tune your decks and see where your strengths and weaknesses reside.  You’ll also get a chance to really learn your cards and trim down decks as necessary.  Nothing beats hands-on experience!

Most dueli

sts will tell you that you must not have more than 40 cards in your deck.  You can win with a 50 or 60-card deck but it’ll be tougher to balance your decks when you go big.

With a bigger deck, you can better prepare for stalls but key cards and winning combos can be tough.  Fortunately, with an extra deck of 15 card (or less), you can load up on synchro and XYZ monsters without beefing up your main deck too much.  I am an unconventional duelist so I tend to build decks that are flexible, rather than relying on one or two big plays like most duelists do.  I am old-school but I must say I prefer today’s synchro and special summon mechanics as fusion and ritual monsters were always a pain to play, IMHO.

I recommend bringing a big coin, dice, some beads to use as counters, a calculator, some scrap paper, and maybe some token cards.  This will make it easier to keep track of more complex plays..  and keep everyone honest.  Some tournament hosts provide these but most don’t.  Be sure to let opponents inspect coins and dice so that they know you are not up to any tricks.  Good judges will usually do this and set ground rules for all.

You reserve the right to have a judge inspect all decks.  This will insure no illegal cards are used, though some competitions will allow old school match-ups with all cards ever published.  The official list of tournament illegal cards can be found here:

Official Limited & Forbidden Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Now you should be ready to rock.  Remember that practice does make perfect.  If you’re relatively new to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, starter decks are a good way to have a core to build around.  Structure Decks, I find, are for more advanced duelists so you’ll often have to tune them, especially with decks prior to the 5D’s series.  Most decks will provide a rating from Beginner to Advanced to help you out.

Game on!

Got specific Yu-Gi-Oh! competitive play inquiries?  Leave them in the comments.  I’m no pro but I’ve followed the game since it came out and have seen expert duelists battle and build decks.  I’d love to share that experience with you!

4 Responses to “Box Busters, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments in Augusta/CSRA, and MORE!”

  1. KiNgDeeM said

    My local shop has YGO, Magic, & D&D Nights as well as tourneys Geek single nights a knitting group LuLz1 which ill be attending soon If you want to spread theInfo just let me know.

  2. Tristan said

    Went by today, but seems to be closed. Are there any other places that offer YGO dueling in CSRA?

    • Yogizilla said

      Hi Tristan! Sorry we missed this onw but sometimes the spam makes it hard to find the good stuff. The Augusta Book Exchange on Gordon Highway is the only one we know of so far in the CSRA. There used to be other places but they shut down. You can always do what I do and try using classifieds, social networks, etc to create gaming groups and local meetups. A blog is a great way to rally local geeks, share photos, and network. If you start one, let us know and we’ll help you promote. Connect with us via @Yogizilla and @NipplesOfFate on Twitter and Facebook. 8)

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