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CyGames Goes Full-On Retard With Rage Of Bahamut

Posted by Yogizilla on October 1, 2013

It’s time for a classic Yogizilla rant!


Summertime Amelia - Rage of Bahamut

The latest update released for the uber popular Rage of Bahamut game on Mobage proves that CyGames has no clue what they are doing..  and they have possibly gone retarded on us (no offense to those that have actual mental challenges and aren’t just plain stupid).  For me, a guy that happens to love this game in spite of it’s growing pains, it almost seems like they are purposely trying to chase away gamers and lose money – it’s utter madness!

Rage of Bahamut got a significant update that gave the UI (graphical interface) a face-lift and forced annoying features on us while neglecting game mechanics and glaring issues the community has been very vocal about.  On my Android-based Samsung Galaxy tablet, I am unable to exit the game easily and the background music comes back no matter how many times I turn it off.  The foremost issue would be all right if I were able to jump right into the game any time but, instead, it times out and tells me pages are no available.  Enter the force close.

These issues alone have been enough for me to quit other Mobage games but it gets better, I mean, worse.  In an effort to monetize further, Cygames introduced a new currency system in Rage of Bahamut.  This system is overly-complicated and provides real benefit to the users. The system involves tokens, souls, virtue points, card sacrifices, and some other crap.

Thanks but I’ll pass.

These terribad updates follow a trend that’s been going on for over six months. Cygames has been relentless in hosting back-to-back events with a mere few hours of rest in between. This has left legit players starved for resources, while grinding hard to make trades and finish card builds.

I suppose the idea here is to force players to spend more money to up their chances at virtual prizes but it has only made the black market stronger and has left the rest of us feeling mostly unmotivated. Take Castle Crushers, for example, where now it’s a mere matter of popping tons od HP to spam battle cry early to become invincible. The event rewards are so skimpy that you would be lucky to break even. I do like that CC levels the playing field by randomizing your decks to an extent, which means those focusing on a few awesome cards rather than several solid cards will theoretically be at a disadvantage.. if they don’t have HP to spam.

Holy Wars have been improved a bit and stamina/quest events are still fun but, more and more, this little gem is becoming a grindfest. It feels more like work than fun to me now. As someone with game design and development background, I wonder how sustainable their current model is. I reckon they will soon be pushing neverending ads like Zynga does. I also believe they overestimate how many people actually play the game since most abandon Rage out of frustration or run ten alt accounts or more to even the score. I would venture to say less than half of the millions of Rage players are actually active mains.

OMG.. Rage of Bahamut is turning into Facebook!

To be honest, I am even finding Bad Blood more enjoyable now. Sure, there’s no clan system or built-in community features but the game play is more fun and you’re not forced to pay to win (Fantasica). Bad Blood is a CCG on rails yet you feel more in control there than on Rage of Bahamut lately. Of course, Cygames ignores my friendly suggestions and assessments. I would love for them to hire me to make their game fun and profitable at the same time but they are clearly too stubborn and short-sighted for that.

Wanna see free-to-play deckbuilding games done right? Try out the SolForge open beta on Steam… You’re welcome.

For the next few updates, I hope to see order/clan features improved, not just dressed up, and something done with battle rankings. Perhaps we could see non-intrusive events to buffer these demanding ones. I’m thinking something where resources do not trump skills. I see also see a massive opportunity here for CyGames to support free trade with an auction house. Alas, I think they are blinded by their success and all the dollar signs they see in the air.

Rage of Bahamut has become the Facebook or EA of mobile games.. Corporate greed at it’s best, folks!

I suppose the one thing that keeps the game tolerable outside of playing with friends is the Summertime series. The artwork is tantalizing, fun, and bright.. There’s also T&A, which never hurts. Still, you can tell this is just another attempt to get people to buy stuff.


Summertime Nightmare - Dat Ass - Rage of Bahamut


Summertime Cerberus - Rage of Bahamut

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good gimmick but the core experience needs some fixing first. Summertime is over and they can only milk this so long. I see Halloween and Christmas cards next.

Back when they used to space events and releases out more, I felt more compelled to spend real money in the game and make trades but the current system essentially renders old carde obsolete quickly. If you want a deal, you gotta go for the older stuff when the bazaar prices inevitably drop down. I remember when I finally got my first Winter Succubus. It was a big deal to me, even if she was not an SSR or Legend evo.

Nowadays, if you want to collect lot a of virtual cards, you are covered, but the skill gap continues to widen. X-Legend was a bit much. I guess it was a move to help those running all Legends but I think Castle Crushers addressed that with the random decks. To me, all these changes really benefit the black market and game modders/exploiters… Ironic.

I will give CyGames and Mobage points for doing the daily random Mobage Coins giveaway. Cyg was also smart with their one year anniversary promotion, giving away a Mega card pack of 30 cards, tons of HP, and other goodies. They just need to give back more to the community. Not all of us can afford to spend hundreds or thousands on this game to get the cards we want. That’s silly!

Again, because of these issues, Scrolls and SolForge are my choice games. Of course, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! are mainstays.. Shadow Era is still fun in small doses, too! Rage of Bamahut, not so much.

Sorry, CyGames, but you have major issues to deal with.

2 Responses to “CyGames Goes Full-On Retard With Rage Of Bahamut”

  1. astilea said

    Very on the nose! I’ve sent similar complaints to Rage staff about back to back events, card art deteriorating at the 4th evolution and drowning in their own greed as they ignore the masses complaints. The inability to close the music down permanently is frustrating. Just my opinion, but far too much emphasis on beach ball sized boobs…there’s a need for hot male demi humans too! My brother is slowly developing a mockery of Rage that I feel will draw away many hard core users.

    • Yogizilla said

      Gosh.. Astilea, you make me miss the game while also being thankful I quit when I did. I am all for profitable business models but the blatant cash grabs are disgusting to me.

      Rage has a very templated design, much like the Facebook/MySpace Mafia War games we saw years ago. It is deeper but ultimately its a time sink. Any game that favors time and money invested over skill will surely burn you out.

      Fantastica was another great game. The tower defense aspect made it more rewarding and skill based.. But the constant events made it impossible to take a break. That’s no good.

      Cygames tried to do good by giving free CP and HP.. But that was really them returning part of the money they stole from us early adapters. The one-year anniversary bundle was generous.. But they still did not learn from their mistakes. These efforts effectively became mere smoke screens.

      Good luck to your brother! I’d be curious to play a Rage of Bahamut type game without the grinding. Something more casual. Its nice to have a life outside of a game.

      As for the beach ball boobs and extreme curves.. Well, that may be one of the few things that keeps the game interesting for us men. They should have some hot dudes too for sure. I noticed the few make characters all seem ambiguously feminine. LOL.. Hey, sex sells. That’s what they had to do to keep people interested in the constant onslaught of cards, I guess.

      Sadly the reality was that the new cards essentially nerfed old cards… Beautiful artwork is not enough. And I agree: the evolutions need to be significant to justify getting 8 to 16 copies of the same card. =oP

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