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About DPO

The DPO (Duel Pass Online) is a small team of avid Yu-Gi-Oh! players (these days, we’re more on XBox LIVE than Yu-Gi-Oh! Online). We are dedicated to giving our customers the uptmost of quality in everything we deliver, whether it be product reviews, card descriptions, strategic discussions, or anything else. Being a tight-knit crew means that we can be spread thin at times but we’re here for you guys. If you have any questions, e-mail and blog comments work wonderfully!

Our Current Mission

With the headaches of sales and customer service behind us, our goal now with DPO is to continue to expand the NoF Network (RoNoF) and unite Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiasts, gamers, and geeks alike! We have so much stuff lined up for the site that it’s a tad bit overwhelming but we are nonetheless super excited. For the most part, this is a one-man show with me, Yogizilla, at the helm. My social gaming crew, NoF, will be pitching in as well. If you’re interested in helping us generate content and/or promote DPO, leave your comments below!

Our Old Mission

Our goal with the entire YDP-DPO (Yugioh-Duelpass.net and yugioh.duelpass-online.com recently merged, for those that didn’t get the memo) operation is to not just get you some duel points and nice cards – anyone can do that! The greater aim here is to provide personable service and professional support. I like to see us as true end-to-end providers. We do not want to just sell you a Duel Pass but also the vital information that goes along with that so that you are in full knowledge of what you are investing your money in. As demand grows, we try to provide the same speedy service we used to when we were still very small (and YGOO was not nearly as popular as it is now) while not losing the focus on people. We are gamers here for gamers – we play Yu-Gi-Oh and love it all too!

Really, we are looking to attract smart gamers, strategists, if you will, that truly love the game or perhaps are looking to get into the game for the first time – everyone is welcome and we hope that you all feel that way when you visit us! I am personally confident that you will return because we’re just nice guys, we play the game just like you, and our service is top-notch (in fact, I was a loyal DPO customer way before even joining the team). By enabling you to truly understand the various options you have, every purchase will be a smart buy and you can avoid the consumer jitters.

In short, we are here to make your Yu-Gi-Oh! Online experience that much more fulfilling. Surely, we make some profit here and there but the real reward lies in knowing that we are creating a better, tight-knit community. Spread the word and, who knows, maybe we’ll see you in Battle City or something! Don’t forget to visit http://yugioh.duelpass-online.com to stock up on DP – it’s always better to do it in advance than wait until you are really low; that way, you don’t miss out on a single moment of dueling goodness!

Check me out at my new home at YDP, http://www.yugioh-duelpass.net – the DPO site will stay online but will be reserved for VIP customers. Our preferred buyer’s program is still under heavy retooling but check back often for announcements on that and other things. In 2007 and onward, our ultimate goal is to bring Yu-Gi-Oh! to the masses and we think that this aligns well with Konami’s new approach to the online franchise. We’re excited and hope you are too!!

Enjoy your visit and, please, make yourself at home!

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