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Geeky Stuff STILL Coming Soon And Why I Need Guest Bloggers

Posted by Yogizilla on May 4, 2011

We’ll approach this DPO update as a FAQ (here is the official DPO – Duel Pass Online – FAQ) because I feel I owe you all some answers!

  • Where is the fabled DPO Yu-Gi-Oh! Box Buster Extravaganza? I hope to get to this next week. I still have all the packs and boxes sealed. Believe me, I can’t wait to see what cards I got. I may very well release the content as rich text and add image-enhanced reviews to the article and the DPO Card Showcase.
  • Where and what are the scantily-clad wimminz? Barring any setbacks with my other creative and project work, I should have two major site updates this week, including an Anime-style “Bad Apple” tribute and a look at why Mass Effect is one of the sexiest (or seksiest) video games of all time. We like Anime women too (light clothing optional) so we’ll definitely provide sufficient content to that end. In fact, my good friend and fellow NoF, KiNgDeeM, found High School of the Dead and that seems promising. I’ve also enjoyed Rin recently (highly recommend it if you can’t deny the guilty pleasure of Anime wimminz).
  • Why won’t you duel me? I love you guys but I don’t do webcam duels. Find me on XBox LIVE. I’ll even clean up my friends list if you’re enough of a video game geek or Anime geek.
  • Where have you been? I’ve been busy tweaking Y3B
  • and preparing to not only migrate the blog but also syndicate content and create off-page content to promote my creative works, branding, and geeky endeavors. I have to pay the bills eventually, after all.

In a few words, I have an abundance of ideas and inspiration but a lack of “free time”. NoF social gaming activity has always kept me busy as well, which is why we’re trying to recruit and expand aggressively to spread the balance of power and leadership. I love this blog. I love you guys. I LOVE you’re quirky and sometimes insightful comments! Weaving DPO into the NoF Network (RoNoF) is definitely part of my master plan so be patient, DPO fans!

Now, if you’re interested in geeky guest blogging on DPO or syndicating select content here, the qualifiers are as follows:

  • Content must focus on the following geeky topics: video games, Anime, Manga/comics, fantasy and sci-fi TV shows, TCG/CCG tips and strategies, card reviews, and the like.
  • I’ll gladly feature unique geeky stuff on here and link back to you!
  • Each entry should have at least one nice image embedded in it as our readers LOVE eye candy.
  • Gallery-style entries such as card showcases and box busters are VERY much welcomed!
  • Speaking of galleries, I always find it fun to search for cosplay and gamer photos since it gives a face to the online game community. If you can build upon that, even better!
  • Videos are good but keep load times, RSS readers, and mobile browsers in mind!
  • Scantily-clad wimminz are allowed but no nudity (kids find this site quite easily and I don’t want parental flames).
  • You must have a WordPress OpenID to get set up with editor access.
  • You should become a fan and link, share, and comment away.
  • Replying to comments is optional but strongly encouraged – let’s get conversations going!
  • A comfort level with creating links on-page and off-page is a MUST to increase our audience participation.

As part of the perks, you’ll become part of our mastermind group and get to be involved in some cool projects. You’ll also have the opportunity to increase your own audience and meet cool like-minded geeks. DPO currently gets an adverage of 100 hits per day, with a good balance of new and old visitors. Right now, our goal is to minimize bounce rate by providing great content for a wider audience, not just Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, though that is still our core.

To apply, simply comment on this article and share it using our handy-dandy buttons. I look forward to working with the New DPO Team! More importantly, I hope to keep DPO fresh and fun for our returning supporters!

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Free Comic Book Day – May 7th 2011 – First Saturday

Posted by Yogizilla on May 2, 2011

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday, May 7th 2011n is Free Comic Book Day. Naturally, you can’t get your favorite Manga since only select comics will be free but the official web site can give you all the details about local shops and comics supporting this yearly event. If you’re like me and you’re out of touch with comic books and graphic novels, this may be your chance to catch up and meet fellow Anime and comic/Manga geeks. It’s also a great opportunity to support small shops near YOU!

FCBD, Every 1st Saturday in May

FCBD, Every 1st Saturday in May

Since 2002, millions, if not billions, if comics have been given away. Who doesn’t like free stuff? This is a great way for lesser-known geek content to be discovered so who knows what you’ll find. If you support this awesome event, please leave a comment and share your favorite comics with us!

The Tick Supports Free Comic Book Day

The Tick Supports Free Comic Book Day

Don’t forget to blog this and share with friends (we wouldn’t mind some backlinks, likes, and blogroll adds, either)!

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Netflix Ramps Up Anime Streaming and the Endless Distractions Continue

Posted by Yogizilla on April 14, 2011

Well, some of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to and, really, it’s the usual being inundated with work and getting distracted. As usual, XBox LIVE is a great escape from work. Been getting back into CoD Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops (surprisingly, Black Ops has grown onto me though I still prefer Infinity Ward’s approach, in spite of tons of customization and gameplay options in the Treyarch product) with new and old clanmates from NoF, my gaming clan. Crysis 2 has been fun but BOY is that game frustrating!

Possibly the biggest distraction is the massive Netflix Anime expansion. About two or three months back, Anime was only available on DVD or Blu-Ray mailings. Not so now. Netflix has tons of streaming Anime options including Trigun, Berserk, Rin, Blood+, Bleach, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist, to name a “few”.

Rin is particularly interesting. The release date shows as 2008 but the subject matter seems dated, especially if you consider the computer references (128MB RAM 300MB HDD is no longer top of the line, folks). Regardless, it is a fun Anime. It’s a little graphic so, kids, go back to Dragon Ball Z, please.

Rin is about two immortal girls that run a private investigation company. They take on strange cases, battle supernatural beings, and make lots of friends along the way. If nudity is your bag, Rin has that too but the plot is substantial, I promise. The Anime series is beautifully drawn too.

If you need more reasons to procrastinate, check out the new, ever-growing Netflix Anime Instant Play collection. Netflix has stepped things up due to the competition from Amazon, Hulu, and others. If Anime is not your thing, add me on XBox LIVE. Yogizilla is my name there though I’m considering changing to YogizillaNoF to fully rep my clan.

The Anime catch-up has definitely been a time killer for me but, fear not: I am still very much excited to bring you my very first online Yu-Gi-Oh! Box Buster. I got tons of cards I have yet to reveal for myself and you, my AWESOME loyal readers. I’ve been focusing on my Y3B blog but I’ll be switching content back and forth, as well as cross-promoting.

There’s still tons of stuff in the pipelines including new Mundane Chatter v2.0 Podcast Episodes, XBox 360 Hardware Mini-Reviews (just got a Turtle Beach X31 and I LOVE it.. looking to get a Razer Onza TE but they’re hard to come by), and MORE! Leave a comment and let me know what games, Anime, and other fun has been consuming your life – maybe we can join forces and veg together!

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