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Supposed “duelists” love using recipes and all the hot cards of the time. We’ll get you some of the latest trends so that you can develop counters.. or jump on the bandwagon! *wink*

DPO Comes To Augusta, Georgia!

Posted by Yogizilla on May 19, 2010

In the past three years, DPO has shifted from a shop to a sort of consortium for gamers that enjoy thinking and social games alike.  Our TCG of choice, of course, is Yu-Gi-Oh!  Originally based out of Canada and New York, we moved to San Diego and now Georgia, where we plan to set up a permanent POP (Point of Presence) by setting up local tournaments both online and at shops like the Book Exchange.  If you know anyone that is looking to get the duel on, please comment and let us know you are out there!

That being said, I’d still love to hear from our readers about your favorite combos and strategies.  We’ve gotten tons of personal messages but not many public comments.  Don’t be shy now! I’ve seen some pretty unique combos and deck builds out there – share them with the world!  Of course, you don’t want to share all your strategies but a little preview never hurts anyone.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! universe has changed so much in the past three years.  With the introduction of synchro and tuner monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! has become much more complex.  Personally, I was never a fan of fusion monsters but new support cards and combos make them useful, especially with the new take on fusions: synchro summons.  Yu-Gi-Oh! GX played up union monsters and more practical fusions but 5D’s is more about synchro summons and loading up the frontlines with powerful monsters.  Gemini monsters are also awesome for those that love effect monsters but want flexibility and protection against effect counters.  Thes newest mechanics bring YGO back to it’s roots, making beatdown configurations very feasible and effective against various deck types.

For our purposes, we refer to general deck builds as one or a combination of the following:

  • Beatdown: Nothing like a good ‘ol beatdown deck.  I enjoy using a wide array of effect monsters personally but heavy-hitting normal monsters can be quite effective, especially when you use cards like Heart of the Underdog and Ancient Rules.  A significant portion of today’s decks still revolve around beatdown strategies to some degree so you can always count on some good hard-nose battles.
  • Magic: Decks that primarily use spell/magic cards are, of course, magic decks.  These are probably the hardest to win with but you do have the benefit of avoiding Jinzo and similar counters.  Ideally, you want cards that give you bonuses for using magic.  You’ll also want cards that are timed for counters and allow you to recoup other key cards.  Continuous effects are always helpful as well so long as you remember to protect them and keep some tricks up your sleeves.
  • Trap: Trap cards are fun as they allow you to counter opponent moves; however, trap cards have to be covered with some form of insurance since they can be countered easily themselves.  Like with magic decks, continuous effects are a great way to inconvenience your opponent and hopefully throw them off.  Most decks aim at demolishing your defenses so countering blitzkrieg attack strategies is a good starting point for a good trap-deck core.
  • Mill/Stall: With cards like Pot of Avarice, Pharaoh’s Treasure, and Morphing Jar 1/2, it’s easy to make a deck that’s aimed at stalling or just making your opponent run out of cards.  An effective mill/stall deck maximizes draw opportunities and offers deck and hand destruction options.  Ideally, you may want some spell and trap counters, as well as some cards with search functions.
  • Burn: Some refer to mill/stall decks as burn decks but I consider a true burn deck to be one that maximizes your ability to direct attack using various unconventional methods.  Interestingly enough, fire-based decks tend to be pretty effective for this strategy but just about all attributes support burn strategies.

Of course, some gaming snobs dismiss Yu-Gi-Oh! as a gaming lacking depth.  Clearly, this is not the case.  I’m excited to see how much more Yu-Gi-Oh! can evolve while preserving the delicate balance of old-school versus new-school tactics.  It’s particularly interesting to see how new cards mix with old staples and cards from all seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! competition.

Well, kids, I’m off for now.  Here’s a random Yu-Gi-Oh! pic.. and a pretty spiffy link… =o]

Hmmm..  If this doesn't work, check out Hidden Anime and Zone Anime.

I heard Yusei means "chick magnet" in Japanese... NOICE!

Stay tuned for local Yu-Gi-Oh! competition in Augusta, Georgia!

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Why Pay To Duel On Yu-Gi-Oh Online?

Posted by Yogizilla on March 6, 2007

This topic is expanded upon in our The Economy Of Gaming: Why Paying To Play Is Better Than Free article. The main lesson is simple: there’s no such thing as a free lunch, no matter where you go and what you do. Video games are no exception so let’s be more reasonable.

The valid question has been raised many times: why pay to duel?  My short answer is that you always pay for a duel.  If you duel in what some people call “real life” (as opposed to online, which apparently doesn’t count to some of the dueling snobs), you have to pay for tourney fees, transportation costs, card protectors, booster packs, play mats, notebooks, collector guides, card binders, and the like; that is, if you really take it seriously. The major distinction here is to note who is more on the collection side and who just wants to play the game. If you are on the latter side, the other determination to make is whether you want to play like a pro or just have fun, which don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Many folks love playing tournament style, which means that many good cards are forbidden and certain combos are not possible. This is fine if you’re new to the game but, if you are old-school, you may want to play house rule games. In that case, neither playing online or playing “in real life” against your typical duelist will work for you. Since we on the YDP-DPO team look to focus on more unconventional Yu-Gi-Oh! play, let’s explore why Yu-Gi-Oh! Online may be a better investment.

It’s time for one of those spiffy numbered list thingies so here goes: My Top 5 Reasons Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Rocks for novice and “pro” duelists alike. Mind you, I say “pro” because that means different things to different people. When *I* say “pro”, I usually refer to more advanced players, while “novice” can encompass beginners and more casual duelists. Truly professional duelists do it for money but that’s besides the point. Here we go…

  1. It is cheaper to duel online. Unless you are dueling hundreds or thousands of times, dueling on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online gives you a better ROI (a higher/better Return On Investment means you spent your money well) if all you care about is dueling but don’t really care to invest in the physical cards. The game is not any less real online so, really, cost becomes the big thing. With the way a lot of duelists play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG offline, it’s often much more expensive to duel “in real life”. Surely, Konami would love for all the online duelists to convert to the actual TCG but not everyone can afford the time or money for that.
  2. It’s easier to find the “right ones”.  When you duel random people in the traditional face-to-face manner, you’ll often run into people that are either way too advanced or too easy to beat. Playing online provides you with easy-to-use tools that help you determine who will likely be a better challenge while offering you a winning chance at the same time. Once you find people that you like to duel, a simple friend request is all you need to do to keep that connection alive, though you can also trade other contact information and likely forge a great friendship!
  3. You can duel at virtually any time. Some folks have duel groups and pseudo-online Yu-Gi-Oh! play available but with Yu-Gi-Oh! Online you can duel people at any hour, anywhere in the world, and it is much more convenient, to say the least. This is not to take away the value from discussion groups, forums, or any other Yu-Gi-Oh! resource, but this simple fact further supports the notion that YGOO play compliments a duelist’s efforts, if not completely facilitates them.
  4. It separates the duelists from the mere card collectors. It is my humble opinion that a good lot of the self-proclaimed “pro” duelists out there are mere card collectors and many of them are recipe users. It’s all about buying some expensive rare cards and compiling a killer deck that someone with less time or money to get those cards will likely succumb to. It takes a really good duelist to do ballsy things like just throwing together some booster packs to create a deck on-the-fly. I’m not saying that just because that’s my style but also because those are the sort of duelists that I respect and even look up to. Sure, the “C” in TCG means “collectible” but, personally, I am in it for the strategy, not the bragging rights of spending more money on my deck (though I do have some rare cards and many first edition cards, admittedly).
  5. It is really good training. I think it is undeniable that Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is one of the best ways for new players to get into the game. Playing one of the stand-alone console or PC versions is also a good move. In fact, Konami enjoys cross-selling and it makes sense because, as it is, tournaments are being held where people can use their Nintendo DS to play other duelists. That being said, YGOO provides a good balance of providing the challenge of human competition while keeping everyone within their effective capabilities. Many would-be duelists are scared away from Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG because they play the deck stackers and card collectors that totally destroy their basic/starter decks. Few people can handle losing, especially if it is a dominated loss, which is why playing online is great: losses hurt more because the games are faster and you can just keep on moving.

Those reasons alone should be enough to convince anyone with some sort of rational thought going for them but there’s more! Consider the deck building. I find it much easier to be able to manage hundreds and thousands of cards when I have filters and queries that help me easily identify cards that can go into new deck builds. Considering that the average duelist only has three or four decks that they’d use for serious play, that may not be a huge selling point but, if you enjoy making new decks every day like I do, that should thrill you! Read the rest of this entry »

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Adventures in Dueling: Yogi Explores the Dark World

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

I figured I would post once again while I am on a roll here.  Today was a nice end-cap to a great Duelist Trial.  I wish I didn’t have all this work to do but at least I am being good and not letting the game totally distract me…  Well, not as much as I usually can.  I enjoyed a good amount of DT action today and, I must say, I prefer DT over Gunslinger though both flavors are very tasty to the duelist palette, metaphorically speaking, of course.

I see that there are still a lot of the same decks out there though some people are running more advanced decks such as insane burn and last turn decks. YGOO2 brought with it a great affinity to the Dark World cards and, I must say, this is a trend that I really think is cool. One of my favorite things about my favorite cards (yes, that is very much redunant) is having flexibility. For our purposes, when I refer to a card’s or deck’s flexibility, I am referring to how adaptable the cards are. Many YGO cards are deceptively simplistic in their description but actually serve deeper purposes than what they may initially let off.

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What’s New: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution – YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Version 2 (Duel Evolution – w00t) is yummy INDEED!!!

At first glance, it seems like the game has been made more “kiddyish” but dueling just a little reveals that the community is more diverse than ever.  With the release of YGOO2 came some much-needed chat interface fixes.  You can now scroll up and type with little or no lag.  These things alone are huge differences for those of you out there that may jaded duelists from the “old-school” YGOO days. Chat is also tabbed, so you can chat with only those that are nearby, in your duel, or in the room/arena. I’m big on communication so nice chat features like this get a super-duper “YAY” from me!! =oD

You’ll notice that the approach to dueling is very distinct now. You run around and actually see people standing about, perhaps chatting or dueling with others. The creation of your online persona is far more complete, thus lending further to the rich community features that YGOO2 has set forth. Not only do you get to create your own avatar/character, but you get to make a little profile for yourself. These little touches make the game feel more people-focused and warm, for lack of better expressions. Back to the unique way that duels are handled, you can make your own duels or auto-duel, like before, but now it’s easier to see who is looking for certain types of duels as character names change colors depending on what mode they are in. Green represents “auto-dueling”, blue means that the person created a room, and orange means that the person created a private/password-protected room. It’s these small changes that go a long way, if you ask me!

A HUGE tip for first-timers on YGOO2: disable the auto-tracking feature. Just click on the wrench during a duel and you’ll be all set. This feature has made me lost a few duels simply because it makes your cursor fly about and select cards that you did not have any intention of clicking on. If you have a fast trigger finger like I do, that gets annoying quickly; especially if you play on multiple handles/aliases. Mini NAY on that because it’s only a small nuance, really.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Gunslinger, Duelist Trial, and MORE – EVOLVED!!!

Posted by Yogizilla on March 3, 2007

Yes, it’s true: your favorite official Yu-Gi-Oh! Online events are now better than ever. Just today, the first round of Duelist Trial completed but there will be more goodness to come. The beauty of Konami’s approach is that it is more newbie-friendly. They are practically giving away good cards now so that it all comes down to the best strategies winning, not the most-stacked decks, so to speak. It is because of this that DT wins can win you up to 3 cards per round while Gunslinger rounds now win you up to 5 cards per round, which is significantly more than before.

Now you can win less matches in a row and get the special cards that everyone raves about. You can always tell what these special cards are when you see most people whipping out new cards in their decks. I remember when the special card was Spirit Reaper and that cheese started. Then there was Injection Fairy Lily. Those cards are now staples in many deck builds so it goes to show you how these events stimulate more competition.

Don’t forget: 3/20 (that’s THIS month) marks the first round of the Championship Tournament. This is essentially the first major tournament of the new year (whether you go by the Chinese calendar or otherwise). If you are particularly competitive, now is the time to stock up on Duel Points and start tweaking your tourney-ready deck. There’s still plenty of time and I’m sure Konami will surprise us with more events. Don’t forget that events take place on Japan Standard Time (JST) so, usually, the end-of-week events take place around late-night Thursday through early-morning Saturday, for those that may be missing out.

In other news, Booster Pack 37 was just released on 3/2 (yesterday) so be sure to explore the contents of this new, exciting deck. Dragon decks are becoming popular once again (then again, they’ve always been spiffy) and it seems that people are intrigued due to the nice wrapper art. Expect updated card lists (a’la DuelPassOnline) or at least some useful card previews and spotlights. All in due time… For now, why don’t you see if you can meet fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! players in YDP’s chat room (YAY Java)?

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