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Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ+

For the latest answers and solutions, browse the FAQ category/tag on our main blog page to see our most common questions and issues tackled. We’ll keep this FAQ as updated as possible and, since YGOO is constantly evolving, please excuse us if we miss something and, by all means, let us know if we do. Thanks for checking back in and we hope you find this information very useful!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Community – Frequently Asked Questions (Some data may be obsolete Yugioh-Duelpass.net information.)

Q. What are the best options for online Yu-Gi-Oh! duels?

A. Now that we no longer sell Duel Passes, our recommendations may carry a little more weight (at least we hope that’s the case)! Web cam duels have always been an option for those that can’t afford the time to duel face-to-face but the risks of cheating and other administrative headaches make this a less viable option. At the time of this writing (2011), Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels for the XBox 360 is probably the best option when it comes to getting real bang for your buck; however, you won’t get the fun of the endless events and constant updates that comes with being part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online community.

Both the XBox 360 and PC games allow you to duel NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) for free so it’s worth giving Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Accelerator and Decade Duels a look (or another look if you have checked them out previously). We understand that most folks are on a budget these days so the console route may be the best way to go; however, be ready to do lots of dueling or at least obtain some of the DLC card packs before you can beef up your favorite deck builds/recipes. Now, we always hear about third-party apps for online duels and such. Use those at your own risks but we much rather stick to the malware-free, tried-and-true stuff; besides, a game is only as good as it’s third-party support (i.e. the presence of a strong community)!

The Nintendo DS Yu-Gi-Oh! video games are probably the cheapest right now.  They’re FREE to play online.  We cannot recommend web cam and independent/unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG online sites due to security concerns and ease-of-use issues.  This includes SetoKaiba.com and similar services.  If it’s not endorsed by Konami or Shonen Jump, you may use these online Yu-Gi-Oh! games at your own risk.

Q. Is Yu-Gi-Oh! really just for kids (I hear Magic the Gathering or Naruto TCG are better)?

A. First, here’s our official DPO disclaimer: the opinions expressed on DPO are those of our team members and are not necessarily those of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Konami, Shonen Jump, or any affiliates, intellectual property owners, publishers, developers, and other first parties. Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to say that I I’ve played TCGs and CCGs for well over two decades now. While MTG (Magic the Gathering) is arguably the first on the scene, I don’t think it is necessarily the best.

As an Anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! is enjoyable but not for everyone. Consider it an acquired taste. Surely, it is marketed mainly towards kids and us grown-ups have to temper our expectations a bit more since it is a bit formulaic and lacking on substance/story. As a TCG/ Yu-Gi-Oh! can definitely compete with the big names in the TCG/CCG industry. Even without the introduction of synchro summons and the more complex game mechanics, Yu-Gi-Oh! is very much an in-depth strategy card game.

I enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! because it’s not a game driven by fat wallets. In MTG, usually the person that can afford the ultra rare, super-expensive cards will win, unless they are completely incompetent. The MTG community is far more elitist so it’s not a game that welcomes the masses. Yu-Gi-Oh! can be picked up by virtually anyone but it is a thinking geek’s game so you can’t just play wildly and win. You need to train, practice, and really give it a chance.

I love that a truly remarkable duelist can take a few packs of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and build a deck that can give even the most expensive, cheesy decks a real run for their money. I’ve won many duels myself mixing up random cards and ignoring the cookie-cutter themed decks we see out there. To me, that makes for a very balanced, inviting game. Yu-Gi-Oh! is great fun, win or lose, if you know what you are doing.

I say that Yu-Gi-Oh! is more inviting than most strategic games because it’s easier to learn. MTG and comparable games have intimidating mechanics that may turn off beginners, along with the snobbery of the veteran players. That said, is Yu-Gi-Oh! for kids? Not at all. It’s great for everyone but, as you mature as a person and a gaming geek, you’ll appreciate it for different reasons. What makes a game “better” is purely subjective.

If you like to spend lots of money and rub your expensive cards in someone’s face, Yu-Gi-Oh! is probably not for you. If you like to have fun, meet friendly geeks, and not have to blow your life’s savings away into what, for most, is just a hobby, then Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is definitely worth exploring. Either way, I’ll gladly delete any comments from people calling us Yu-Gi-Oh! fans “gay” or “childish”. Really? Let’s grow up, folks.

Q. What’s up with all the non-YuGiOh content?

A. While we will still center our content around the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime and TCG universe, we’ve noticed that our top-ranking content resides with all things related to Anime, Manga, and video games. We’ll remain fundamentally the same but will cater to a wider audience. As such, some questionable content may be unavoidable. We will not guarantee DPO will never have NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or NSFK (Not Safe For Kids) content since the nature of Anime, Manga, and video games has always been very diverse, especially now. Parental guidance is suggested. We’re all for family-friendly fun but we also appreciate our more mature geeks here on DPO. Thank you all for your continued support!

Q. Should I be offended that you called me a geek?

A. Not at all. As far as we at DPO and NoF are concerned, geeks are cool. The spirit of geekdom is enjoying unusual and perhaps non-mainstream things but geeks are becoming more mainstream these days, ironically. Just look at the shows The Guild and The League – those are, without a doubt, geeks! They are passionate about things that, for the average person, may seem silly. BTW, we heart Felicia Day and Michele Boyd.

Though some would use “nerd” and “geek” interchangeably, I believe there is a distinction. We at DPO try to remove the stigma of geeks being losers, whether you’re a video game geek, Anime geek, Manga geek, or what-have-you. Be proud of your geekyness and embrace it! We geeks avoid the beaten paths and make our own paths. It’s all about total OWNAGE, whether you triumph in PvP action or discover rare findings.

If we call you a geek, consider it one of the highest compliments possible!

Q. Why am I unable to use PayPal to place my order?

A. Before we can accept PayPal business from a new or unverified customer, various verifications must return with satisfactory results. Anything questionable in the reports we run can warrant an order cancellation or request for alternate payment. You’ll notice MoneyBookers is our preferred payment processor. The reason for this is that, as merchants, we can offer this option and keep prices competitive for our customers. We also find that MoneyBookers is much more secure for both payees and payers. It is mutually benefit to setup an account with MB rather than use the standard PayPal that one may be accustomed to.

Unfortunately, since PayPal is so popular, there are many exploits that have been well-documented. Most fraud that small businesses deal with often comes from using a pay processor such as PayPal. This is not in any manner a way of saying that PayPal is not a great service but we do feel additional layers of security are necessary to ensure the best and safest shopping experience time and again.

That being said, we try to verify all new (to us) PayPal accounts in 2-3 business days. This turn-around can be sooner (usually is) or later, depending on how busy we get. Let me reiterate that, even if your PayPal account is verified, we must perform our third-party checks to validate all provided data before any goods and services can be exchanged. As such, we reserve the right to reject any business that provides reasonable doubt or uncertainty. Once you create an account and provide us with your credentials, we can enable PayPal as a pay option for you, contingent upon your no negative data being reflected in the reports and tests that we run.

Q. Is there anything I can do to increase the chances of the PayPal option being enabled on my account?

A. Though we strongly urge all our customers to consider other payment options that not only save them money by cutting out hefty transaction costs but ALSO give them a more secure consumer channel, we understand that the covenience of PayPal and consolidating finances can drive the need to use of their service. If it is your intention to use PayPal and no other service, the #1 thing I can recommend is that you use an e-mail address on PayPal that matches the account you use with us and correspond to us with.

Free e-mail accounts are typically flagged by most pay processors by default, simply because anyone can create an account. It’s also possible to hijack accounts or spoof e-mail accounts so we do not leave the e-mail address synch as the end-all check BUT it does weigh heavily into everything that we factor into the PayPal account verification process. Other things we look at include payment history, credit scores, and anything of the sort. I want to personally assure you that we do not invade anyone’s privacy. All the data that we pull up is public territory.

The long story made short here is this: make sure that everything you give us is consistent. If you suspect anything may come up that may cause some concern, feel free to submit an explanation in advance and we’ll consider it. Again, I reiterate that there are no guarantees. If inconsistencies occur, we will work with you as much as possible but priority will go to those that work with us to ease the process. Just because one order is delayed, doesn’t mean the rest should be too. It’s all in the name of fairness. Put yourselves in our shoes or those of another customer.

Q. Can I have a free duel pass?

A. We’ll do better than that: we will share a little-known secret with you. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online now has a FREE practice duel lobby (limited time only). You won’t get ranked by dueling in there but something is better than nothing. We’d love to give out more freebies and prizes but we are still a very small shop even if we are one of the TOP 10 worldwide suppliers. In the future, we will do some contests so stay tuned for that.

Q. Can I use PayPal?

A. Certainy but keep in mind that your payment will not be accepted if any security flags are set off. This includes the use of IP spoofers, proxise, free e-mail address, fake telephone numbers, and the like. Before the PayPal option becomes available, there is an extensive pre-screening process so, if you want to skip out on the hassle of it all, go with Moneybookers. The MB option is pretty much PP with more security features, better rates, and a much more user-friendly interface. Why not switch? It can be as fast as five minutes! BTW, we noticed that this question has been addressed several times but it is also asked ten times as much so we are making sure folks are paying attention here by repeating this critical message. *wink*

Q. Want to duel me?

A. We love to duel our customers but we’re busy folks. We are considering implementing a duel challenge and ladder system on yugioh-duelpass.net so that we can schedule such duels easily. For now, you’ll just have to see if you catch us on YGOO. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out what my game handle is but I won’t expose my team members. Ha! Be sure to take advantage of our new challenge page to duel our team and supporters as well!

Q. Why is there a delay in duel delivery lately?

A. With the shift to USB duel passes, supplies on cards are scarce. They are still being published and are in circulation but it’s hard to get your hands on them. We are one of the resellers that employs the most trusted supply channels and, even with those connections, we can’t keep up 100% supply continuity. The good news is that we have found some new suppliers and hopefully they can commit to our standards of quality so that we can develop a brilliant business relationship!

Q. Why is there a shortage in card supplies?

A. Well, part of it is what was just mentioned. The hardware duel pass is more convenient in some cases so some suppliers are pushing for that more. We like to give our customers flexibility in the cards they receive and the fact that we e-mail the codes rather than ship them is a big advantage for us. Keep in mind that the USB devices are great but you do not get the cards you get with the core duelpasses. There have also been reports of DOA (dead on arrival) issues so, really, the option is a good one but, as there is with anything, there are pro’s and con’s to assess.

A bigger reason why YGOO DP’s are hard to find is because it is still a cult game of sorts which means that mainstream retailers will not carry it. As the demand grows, the supply shrinks. That’s really at the heart of the issue here but that is a good thing because that means new people for you all to duel and more chances that you will see less cookie-cutter recipes and more wild stuff like a Level 2 ONLY monster deck – imagine that originality! ;o)

Q. Why is my telephone necessary?

A. We require a one-time telephone validation once a customer exceeds a certain amount of order volume (in dollars, not units purchased). Other things may trigger this but, essentially, the reason we do this is simple: it helps us crack down on cases of identity theft, information falsification, and other foul play. Reducing our capital loss helps us keep prices competitive and build our business more so we can offer different services. Sadly, people that try to exploit the system don’t think about the next guy so they ruin it for everyone.

Q. What is better: traditional duelpasses or “duelkeys”?

A. This question is purely subjective but I will say this: with traditional duelpasses, you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling. We’ve received many reports of DOA (dead on arrival) hardware with the USB duelpass keys. Technically, these are supposed to be easy-to-use but we’ve found people breaking them before the cards and points even complete transferring. On that end, it depends what you are comfortable with and how fast you need DP.

The USB duelpass devices are cheaper, on average, than buying actual cards. The major trade-off aside from the delivery time is the fact that you will get some random cards whereas with the traditional card system you get to pick what you get. Admittedly, there are some nice cards in those random sets, including one of my (Yogizilla) personal favorites: Dark World Lightning (straight from the Elemental Energy card series). There are rumors that future card packs will include more cards from Rise of Destiny, Flaming Eternity, and The Lost Millenium. I don’t know abotu you but that excites me since those are some of my favorite of the more recent YGO expansions.

In any case, the duelpass keys are more affordable if you can get them at a local store or have the time to wait for a delivery; otherwise, go for regular cards. That’s just our recommendation. To us, it comes down to the process. Our unique approach is to e-mail the codes and cut out the need for shipping and handling; waiting for backorders is enough as it is and, with the growing demand for DP, backorders are inevitably more frequent. Few other vendors do this which is why we really advocate traditional duelpasses over keys, though we have sold all types of passes. Feel free to sound off on this because your opinions help us determine what to focus more on.

Q. If I upgrade to Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution (YgOO Version 2), will I lose my cards and Duel Points (DP)?

A. This is one of my favorite things about upgrading to the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online: you keep everything! In fact, YGOO Duel Evolution gives you a lot more community features such as more profile options, customizable avatars/characters, a more complete chat interface, and a fully-functional friends list. Ah, on that last note, you DO lose your friends list in the upgrade but, since it is easier to find people now, you can easily rebuild it so no worries!

Q. Who do I contact if I am having technical issues with YGOO?

A. Many folks have made the mistake of e-mailing us regarding their issues with the online game but your best bet is to go to the official Konami site for YGOO. Though we’ll often help steer our customers in the right direction for simple problems, we must make the disclaimer by stating that we are not in any way affiliated with Konami; that is, beyond being one of their major resellers internationally, especially in the US and Canada. Generally-speaking, e-mail support takes a while so always check for other FAQ’s, announcements, and the like first.

Q. Why can’t I find what I am looking for on the official YGOO site?

A. The chances are that you, like many of us have done in the past, have gone to yugioh-online.com and not yugioh-online.net, which are two very different sites, it turns out. I blame the cyber squatters that are trying to make a dime off of domains that they never had any intention of using but that’s a whole different story. Another big thing to watch out for is choosing the right flag/country in the front page as that can change content completely depending on what you are looking for (especially if you are trying to purchase DP).

Q. Why can’t I purchase DP from Konami’s site? How can I get duel passes?

A. This can be a few things but, typically, it means that you are either in the wrong section of their site or you live in a country where Konami does not sell duelpasses directly. One may ask “why would Konami turn down business like this” and the answer is simple: they want to make YGOO more attractive to resellers as that is what helps make a product more popular. Some call it viral marketing, others just call it smart business. Bless your hearts, Konami decision makers!

Q. Which do you like better: the old YGOO or the new one?

A. My cop-out statement is this: both are good in their own regards. For a more complete answer, read our YGOO2 review. We’ll tackle that question better in that article/post!

Q. How does one send private messages on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution?

A. YGOO2 handles messaging with an effective tab system. Just about everything about chat has been fixed, including the weird random spikes and character lags. Private messages are still cumbersome, however: type “/NAME MESSAGE” where “NAME” is replaced with the destination party’s YGOO handle/screen name. Those that are used to IRC may find this weird but some MMORPG’s use a similar system so it shouldn’t be TOO bad to get used to. Yay for chat tabs!

Q. Where did the free duel lobby go?

A. Well, we all knew the free duel lobby was not going to stick around. It’s nice in theory but there are just too many cheap people out there that would exploit the system and put honest, hard-working folks out of business. All good things must come to an end, as they say. I’d say that Konami found some good middleground by adding more perks to the game and leveling out the playing field. All the bonus cards and competitive opportunities make the game much more fun for novices and experts alike. We suspect that Konami will do the free practice lobby thing again when the next major upgrade is on the horizon… Or when they want to increase their user base. Until then, you can always create a new account…

Q. Where can I get free duel passes or YGOO hacks?

A. We realize that the younger folks out there will disregard this message but here goes: DO NOT trust anyone promising YGOO hacks or free duel passes. Most of these promises lead to ugly things such as spyware, viruses, account phishing, and more. If you do not scare easily, then perhaps we can appeal to your sense of pride. Only losers try to cheat a system made to be accessible by all. You don’t want to be a loser, do you? Of course not! If you really like the game, clean someone’s yard, make $20, buy a Duel Pass or two, then reward yourself with a slice of pizza and some soda pop. We definitely frown down upon cheaters since we feel that it defeats the spirit of gaming which, to us, is simply fun for all.

Q. Is it possible to use SMS payments for global transactions?

A. As Yu-Gi-Oh! shops become more and more scarce, we have become a bigger international supplier; however, we do not provide SMS as a payment option currently. SMS is still relatively new and, from a business perspective, it may cost us more to maintain, which means increases in prices passed onto our customers. For international business, we recommend Moneybookers. If you use PayPal, in my humble opinion, Moneybookers is a great improvement on many levels. I use it for my personal transactions whenever possible and have never had a problem whereas, with PayPal, you can run into lots of problems. Moneybookers protects buyers and sellers alike while PayPal tends to just tell you “buy at your own risk” and leaves you alone. If we see enough business come in by way of SMS, we’ll definitely consider that. Please, by all means, send us messages explaining why you think it is a worthwhile feature to implement – we’re open to suggestions! For the time being, we have every base covered so it all comes to how much research our customers do. We are safe, we are trusted, we are as secure as they come but don’t take our word for it – ask around!


I believe that covers the main questions. I should add more later and, as I said, I’m looking to do a FAQ. If you have any questions you’d like to see more thoroughly addressed, please e-mail me at yogizilla@yugioh-duelpass.net and I’ll be more than happy to consider your addition for our list!! My main goal with this post is to assure you that we have YOUR best interest in mind throughout all the standards we have implemented in our daily operations.

Again, any time you want to know something, please comment on the appropriate blog/topic or shoot us a line. Thanks for stopping by – don’t forget to tell your friends!

82 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ+”

  1. tenkai said

    how can i get to the free duel lobby?

    • Yogizilla said

      Just look for the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and battle them. If you battle a non-human player, it’s FREE on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online. This may not be much to some but it’s a start. We’re still hoping Konami goes with a microtransaction model with YGOO, much like what you see on Combat Arms, Gunbound, and other online video games. We can dream, right?

  2. yeah!! where can we find the site?

  3. yarzar00 said


  4. yarzar00 said

    MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS ya_za_oo@yahoo.com.sg

  5. Yogizilla said

    E-mail sent! I’d hate to break it to you but there are no free duelpasses out there. I was a young lad once and I found ways to get my parents to put things on their charge card. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is very, very affordable so I don’t know what to tell you folks! We can’t give freebies or we’d be out of business. The mark-up we see on our duelpass prices is not that big to begin with.. For real! =oP

  6. darkyarzar00 said

    why konami is taking money from kids?do you thiks it that good yogi.i know business is importent. but that not good to take money from kids.i wish konami to duel for free.free duel no need to buy duel pass:(((((((((((((((

  7. darkyarzar00 said

    yogi you are stand for konami.are you let them taking money from kids.there are money online game.but they dont take money to play.

    if you are there please reply

  8. darkyarzar00 said

    Q. Can I have a free duel pass?

    A. We’ll do better than that: we will share a little-known secret with you. Yu-Gi-Oh! Online now has a FREE practice duel lobby (limited time only). You won’t get ranked by dueling in there but something is better than nothing. We’d love to give out more freebies and prizes but we are still a very small shop even if we are one of the TOP 10 worldwide suppliers. In the future, we will do some contests so stay tuned for that.

    hahaha where is free practice duel lobby???????

    you mean free duelist trial ?it take duelpointssssssss

  9. Yogizilla said

    Thank you for sharing your concern with us here, Yarzar. I hope my insigt will explain things to you better…

    The economy of gaming is a very complicated thing. I am a game developer/designer and I can tell you that I have made little money whenever people make their games free to play or use some other strange price structure. It’s hard to make a living when everything is free. I guess it is something you can only appreciate if you are old and really understand the value of a dollar.

    As I have said before, freebies are nice in concept and we all like them but people must be reasonable. We are a small, humble shop. The money we make off duelpasses is not that significant. Imagine if we sold them at close to our cost! Having a little profit here and there helps us stay stocked, invest into the time, and drive more value to our paying customers.

    The used game market is a good example of trends that are hurting the industry. Stores are shutting down, retail prices on games are going up again, and developers have to start advertising in-game and doing other practices that take away from otherwise fun, pure experiences. If the entire world decided to go “free”, the quality of games would surely go down and there would be far less variety simply because it is a winner-take-almost-all marketplace.

    Pay-to-play games work because they create value through ongoing efforts, frequent content updates, and increased perceived value. Think of it this way: how many people REALLY find something free to be truly valuable? Rarely ever so. We like free stuff because they cost nothing but, when we have to pay for something, that is when we see how much it really means to us. Perceived value is huge in this market. Look at World of Warcraft: many games are out there like it, some are free, yet WoW dominates the MMORPG market right now. They are not the cheapest game nor do they really offer freebies. Anarchy Online, on the other hand, is an older game with far more variety, innovation, aesthetic value, a deep RP community, and tons of features that were offered, at many times, for free for an entire year yet their user base is dwindling. Why would that be?

    The economy of the gaming industry is very complex and fickle.

    Konami is not taking or stealing money from fans. They did not go with a monthly pay-to-play scheme which is great. You buy points and they last virtually forever. You pay as you go along and, if you run out of points, you can play one of the many other free Yu-Gi-Oh! games or do webcam duels, like some of the other penny pinchers do. Either way, they are not trying to take money from kids – in fact, that’s illegal in the US! Parents reserve the right to pay or not. If your parents do not think you deserve $3-5, then maybe you need to do more chores, work harder in school, or be extra nice to them! ;o)

    Whatever way you chop it up, this system is more than fair. I think Konami’s goal is to bring in new kinds of gamers. We have much older duelists on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online, which makes it appealing to old farts like me. They’re trying to cultivate a different kind of gaming community. The kids are still welcome but they realize the kids don’t have money so they’re going for those with the spending power. I see this game bringing families together. Dads and their kids dueling together – that ROCKS!

    As for the free practice duel lobby, I mentioned that was for a limited time only. As of now, there is no such thing though Konami may bring that back as a seasonal/temporary thing here and there. Sorry if I sound like the harbinger of doom but I’m trying to paint a realistic picture for you. If you wish to duel for free, get the game for your Nintendo DS or play one of those web-based Yu-Gi-Oh! games that are out there. Obviously, the online PC game offers some unique experiences if people are trading those other things for it. To each their own! Good luck in your search for a free ride. =o]

  10. chaos89 said

    how come i cant buy online passes with a debit card??????

  11. Yogizilla said

    Debit cards should work fine so long as they have a major credit card processor/clearinghouse attached. You can tell by the MasterCard or Visa logo. Those are your best bets, for the most part. If your debit card is a Star, Cirrus, or other type of card, it likely won’t work for online purchases, which applies to many web shops. As I recommended elsewhere, try obtaining a pre-paid charge card such as those provided by Green Point and Western Union – it’s pre-paid so you don’t have to worry about going over your limit! =oD

  12. Bee Vang said

    I been playing the game for sometime now and I have notice a lot of people wanting the prices of duelpasses to drop down or so.
    I just have a question, will that day ever come?

    I been thinking…

    I know bussiness is involve in this, but how come Konami is making it so we have to pay for duels?
    Why not make it so we pay for cards instead?

    They could make more money if we have free play and pay for the cards and/or packs instead?

    Like in the Yugioh/Real World…
    Cards and Packs should be sold
    Not duelpasses
    free packs should be given to winners in tournments

    I only think thats right because alot of people wants to duel, but don’t have the money

    If Konami let us have free duel and give us like a card shop or whatever, then they would make a lot more money then letting us buy duelpasses because people would want to get more cards.

  13. Yogizilla said

    It’s already much too late for Konami to change what has been in motion for three years or so now. There are too many cards in circulation so people would not buy them when they can get them for free. Technically, right now, you DO pay for cards. There are the themed decks and the single, limited-edition duelpasses.

    Trust me, I understand what you are saying but I don’t think, on a wide-scale, it would be worth it for Konami to change things. I think that they see it as a way to keep the competition tight. Those that don’t really want to duel won’t pay for it and those that pay for keeps will pay for it. Like I said, you only pay for what you duel so, if you don’t play 24/7, it comes out to being cheaper than it is buying real cards to duel.

    I see Yu-Gi-Oh! Online as something that compliments offline dueling, not as a replacement. I’m sure Konami sees it the same way. Duelpasses don’t cost that much right now. Maybe it’d be nicer if they were cheaper (I know that many resellers would love that too since the profit margins stink right now). We can only hope they will hear our cries for that. 8)

    BTW, free packs are already given to winners in tournaments. Hopefully, Konami will bring back the free practice lobby, at least as a seasonal thing. I know that’d make lots of people feel much less pressured. =o]

  14. jay said

    where can i duel the comuter in yugioh

  15. jay said


  16. Supernova513 said

    If you want to play an online Yu-Gi-Oh! game without having to pay but still have all of the same features, go to http://www.Setokaiba.com You can play the same game for free. And they don’t start you off with shitty cards in the beginning. You get all of the cards in the beginning.

  17. Yogizilla said

    There you go guys: another site to duel for free. I haven’t checked it out so this is purely a “do it at your own risk” sort of thing but there are plenty of free sites that are legit and allow you to duel others online. Enjoy!

    As I mentioned before, we in YDP-DPO are not trying to harbor customers for ourselves but, let it be known: selling duelpasses is NOT a lucrative business. Not by any means! In any case, in my humble opinion, I prefer starting off with crappy cards because it forces you to build up different dueling skills. Anyone can win with a stacked deck but maybe that’s just me. I like the thrill of wondering what cards you’ll get next or trying to go far in a tournament to get some rare additions to your deck…

    Good luck and great dueling to you all! =oD

  18. Taiyo said

    All the duelpass at http://www.yugioh-duelpass.net is aready sold out but i would like to buy more duelpass from that website.May i know when will it restock? I really hope it won’t take long until the next stock arrive.

  19. roman said


  20. Taiyo said

    Hi Yogizilla, may i ask you something?
    last two days ago i brought a box set of phase 5 but still been pending without any update…normaly the duelpass i buy will be update in 24 hours but this one have been 2 days and still no update.You know what have happen or can you help me fix it?

  21. Taiyo said

    Oh sry i forgot to mention that the box set of phase 5 i brought from is http://www.yugioh-duelpass.net/

  22. Taiyo said

    Now have been the 6th day and my phase 5 box set and E-hero deck that i purchase is still been pending in my account without any update…The order number is #1624 and #1625. Can any team member in yugioh-duelpass.net help me fix the purchase i made?
    I really will appreciate it.

  23. Taiyo said

    My order have been updated.Thx very much : )

  24. Taiyo said

    Hi Yogizilla i got some problem can you help me?
    the box set phase 5 [order number #1624] i order since last
    3 week[6/10/07] and update in [12/10/07] said “waiting for stock”
    (it show “buy now” but not “preorder” so i thought aready in stock) but until now it didnt sent to me..may i know how long more will it take for the box set to be sent to my house?i didnt play YGOO since last 3 week because i used all my money to buy the box set.So please atleast reply me. I will really appreciate it.

    P.S.:(sry if my english is bad i didnt mean any offence)

  25. Yogizilla said

    Hi Taiyo!

    I do not see any records of your transaction on my side but, unfortunately, I do not handle fulfillment and I am having trouble reaching our Canada warehouse (I am in the US). What is your full name on the order? Right now, I have three orders being fulfilled via PayPal but the name “Taiyo” does not appear anywhere.

    I know that all vendors have had supply issues. Box sets are quite scarce. Worst-case scenario, we’ll issue a refund back but please e-mail me at yogizilla@yugioh-duelpass.net and CC sales@yugioh-duelpass.net with the information I requested a couple of weeks back:

    * Full Name
    * Payment Method
    * Transaction/Order Number
    * Item Number

    …The more information you can get me, the better. Let me know – I’ll definitely go to bat for you! I am a bit worried myself because, usually, the guys are quick about this stuff. I can’t get in touch with my lead guy over there which has me concerned.. but are you sure you ordered via yugioh-duelpass.net?

  26. Taiyo said

    Thx very much for replying me yogizilla i really appreciate it.
    I have sent all my info to your e-mail and sales@yugioh-duelpass.net
    IF you didnt received it or need more info pls let me know, i will resent it again.By the way the ordered i made is from yugioh-duelpass.net(thats how i find this website) and the payment method i use is moneybooker but not paypal. If you found out any answer about my box set pls reply to my e-mail or here.
    Thx yogizilla 🙂

  27. Taiyo said

    Hi Yogizilla,I have received the email you sent to me.
    Thx very much for helping me check my box set 🙂
    Now that i know the box set will arrive i feel more relief now.
    When i start playing YGOO again hope we can meet there and duel =D

  28. tarik said

    well i want to ask about something,can i buy with a duel pass with a SMS even if i us the number phone because i dont now is there is a worldwide phone number
    exemple : i ilve in a country in africa , and i send to france a sms to buy a duel pass ,will that work?
    i ask this question i can’t use credit card or paypal ,the only way that i now is sms
    so will that work

  29. freq said

    y doesnt konami makes it that we pay a monthly fee of 10 dollars
    and during that time we can duel for freee?

  30. byron said

    yo i want to buy duelpass with sms but dont know how can somebody tell me plz

  31. byron said

    kan iemand me vertellen hoe ik een duelpass koop via sms?

  32. Sherry33 said

    guys listen out i have an ideea for yugioh online duel pass free go to duelpass.blogspot.com and register undder my name to bux and then make money and when we have sufficients money il buy dps for the ones who helped me.send me a mesage on duepass.blogspot.com if you have register and your name il check and then start making money because if we make money togeter we will get dp in no time.

  33. MoKO said

    Why cant you guys make it more easier, in Silkroad Online we can play as free as we can and if someone want to be high lvl he can buy by credit alot of things so he can lvl up faster, why cant you let the game more easy and let ppl play free and let them pay if they want strong cards or something, or at least why cant u give everyone 10 duels a day or something so he can pay if he want to duel more with his friends, i think ppl will like that more cuz the game is sux that way, beside i dont think that EVERYONE in the world can buy duel pass :S:S, i love yu gi oh and i like the game but now i hate it, i think u will gain more if u make it little free, Yu-gi-oh is one of the VERY famous games so i dont think it’s that hard to make it little free, i really hope that u can Fix that oneday cuz really alot of ppl hate the game this way :S, at least try to make the payment more easier :S

  34. José said

    I agree with MoKO, there are many free games, that offer lots of advantages to those who spend cash, such as Gunbound and MapleStory and they have been able to be in the market quite a while. So please, make it free, I think people can handle limited daily duels. But many fans of yugioh game such as us hate the fact that only people with momney can play it (besides duelpass is not available in Peru, my country, nor would I buy it). So please think it thouroughly. Thanks for reading this letter.

  35. Yogizilla said

    We agree with MoKo too, for the most part, but we can’t do anything about it. We do not manage the game. We only sell products. For now, we must all deal with the cards we are dealt. As I keep saying, yes, there are plenty of free games out there. If the price model really bothers people that much, then there are plenty of non-premium games out there available for free.

    I am actually a big fan of Gunbound and MapleStory myself. Their model works because they do not offer a completely secure product. It is well-known that the games come with built-in spyware and security holes. I’ve had my characters hacked plenty of times. Nothing is completely free, my friend, and, believe me, I say this because I am on both sides of the “fence” here.

    Trust me guys.. I feel your pain but there’s nothign we can do. We’re as much victims as you guys are. Please read my latest article so you can see my thoughts on everything. Duelpasses are available online in every country but, if you do not wish to buy them, that is a whole different story. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are tons of free Yu-Gi-Oh! games out there so it’s a moot point. You either pay for the premium experience or you go cheapy. It’s the difference between buying a BMW or a Hyundia. =oP

  36. Myouri said

    Why couldnt it be possible off global SMS payment? I’ve herd its only possible inside the UK. Please, tell me why. SMS would drive in a lot of money, I think. Kids dont got Visacards, but they got cellphones! Use that, ffs!

    I would be thankfull for awnser. 🙂

  37. Fabio said

    Hey Yogizilla…

    I just downloaded the game and it took me 10 hours to do so…My brother (younger than me) won the most of the duels and now he asks me to find some duelpass points so he can battle again…I know this buissnes thing is really complicated but believe me…ITS UR PROFIT IN IT…and duelpasses on my opinion are great and make this game more serious than free games played online.But …you see.i live in Albania…i dpubt most of u have ever heard it…and i cant secure a paypal account to buy duelpasses and u cant pretend that more than 40 people in my country know this game exists…even though there are too many young boys playing yu=gi-oh trading card game here (with false cards obiviously) so I was wondering…did u make this game only for americans or developed country players to win?? how can i buy a duelpass here where i cant have a credit card REGISTERED ONLINE??????? and i dont think u are pretendin me to buy it in a shop cause noone will ever shop that article…????GIVE ME AN ANSWER Yogizilla…

  38. TLW said

    i noticed on the Konami shop site that the USB duelpass isnt compatible with Windows vista..is that old or does it work on the vistas now? another question i had about the USB was after you use it is it possible to use it as a storage device?

  39. Andy said

    Konami is already ritch than it is with the tv shows and yugioh cards. Come on what more do you want from us kids!!! I mean if people use it more konami would get paid because of how many people are using yugioh online….

  40. Andy said

    How can you trust buying a duelpass with a credit card!! Specially our parents arent dum enough to make us waste money on points!! You guys have to understand that..

  41. someone said

    how about instead of charging for duels charge for better cards and let players who have those cards in rl scan em up. So we dont pay twice for the same thing.

  42. Phil said

    Hey, I guess I agree that bussiness is bussiness and you have to make some money with this great game. The thing is, most of us don’t have credit or debit cards. I’m getting a debit card soon but for all those kids who don’t have credit cards, you should previde some sort of cash transaction for the Duel Pass’s. Aslo, can someone name the name’s of some websites that offer downloadable yugioh content. (I’ve tried 4kidsTV.com, but that dosn’t offer downloads.) That would really help with the website I’m working on. It’s not finished yet but it’s almost done.

    P.S. For those of you trying to find free Duel Pass codes on the web. Take it from someone that knows first hand that there is basically nothing out there. Jeez, you’d think that the internet has everything but…

  43. MasterSora said

    there is an alternative to yugioh online. Not that i’m saying that its no good. Just the fact that you have to pay to duel just seems obsurd. go to http://www.setokaiba.com and download KCVDS it lets you duel online for free. but you will also need to download hamachi.

  44. memos said


  45. mvp78 said

    yes but how can i register on KCVDS ?

  46. kevekev said

    Damn! I cannot pay with visa or other paypal, cuz i’m just 13 yr old. Cannot they make duel for free, cuz my parents will NEVER buy on homesites! Cannot they please do it for free, i can play world of warcraft cuz i buy gamecard at spaceworld. Please! I wanna duel at Yo-Gi-Oh! online!

  47. Ray said

    There is still lots of way to go free and stay in business,like for example,a premium service or something similiar to that,like if you buy a premium service you will gain for example 2 cards per single duel and 4-5 cards per match while non-premiums,thats just a small example,but nvm that ;d

    I have a question do you have plans on making a PC game like Yugioh Online,but just a regular PC Game not online that is ?I think it would be cool ;d

  48. Ray said


    There is still lots of ways to go free and stay in business,like for example,a premium service or something similiar to that,like if you buy a premium service you will gain for example 2 cards per single duel and 4-5 cards per match while non-premiums 1-single duel,3-match,thats just a small example,but nvm that ;d

    I have a question do you have plans on making a PC game like Yugioh Online,but just a regular PC Game not online that is ?I think it would be cool ;d
    So those who can’t pay will just use the version to play against npcs and such,well like a regular game as you continue you gain cards etc etc..

    • Yogizilla said

      I’ve been thinking about developing a Yu-Gi-Oh! web game but it’d have to be completely done from scratch with different names for everything, due to copyright laws and such. It’s probably not worth it with so many Yu-Gi-Oh! video games out there and all, though it’d be cool. How about a game like Yu-Gi-Oh! but with different cards and characters? A new web-only TCG all together, perhaps? 8)

  49. Gandom said

    So this was i wont play this game nevermore why do i have to pay to get some fun . ha never gonna play it again

    • Yogizilla said

      Well, let me know when you can get servers and developers for free. I think I’d eat my hat before that happens. I like pay-as-you-go better than monthly subscriptions, really. Like others have said, there should be a premium service on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online but, then again, not everyone would pay, so it’d be the paying players picking up the tab for all the cheap/broker players. ;o)

  50. 4dwin said

    why credit cars from yugoslavia(should be serbia now -.-) aren’t accepted for buying duelpass?

    • Yogizilla said

      Great question. It has to do with the global economy and security standards. I’m sure there is a local or international reseller that offers more flexible payment methods. DuelPasses.com is one provider I can recommend. They use PayPal, which allows you many ways to load money into your account, including pre-paid cards available worldwide. While PayPal is risky for merchants, it’s very convenient for the consumer (you guys) and, since eBay bought the system, it’s become much more secure and accessible for the global market, IMHO.

      Don’t forget to visit The DPO Home Page (https://duelpassonline.wordpress.com) and tell your friends! 8)

  51. Rb said

    I’d love to be able to send in SMS to get DuelPass Points in Sweden tbh, I cannot get duel points in any other way, my father do not got any Visa or Mastercard, and there is no store here wich sells them. So pretty much SMS is the only way I got, and it’s really easy aswell. Just go to the local shop and refill your phone when you’re out of cash and start to duel to your desires. 🙂
    And since the store isn’t far away at all, it makes it really easy to buy duelpass’s aswell.

  52. Rb said

    And just for the record, I do think it would help other people from Sweden aswell… Not just me. I appeared pretty selfish there. xD

    • Yogizilla said

      Not selfish at all. It makes sense to have more payment options. It’s just to turn profit when offering different payment methods. These things take money to maintain, after all.

  53. JOViiol said

    hi i understand what ur saying. the game is really awesome. but since im a kid an my parents dont really want to put someting like this on their card i’m really bummed out. but i have one question.

    how come Tales Of Priates are free. why dont they charge money? their graphics are good. gameplay is good too.
    if in the future your little shop grows would you make dueling free for kids like me? we really want to be able 2 play this awesome game. plzzzzz reply.

    • Yogizilla said

      Those are great questions. Really, we have no control over Konami. People that sell Duel Passes are just supporting the game and making marginal profits like we used to when was a hub for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Pass purchases. That said, your parents can use PayPal or go to select retailers to buy DP without credit card bills being incurred. You can also duel computer players for FREE with Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Online for the PC.

      Yes, there are plenty of free online video games out there but someone is paying for it. It’s usually ads and microtransactions at work, and those barely cover the costs of running game servers, developing the game, and the like. It gets expensive to keep online games going, especially with the MMO variety of MPOGs.

      Like we’ve indicated on our FAQs, the Duel Pass system is not perfect but it’s better than paying monthly fees for something most of us only play casually. Konami has made many tweaks to Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and the current iteration of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Accelerator (or whatever it’s called now) seems to be going in the right direction. We’re all hopeful. It’d be nice to have free duels everything month as a vote of confidence for us more casual duelists. 8)

  54. Adt2009 said

    there is a way to get free yugioh duelpass


    1.make account on bux (link on top)
    2. make a paypal account at https://www.paypal.com/us/
    3.surf ads to get $0.01 each ads
    4.do it every day and ref others so u can get money faster
    5.the ref link is in your “My stats”

    and u need $10 before u can cash transfer the money to your paypal account and done easy

    loads of people do this way, its easy its good and its free and can get other stuff from game website wit bux

    example:yugioho-online.net,gaiaonline.com and more when doin this way

    • Yogizilla said

      Sounds like GamingLagoon. Never heard of Bux so I can’t say I trust it. As always, use these services at your own risk.. Or read our FAQ for safer solutions. ;o)

  55. Adt2009 said

    If u hav any question send mail at hotmail to email bluedevil1996@hotmail.co.uk (u better not use this hotmail for games instead of using your own)

    • Yogizilla said

      I should probably warn everyone NOT to include e-mail addresses in public messages.. You’re just welcoming spam and trouble! Hmmm.. FAQ update time! 8)

  56. Vaba said

    omg its kinda pointless. i have to pay for some stupid duels passes. noway it should be free.

  57. Michael said

    What if I wanted to play but my country flag is not in the “select your country” bar??..how can i play??..and how can i purchase DP??..

  58. Slipher said

    please give an answer to this quickly… i am a duelist from the philippines and i am dying to join this online community and duel at least globally… but no duel pass is available at my country.. can you provide me the quickest, safest way to buy such… please!!!

    • Yogizilla said

      Hmmm.. To my understanding, your country is supported. I’ve seen plenty of folks speaking Tagalog and other pinoy dialects on YGOO. Weird.. May I suggest the XBox 360 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels video game? It has FREE online play (if you don’t count the XBox LIVE subscription)! =oD

  59. Bad4znboi said

    Do they have any duel that don’t need duelpass to duel?

    • Yogizilla said

      Indeed! The new Yu-Gi-Oh! Online has free dueling modes. It’s definitely a nice change of pace. Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Yusei will dig the new direction! Hopefully, Konami hasn’t turned off the fan base completely with pay-to-play. =oX

  60. buddylr2009 said

    Ok Here It Is I am Buddy I Can’t Afford Any Dueal Pass Points Because Of The Recession No Job I Love Playing This Game So How Can I Get Some Free DP PLEASE HELP! (I AM NOT CHEAP JUST POOR!)

    Yall Should Have A Recession Speical & Give 500 DP + A Free Deck To People Who Can’t Afford Them Because Of The Recession Make The Peps Happy For When We Get Jobs We Would Buy More Right!

    • Yogizilla said

      A noble cause indeed! Fortunately, you can play Yu-Gi-Oh! Online for free, just not the way you may want. Times are tough for everyone. We’ve abandoned selling or giving DP long ago. Charity work is very time-consuming, sorry to say.. We have our own bills to pay, after all! LOL

  61. Mikko said

    I still can’t belive these market nazi’s block most europen countries, they apparently have no clue how much no lifing heavy pursed people we got here that got absolutely nothing else to do on winters than wasting our money on online games.

    Particularly the fact they don’t allow paypal OR credit card paymets for FINLAND of all the places, is outrage for me. Heck, almost everyone I know here plays something online, even my mother does and she’s 65 !

    Konami’s game, their decision, and I spit at your face for that.

    I were happilly trying to buy few 150 passes and extra deck’s when I find out I can’t from Europe, unless I am german or Brit.

    Absolutely idiotic blocking of rich marketting areas, nice job asholes, you are killing your own revenues.

  62. eugcato said

    the poeple that make and modify yu gi oh online should please PLEASE make people under the age of 18 play for free but, u can make it that we can only play free duels 10 times a day(it can be even lower but please consider it and if somebody objects this or agrees may they say that they do)

    i understand that u guys want to have money but im a 10 year old nigeria and my parents dont even let me play my counsels on the skuldays not to talk of buyin things to let me play something online and they think every thing is a scam.

    please i beg of u to consider it and have a trail for a month or so and see if ppl r happy and u still get money

    • Yogizilla said

      That’s a wonderful idea, Eugene, but you have to understand that grown-ups can be greedy. Large corporations only care about the bottomline (how much money they make) and not what their fans want. The good news is that there are games on the consoles and portable gaming systems that let you play Yu-Gi-Oh! online for FREE without cheating, hacking, and possibly exposing yourself to viruses, security holes, more cheating, and legal action.

      I understand that many, if not most, Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists do not have tons of money or are too young to finance their hobby. There are options. Last I checked, Yu-Gi-Oh! Online has finally made free duels a reality by introducing NPC battles. In version 3.0, this has been improved upon. Today, we are in a better situation than in the days of Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution and Duel Accelerator, when you had to pay to do the slightest of activities, including passing gas and testing new decks.

      I think Konami is realizing now that they need to give a little to grow. It’d help if they focused more on the global market and making payment options easier. Really, they should consider a microtransactions online gaming model, much like what we see in Gunbound, Combat Arms, and the like. This will allow cheap or broke players to enjoy the basic experience. The more devoted duelists can enjoy a premium experience, hopefully sans the begging for DP and spam thereof.

      Just saying. ;o)

  63. mitko said

    the only thing i can say is wtf im a kid so?! we can get cash its not so hard to ask for 5$ isnt it? And even do i live in bulgaria we have dps there in any shop i THANK Yogizilla FOR ALL that he has done and all the comments he answered u aare the best man i hope i can help u whit whatever i can and even do we have dps im still going to ask for sms dps i mean something like 15 dp points 4$ that will do niceley 🙂 oh sorry for the bad english as i said im not very old and i started english 1 year ago (im 13) so i hope all of u (F)ing kids that want to look like poor and hungry cute angels i sugest u go and jump of a building!

    • Yogizilla said

      Sorry people. I don’t sell or give out duelpasses anymore. It got to be too much trouble. Everyone wants a free lunch. LOL

      I can appreciate being young or in a foreign market with little access to DP so why not play another Yu-Gi-Oh! game online? The Nintendo DS has plenty of them with wi-fi connectivity. Decade Duels on the XBox 360 is great too!

  64. agusputra said

    for free duel just try yugioh-legend.com

  65. kyle said

    is there duelpasses in south africa

  66. Xhuljano said

    yu gi oh is very good game but coost. there are no free cards , boosterpoints, duelpass. and sms are avaible only in some countries not to all. l am from albania and am 14 years. l dont have credit card. cant buy nothing.all hate yu gi oh because is not free!!!

  67. […] Yu-Gi-Oh! FAQ+ […]

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