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DPO Friends

Love DPO?  Check out our friends and affiliates at the following sites (collectively referred to as the Realm of NoF.. The NoF Network)!  Some of them may not admit it, but they are die-hard Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anime, and video game fanatics!  Now, if only we can get John H to come back to us…

  • http://www.duelpasses.com – Back in the days of the old Duelpass-Online and Yugioh-Duelpass web sites, the DPO blog focused on sharing the latest DuelPass and BoosterPass deals that we offered. Now we can proudly recommend our former competitor and new affiliate, DuelPasses.com for your Yu-Gi-Oh! Online DuelPass (DP) needs. Harry runs a tight ship. With years of experience and competitive pricing, I see no reason to go elsewhere. The best part is that codes are e-mailed to you so you have minimal time away from what I’d say is still one of the best online strategy games out there – Yu-Gi-Oh! Online for the PC!  Thanks to Harry, DPO fans can now use discount promo code “dponline” to receive extra savings on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online duel passes.  w00t!
  • http://nipplesoffate.wordpress.com – With our new NoF blog site, we’re looking to link up with guest bloggers and video game geeks while automating our “Pants Party” newsletter. It’s all about expanding the NoF Network (RoNoF, The Realm of NoF) and having fun while doing it. Please subscribe and let us know what you think – we’d love to chat with some geeky folks like us!
  • http://www.heroeslanding.com – Thanks to KiNgDeeM for sharing this site with us!  Heroes Landing is possibly one of the coolest comic book sites I’ve encountered in a while.  They have tons of collectibles, events, and comics to check out.  If you’re in the Clermont, FL area, you may want to ask about their cake-and-beer (release) parties – I hear Darth Maul handles security!
  • http://www.yugiohmint.com – Thanks to Beckett Game Strategyst, we discovered possibly one of the best sites for online Yu-Gi-Oh! purchases.  These guys are speedy and, like the web site name implies, stuff is shipped in mint condition.  I don’t know who their suppliers are but they have a lot of first and limited-edition stuff, including booster packs that have long been out of circulation.  Be sure to visit them often for new deals and promotions.
  • http://www.n-o-f.com – This is the site that started it all and, by “it”, I mean spreading the gamer geek love! NoF or N-o-F is the moniker for us Nipples of Fate. N-o-F.com is our legacy social gaming site but we welcome all gamers and geeks. Currently, the site focuses around front-page news and forums discussions so, if you like to chat it up, please join us. Really, most of us older Nips are getting rather lazy. “Lulz. It’s funny cause it’s true!”. WARNING: Some N-o-F content bay be NSFW or NSFK. We can be a very rowdy, Spartanesque bunch, to say the least!
  • http://kingdeem.wordpress.com/ – Special thanks to Nick (a.k.a. KiNgDeeMNoF) for working so hard to spread the NoF spirit and be my “bad cop” when needed. KiNgDeeM’s blog has made huge leaps and bounds recently. I particularly appreciate the cross-promotion and syndication efforts he has done across WordPress, eZineArticles, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Yahoo Groups, Steam.. The list goes on and on! I suppose my influence as the Tony Robbins of social media has really rubbed off. I love you, bud!
  • http://yogizilla.wordpress.com/ – Y3B started as a hobby but it is growing into an authority site on various geeky and small business topics. I recommend checking out Yogizilla’s Gaming Clan Series to see why I feel there needs to be some change and a sense of urgency in the video game industry, especially in the online, casual, and social gaming arenas.
  • http://www.spark-hq.net/ – Looking for ARC? Look no further! Spark-HQ.net is home to the latest incarnation of A.R.C. (Attack Retrieve Capture), a top-down action shooter that is deceptively simple and strangely addictive. Check it out to see how PopCap Games really started (John Vechey is one of my original mancrushes, up there with Michael Jordan and, nowadays, Dino Dogan, Dan Cristo, Danny Brown, and others). I also recommended looking up A.R.C. on Wikipedia. If you can add more to the review and Wiki sites out there, please do – keep the legacy of ARC alive!
  • http://www.leagueoflegends.com – I still say World of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, is one of the best games ever made. If for no other reason, it’s because that is where DotA Allstars exploded on the online gaming scene. In the spirit of DotA, League of Legends provides an action-focused RPG-esque RTS experience. The beauty is that you get to focus on hero combat rather than controlling massive armies. It’s all about the micro, yo. If you’re familiar with Line Wars, Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Naruto Wars, and other custom maps/mods for WC3, you’ll dig LoL.
  • http://www.squidoo.com/nof-geek-and-gamer-portal – In an effort to leverage the power of social media, we’ll be using Squidoo in conjunction with blogs and StumbleUpon to cross-promote our most fun and compelling gamer geek content. Joining the Squidoo community is fun and well worth it. You can find Squdioo lenses on a slew of topics that will interest every geek under the sun.. And it’s FREE! It’s also nice that the traffic generated by Squidoo lenses helps out charities. We elected to help out with the stray animal issue so please support NoF and tell your friends.
  • http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NoFia/ – If you love PC gaming, Steam is by far the way to go. Think of Pogo (formerly TEN, the Total Entertainment Network) with countless more choices and better deals. Really, it’s all the stuff we love about XBox LIVE without the hefty price tags. Steam offers tons of free and dirt-cheap video games, most of which support badges/achievements and online play. Join NoF on Steam and keep an eye out for weekly cheap gamer deals.
  • http://www.shonenjump.com – Shonen Jump has really upped their game by making each volume bigger and better than ever before. Practically every issue of Shonen Jump is jam-packed with freebies and strategies for our favorite games. Most importantly, Shonen Jump features some of the hottest Manga today. Go Japan GO!
  • http://www.tcofaugusta.net – It’s always cool finding local shops where geeks and gamers can hang out and meet their fellows. The Tournament Center of Augusta is one such place. It’s basically one huge LAN party and I hear some of the folks enjoy D&D (Dungeons And Dragons) and TCG dueling too!
  • http://www.comics-n-games.com – Thanks to KiNgDeeM for yet another fine catch. If I’m ever in the Clermont area, I’ll definitely check this place out. These guys offer tons of geeky events, collectibles, and comics so check them out and tell them DPO sent ya. For now, I’m happy with the Augusta Book Exchange and other local geeky shops in the area.
  • http://www.mundanechatter.com – I finally broke into Podcasting officially thanks to JulioFromNY. In my good buddy (and fellow Nip) Julio’s words, The Mundane Chatter Podcast is a no-frills all-talk show where Julio and a rotating cast of co-hosts share their geeky views and discuss whatever tickles his/their fancy. Check us out and let us know whatcha think! WARNING: Julio may come off mean with his caustic glibness but he’s really a sweetheart (you’re still a stubborn goat sometimes but I love you LOL).

…Be sure to look for NoF-branded web sites and pages, including our other goodies over at Squidoo, StumbleUpon, GameSpot, and MORE!

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  1. KiNgDeeM said

    Think you can do me a solid and add these guys for me thanks


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