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Mass Effect 2 Sexy? (NSFW: Nerd Porn-ish)

Posted by Yogizilla on July 10, 2011

Is Mass Effect TOO Sexy?

You be the judge.  All I know is that there are few games that I care about these days and Mass Effect is one of them.  Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age have also become quite dear to me.  Surprisingly, they are not multiplayer games (for the most part).  There’s just something magical about Mass Effect in particular..  Something “SEKSY!!”

With so many boring, cookie-cutter video games being released in the past few years, the Mass Effect series has been a breath of fresh air. I know some of the purists and feminists will argue that the series has gone downhill and   the sexual stuff is a cheap gimmick. Well, quite frankly, the series has done right by me so Mass Effect 3 remains one of the few games I am looking forward to, perhaps drooling over, just a bit.

If I had the time to spare, I’d go and replay Mass Effect 2 again and again (which says tons since I’m notorious for not finishing video games due to loss of interest).. Heck, I have yet to play the last expansion DLC! There’s so much junk out there these days but this series sticks out, regardless of how you feel about the so-called “controversial stuffs”. Mass Effect is very SEKSY to a die-hard nerd like me. Science fiction, great storytelling, dynamic characters, true RPG immersion, and intense action – what more can you ask for?

Oh, yeah, there’s this too…

Miranda Lawson, as envisioned by MadSpike (I like your vision, Mister).

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