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Hey Yu-Gi-Oh! DuelPassOnline Fans – Connect With @Yogizilla On StumbleUpon!

Posted by Yogizilla on August 21, 2011

So I’m really excited because, this week, I’ve been promoting the BEGEEBUS out of my article on Social Inbound Marketing on Unbounce.com and it’s gotten a great response!  Everyone has been awesome spreading the word around so it’s time to celebrate – ANIME PARTY TIME!

Hey, don’t fall asleep on me guys!  Christmas in the summer time is cool.  REALLY!

One Piece Christmas Party - What happens when you party too much...

Oops.. The One Piece gang may have partied too much.

Even better, I’ve been meeting tons of cool people and helping others promote their stuff via what I call the Support-A-Thon.  The premise of the Support-A-Thon is to help little-known web sites and online markters get their content in front of people that will find it interesting. No more spam, no more noise, no more pushing hard until someone finally budges.

So, I’m here to invite you to join me, Yogizilla, on StumbleUpon.  I also want to share why StumbleUpon beats Facebook and other social networks

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