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Duel Challenges

You requested, here it is: an area dedicated to duel requests and other YGOO-related challenges.  If you are on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and are looking for some practice or a friendly duel, drop us a line here and we’ll look you up.  Be sure to leave your handle, typical hours of play, and other pertinent information so that we may find you.

Don’t just stop on the basic information, either.  Let us know everything you’d like to share with the Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling world: how long you’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh!, where you live, where you have travelled to, other hobbies…  Whatever’s clever!  We want to help build the community up by showing folks that people of all backgrounds, ages, and interests play this game, not just the youngins!

Not only will this be a great way for duelists all over the world to get to know each other but also a great way to set up other fun challenges.  Check back here for challenge updates.  If you complete the challenge, be sure to share your experience in a nice comment!  Alternatively, you can e-mail us to have your testimonial posted in our “Mail Bag” area, or wherever it may be appropriate!

CHALLENGE #1:  David Versus Goliath

PREMISE:  Old-school duelists can appreciate a simple beatdown deck more than most but the object here is to make a deck that has no heavy-handed heroes.  That means put away your Egyptian god cards, Level 7’s, or whatever other cheesy hulks you may have in the trunks.  This is all about “finessing it” rather than playing hard-nose Yu-Gi-Oh!

CONDITIONS:  None of your monster cards can possess an attack higher than 1500 nor can they exceed Level 4.  The following cards are explicitly prohibited:

  • Injection Fairy Lily
  • Spirit Reaper
  • Gravity Bind
  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Nimble Mumongo
  • Giant Germ

OBSERVATIONS:  Take note of what combos you use to counter over-powering monsters and to avoid “invincible” monsters on the field.  What we’re trying to see here is how many people can breathe without really strong monsters and typical recipes here.

BONUS:  Complete the above challenge without using any monsters that are inherently invulnerable to battle damage and claim extra bragging rights!

CHALLENGE #2:  Counting Counters

PREMISE:  They say efficiency is the only way to survive in a tournament.  To many, that means never needing to swap cards from your side deck.  That may seem extreme but it sure makes for a fun challenge.  Seeing how most duelists use very similar, if not the very same, recipes these days, one has to wonder if there is a solid counter deck out there…

CONDITIONS:  Create a deck that will counter the most popular recipes out there.  This deck must be different from what you usually do and must have at least one major type of deck in mind.  The goal is to create a counter deck and see if you can adapt it to other deck builds.  Your deck must survive ten consecutive duels, whether they are singles or matches; that means ten duelists in a row.  The absolute must here is keeping a duel strategy in mind and countering it so avoid any multi-purpose builds,  though adaptability is part of the build, of course.

OBSERVATIONS:  Jot down the TOP 5 cards you saw the most (guesstimate if you must) as well as the general recipes and combos you saw.  You may find that everyone you dueled has a common core in their deck.  For extra fun statistics, see how long you can last with the same deck without making any adjustments.  How many counter counts can you reach before you revert to your old deck or make some major adjustments?

BONUS:  Add a little ziff to things by not using any limited cards and, if you dare, no semi-limited cards!

Don’t forget: when you contact us with your winning strategy, be sure to include which challenge you beat so that we can readily-identify, where on our web site we can feature your story! 

64 Responses to “Duel Challenges”

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  3. actually I dont know why the website does not show up in searches

    we are trying to get rid of the stock we have left .

    and we are not a scam

    thankyou very much

    sounds like your afraid of the competition

  4. Salar said

    i am 15 years old and i’ve been playing for a year. i keep trying to play online for free, but i can’t.
    wanna duel?!
    p.s i am looking for a scolarship out of Jordan.

  5. Yogizilla said

    Dear Mr. fdsfsas@aol.com,

    I’m sorry if having a few laughs at your expense offended anyone but you have to realize that blogging is a very pure medium. Spamming comments with shameless plugs is bad practice. Instead, you should have come clean by posting what you just revealed here. I would have been a lot more receptive to your comments if you took the proper channels. In fact, any other blog or forums moderator would have reported you as a spammer and had you blacklisted for posting in the wrong area, not really contribute to the discussion at hand, and going through the wrong channels for forming a vendor relationship with us, like so many others have. 8)

    Afraid of competition? LOL… With the huge demand in the marketplace (and such a shortage of supply to meet it), there is enough money to be made by all distributors. Heck, we’ve plugged other distributors (folks like OCDK, for example) to our customers in the past so that is a gross exagerration. At least my theories are based on actual facts and figures, not mere speculation aimed at discrediting my argument. Again, I realized it was provoked but consider how your post looks from my perspective.

    How long has YugiohOnlineXtreme been in business? If you just recently started up, that may be why you are not appearing in search engines (or in WHOIS records). Every third-party reporting tool indicates that you guys essentially do not exist on the web. How much inventory do you have? I’d like to know. Please e-mail me and maybe we can set the record straight. We’re all about helping out the smaller distributors and the Yu-Gi-Oh! community as whole, as this keeps the gamers happy and spreads the fun out further. In fact, we are currently working with a new UK distributor to see how we can make his web site more effective and keep supply chains steady, especially since Konami themselves has been on backorder on a lot of products. We’re even looking to buy some of his stock to help him out.

    Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way but you were the first person to try to plug their web site in this tacky manner. I had to point out what was fundamentally wrong with it so others could learn from your mistakes. I’m pretty sure that if the roles were reversed, you would just delete my message. ;o)

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  7. Yogizilla said

    Thanks for the detailed information! I can certainly appreciate that you and your team are trying to get yourselves known and move your inventory. Stock in these sorts of things eiter gets exhausted really fast or dreadfully slow.

    I’ll drop you a line and modify the comment accordingly. Just note that people are hooked into RSS feeds on our site so the comments already got out there. As a PR move, I’ll say that I retract my comments regarding yugiohonlinextreme.com – I was mostly trying to get your attention so that I could get the full story on things!

    Remember folks: don’t just plug your sites via forums, no matter how desperate your situation may be. Contact site admins or at least leave more descriptive comments (especially on the high-ranking, most-searched sites) so that your intentions are clear and more well-received. 8)

  8. cheers cant wait to hear from you

  9. marteno hunter said

    let’s duel.

  10. Jay Que said

    any1 who wants 2 duel add me. my e-mail is jquinn8_@hotmail.com

  11. jason said

    bring it on

  12. ryan said

    please duel me

  13. shaina said

    Hi all.My name is Shaina colby.I have been playing yugioh for about 4 years.I am 15.If someone would like to duel me let me know.P.s how do come a member here?

  14. shaina said

    Oh i for got my email addess is tigercolby@aol.com

  15. mark said

    bring it on people my msn addy is p_ure_skills@hotmail.co.uk duel me if u dare im a rare hunter i hav exodia and 3 gods and all elemental heros and fusions and stratigys bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. cheyenne wilder said

    i am a girl and i love yu gi oh.but i have always wondered how many egyption gods there are because i have slifer and ra (ra phenixe and normal)? so let me know if you guys know. Ok?

    Your friend,
    Cheyenne Wilder:)

  17. cheyenne wilder said

    oh and by the way i also have exodia the forbiden one so if any one wants to dule me. BRING. IT. ON.

  18. cheyenne wilder said


  19. cheyenne "lady rare hunter" said

    well i guess if you want to you could call me “lady rare hunter”

  20. larry said

    let’s go. u think u got what it takes? bring it on

  21. larry said

    come on cheyenne

  22. yugiohonlinextreme said

    I think you can remove the comment about yugiohonlinextreme now
    as we are in searches now and we do exist
    and proved ourselves as non scammers.

    thanks mike

  23. Shimazu said

    nobody here has the balls to duel the world champion

  24. Yang said

    its been awhile since I duel you shimazu but, I can take any thing you can throw at me.

  25. Yang said

    I duel only for money so if you think ur better bring!

  26. Levithan said

    Hey I am Levithan of team Serpent Gate and I am a 8 year vetran and can beat just aboout anyone with any deck. So Bring it.

  27. lawrence hanson said

    what the fudge im going to beat all of you

  28. tayla said

    yo was up everyone, guess what i hav obelisk the tormentor thats right an e god and dragon master knight even stronger than obelisk my dragon master knight has 5000 atk and 5000 def

  29. tayla said

    my email is taylabutler@hotmail.com (im 11 yrs old)

  30. Cordale said

    none of you could ever have a chance against me

  31. Cordale said

    i have the best deck it is called the fallen heroes

  32. Jonathan said

    My name is Carlos and im 20 Yrs old

  33. David said

    wut up

  34. Yo mama said

    Carlos your i said to stop saying your 20 years old now listen to yo mama and quit lying. LOL XD

  35. Yo mama said

    [Clink this (link) if you think your ready to be defeated]

  36. Yo mama said

    LOL its not a link and now you just wasted time trying to figure out why you couldnt click it. LOL XD

    • Yogizilla said

      It happens. I’m beginning to think we should have some sort of Yu-Gi-Oh! web-based game here on DPO. Everyone wants a free Yu-Gi-Oh! fix, without the long download times. =oX

  37. dj said


  38. dj said

    look my name is d to the j i live in wv my deck is called the shadow nova deck i am the best duelest around here i have been dueling 4 about 7 or 8 years i have trained most of the best duelests around here i have destroyed the 3 e-god cards on multiple accasions and crushed the duelest using them i’m a 20 yr old male so if u wanna duel me or my apprentice u can contact us at this e-mail address crazy_bitch_gizz@yahoo.com

  39. samsam said

    i need cards

  40. Wesker said


    replace the (dot) with .

    i use a dino deck

  41. armando said


  42. armando said



  44. hiroto said

    i am 9

  45. josh said

    come on who want a dule thay will never 4get

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