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Card Showcase

Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia covers all things Yu-Gi-Oh! and you can't discuss Yu-Gi-Oh! duel monsters without including this often under-rated card.  Card Trooper can single-handedly shift things into a duelist's favor if employed properly...

I hear there's a Toon Card Trooper play mat over at http://www.yugiohplaymats.com .. Just saying.

With both Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Evolution and Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 evolving to embrace the new GX world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, we are seeing some very unique cards coming into the online sector. These are exciting times for new and seasoned duelists alike! As promised, we are going to showcase some of the cards that you can consider adding to your own custom decks/recipes. Keep in mind that some of these may be available on a limited basis, if at all, so keep an eye out for them! We’ll eventually update our old booster pack list for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online as well.

*** FEATURED CARD:  Card Trooper ***

Why It Rocks:  Card Trooper gives you a free draw when it is sent to the graveyard but, while you use it’s effect, you can set up Graveyard Search combos, such as Monster Reincarnation, Premature Burial, Monster Reborn, and the like.  Any card that helps you get the cards you want into your hands is always good!  This card can also be useful when facing Gravity Bind and similar level-limiting and/or ATK-limiting effects and strategies.

Be Wary Of:  Counters that remove cards from play can really be bothersome.

Some Supporting Cards:  Fusion Miracle, Foolish Burial, Premature Burial, Monster Reincarnation, Mask of Darkness, Magician of Faith

*** Yogizilla’s Favorite Recipes ***

Whether you’re dueling or enjoying some Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime/Manga, one thing is consistent: duelists tend to like certain card types and builds/recipes.  As such, I thought I would quickly share some of my all-time favorite card types.  This won’t be a very granular look but except more details about current favorites once I start doing some pack/box busters.

  • Dark Monsters and Support Cards – Cards of the dark alignment tend to embrace destruction, thievery, and the like.  I particularly like the Dark World series as it sets up some unconventional strategies and keeps opponents on their toes.
  • Light Monsters and Support Cards – Creatures of the light lend more to strength and abundance.  What’s that one card that pwnz face in?  I believe it’s called Honesty.  Oh yes..  You know what I’m talking about!  Just when your opponent thinks they got you, Honesty allows you to discard a monster from your hand and boost your stats in accordance to the discarded monster’s stats.  Pretty darn handy!
  • Chaos Decks – Combine Light and Dark to have possibly one of the most well-balanced builds out there.  Really, Dark and Light monsters both rule so why choose between them when you can have both?
  • Dragons – Ah yes..  Dragons!  5D’s is all about dragons, it seems, but dragons have been a Yu-Gi-Oh! staple for a while.  With so many awesome support cards for Dragons out there, it’s hard NOT to love them.  One of my faves: Stamping Destruction – INDEED!

…I’ll expand on this soon and add some photos too! =oD

20 Responses to “Card Showcase”

  1. Giles Wood said

    not clear to how much duel passes are,not clear on how to duel,not clear on how to get duel passes.

  2. Deniz said

    I hope I’m good

  3. marteno hunter said

    i’m good.

  4. spencer said

    i like yu-gi-oh and i would own any1… ya thats right even the idiot reading my message… jk lol!!!

  5. cesar said

    lets go

  6. fight me said

    I’m they best ever!

  7. jonas alves said

    eu quero jugar contara vcs

  8. Lady Rare Hunter said

    I have a ton of rare cards that i win from begginers like you.i’m 11 and i’ve played 7 years so if any one is ready to lose. BRING. IT. ON

  9. Yogizilla said

    I’ve played from the beginning myself. I am more of a friendly duelist. Playing for keeps leads to bad feelings and I’m all about making sure everyone has fun. Sounds like everyone on here is “the best” – that means someone here is lying! ;o)

    DUEL ON!!!

  10. theon todd said

    no one has beaten me for i am the true jaden,duel me on yu-gi-oh online the anems shonen deal with it.

  11. Yogizilla said

    If anyone is still unsure of where to go for what, you’ll have to check out our Yu-Gi-Oh! DuelPassOnline (DPO) FAQ. This area is reserved for discussion of favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and any technical details (combos, support cards, strategies, counters, strengths, weaknesses, etc.) regarding such cards. I started the discussion with one of my favorite, under-rated cards, Card Trooper. I definitely mean to add more but, for now, let’s see what you all have to say! I’m open to suggestions. 8)


  12. SliferTamer said

    were do I go to get a duelpass? also how much are they? do I have to somekind of member?

  13. Jake said

    Oh plz yall cant beat a fly i would kill all of you betches

  14. were do i sign up for this game!!!!!

    • Yogizilla said

      Just go to http://www.yugioh-online.net or Google “Yu-Gi-Oh! Online”.. Be careful: the official web site is pretty obvious as it allows you to switch to different languages. Konami handles YGOO so you should see proper branding and backlinks to prove authenticity. The YGOO client is quite large and the servers aren’t too fast so be ready for a little (or very lengthy) wait. 8)

  15. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

    • Yogizilla said

      I’m not sure if this is another precanned comment but thanks! I did enjoy your web site a lot so thanks for sharing. Now be sure to link/like/subscribe-to my site and I’ll return the love. Also check out Y3B at http://yogizilla.wordpress.com for some rants and raves you should definitely appreciate! =oD

  16. bryant said

    dragon master knight right here better then all of you

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