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Deals & Steals

Online gaming and geek indulgence alike can be expensive endeavors, especially for the hardcore video game geek. We understand.  Check here for some of the latest deals.  If we missed something, let us know so we update the Duel Pass Online (DPO) Community!


Discounted Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Passes (DP) On DuelPasses.com: YDP has been shut down for a few years now so here’s your opportunity to save money on Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Duel Passes (DP). It may not be the free DP you’ve been waiting for but we’ll save you some money. Fair enough? All you gotta do is visit DuelPasses.com and use discount promo code “dponline” when you check out then PRESTO – cheap DP! Special thanks to Harry of DuelPasses.com for hooking the DPO community up!

YuGiOhMint.com Offers Dragunity Legion + FREE 1st Edition Rise of Destiny:  This deal is AWESOME.  Personally, I love the Rise of Destiny series (and most of the old-school boosters, at that).  Dragunity Legion will go well with cards from the Dragon’s Roar structure deck so I’m pretty excited about this (expect more on my favorite theme decks and recipes in my Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Journal).  For around $10, you can give your existing deck(s) a real BOOST!

EEShops – XBox 360 250GB HDD + FREE PC Transfer Kit:  Unless you’re willing to risk hacking your XBox 360 and getting banned, this deal offers the biggest XBox 360 hard disk drive for the cheapest price we’ve found thus far.  Special thanks to KiNgDeeM for sharing this!  For around $75, you can snag one of these for yourself – while supplies last!  You’ll need PayPal or another approved payment method to shop here, which can be a bummer for those that prefer HTTPS shopping using credit/debit card.

Berserk Complete on Amazon.com:  One of the best deals I’ve found thus far.  The complete Berserk TV Anime series, uncut and uncensored, for well under $50.  The description of this product is a bit misleading as it promises a “re-mastered” collection of Season One.  That would make it seem that the graphics are a lot cleaner and that there is, indeed, a second season..  Alas, that is not the case on either count.  This great series ends rather abruptly but, regardless, it is worth the money, especially with talks of a Anime series reboot and/or movies buzzing about…

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